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"wrong Turn" was released in 2003 and are still popular. There are several continuations of the picture. Similar movies to wrong turn coming out regularly due to the fame of the original. The genre of such films horror. The international rating Association - R. the screen displays events, which are not recommended to watch impressionable people.

General features

There are many so-called "horror." Similar movies to "wrong Turn" characterized by the presence of various supernatural monsters and groups of people that oppose them.films like wrong turn In the original picture a few young people turned the wrong way and got lost in a forest. Trying to get to civilization, they find a wooden shack. After some time they understand that they are in the middle of nowhere are not alone. Terrible likeness of people begin the hunt.

Horror Movies like "wrong Turn"

Many art critics believe that the most similar movies to "wrong Turn" is part Doogie "hills Have eyes". In the first film in the spotlight a young family with friends. They mistakenly drive onto the territory of the former nuclear test site in the desert. It would seem that a pure accident leads to damage to the trailer where they were. Then they realize that in the desert, where not even cell phone coverage, they are under constant surveillance. It turns out that the obscure local people mutated because of the radiation. They turned into humanoid monsters that eat meat of other people. The fight is shown very realistic. Some moments are striking in their cruelty and horror.
The Second part of "the Hills" also has significant similarities with the "wrong Turn".Similar movies to wrong turn the military Detachment sent to the same nuclear test site to establish the cause of the disconnection with division scientists. The task of the latter remains secret. After a while the soldiers attack and take several strange catacombs in the rock. Remaining after unsuccessful attempts to contact the command sent to find. In the dark dungeons they will have to face indescribable terror. Fortunately, one of the mutants sides of people. But can such an Alliance to successfully confront the tribe?

The"exclusion Zone"

Another film was released recently, in 2012. Called "exclusion Zone". In the story a few Americans travel to the exclusion zone - Chernobyl ' to see the dead city of Pripyat. For the trip they hire a tour guide Yuri. Already when entering the Area of foreign tourists to notice something was wrong. Everywhere rubbing shoulders with some of the roadblocks the military, who thoroughly inspect all passing. Yuri about something negotiates at the checkpoint, and they are allowed to go further. In the city, they notice something was wrong. It seemed that the empty area as if watching over them. Machine is guide breaks and Americans have to spend the night in Pripyat. At sunset appear from the darkness strange creatures who begin the hunt for a group of thrill-seekers. The film is memorable ostrosyuzhetnogo and beautiful scenery of the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

Films like "wrong Turn": a list of the best.

In Addition to the above there are several similar pictures. In the movie "Sinister" was once a famous mystery writer brings his family to a new house in a small town. As it turns out later, to receive creative inspiration, the writer not only arrives in town, where there was a strange murder, but also settles in the house of the dead. horror movies like wrong turn
In the action-Thriller "silent hill" a young girl goes in search of his missing daughter in the town, which for some reason is not on the map. There she discovers a strange society of people who are afraid to leave the Church. To find the daughter, the main character will have to face face to face with what comes out at night to hunt.
Movies Like "wrong Turn" are not always the horrors in the literal sense. Treshovy tape "Crazy vacation" is not only fear, but also laughter. The film is a kind of parody of the famous "horror". A group of young people arrives in a provincial town for vacation. There come two friends. A strange coincidence causes students to think that the two fishermen are going to kill them.

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