Russian films about the area and the prison: the list of best actors, summary


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An Old Russian proverb says: "From Sumy and from prison do not promise". In this folk wisdom reflected the traditional concern with which the simple man gets accustomed to what is happening on the other side of the bars or barbed wire. But modern Russian films about the area and the prison, a list of which is quite extensive, it largely curiosity satisfied.

Russian films about the area and the prison list

What to watch and what to ignore

Not only in modern Russian but in world cinema one of the most popular is a genre of action, with the obligatory intrigue and dynamism of developing events. The most characteristic products of this genre are the endless storytelling about the adventures of the cops and robbers. A film showcasing the work of the police and the police are their logical continuation. For, as was very distinctly formulated by the character of Vladimir Vysotsky, Gleb Zheglov, "a Thief should sit in jail!" To satisfy the attention of the spectator to the subject may Russian films about the area and the prison. The list of them is capable of striking diversity. It includes the essential classical Russian works "Kalina Krasnaya" Vasily Shukshin and "the first circle" based on the novel by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. And it is feed-through products of the television series. It is important not to be mistaken with a choice and determine for yourself - what you want to see. And also we should not forget that the Russian films about the area and the prison, a list which is updated every year, are mostly those who themselves in their lives this area and the prison had only seen on TV.

"Zone" on the screen

Of Course, not all equally pathetic in the works on criminal and prison themes. Deserves attention "Zone" series, which became widely known because of his show on NTV channel in Prime time was interrupted for the eighth series of protests from outraged public. Later, the audience was able to watch the movie. But it was only late at night.

area series

The project got its fans. Public attention was justified. A "zone" TV series, makes you empathize with the main characters. And this is the most important component of success of any work of art. In the film, many plot lines intersecting and completely Autonomous. You should give credit to the authors of this work - they have not been convicted on criminal charges, but the material studied diligently. The series is marked by many bright actor's work, this manifests itself in the roles of both the first and second plan. Especially textured in the film embodies the complex and multi-level intrigue in the relationship between prisoners and the administration. Watching her development, the viewer is entitled to ask the question: "On which side of the dividing line is a large concentration of crime?"


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About love

One of the most striking works in the criminal theme was feature film "Prison song", released on the big screens in 1993. It is based on a real story of an escape from the St. Petersburg prison "Crosses" the defendant Maduea. To break free he managed, with the help of a gun, which he handed to the investigator in his case Natalia Vorontsova.

prison romance

At the time, this unusual love affair caused a lot of noise and caused a great resonance in mass media. The artistic arrangement of the story on the screen has to it rather remote relation. But viewers of "Prison romance" I remember the first brilliant actor's work of Alexander Abdulov, Marina Neelova, Aristarchus Livanov and Yuri Kuznetsov.

At the turn of the eras

The Russian cinema can be distinguished from Soviet first sight. This is due to the fact that with the collapse of the Soviet Union disappeared and many of the prohibitions for the masters of cinema. Released in 1990 the film "nicknamed the Beast" is interesting because the Soviet historical era it ended a few years earlier than it was in reality. The main character of this story, a former soldier-Afghan Savely Govorkov, alone is fighting against a whole gang. And goes into this fight the winner.

nicknamed the beast

He sweeps away all that gets in his way, including prison bars and barbed wire. The action takes place in full compliance with all canons of the Hollywood Western. It's hard to believe that the film Director Alexander Muratov "nicknamed the Beast" was filmed in the Soviet Union. Starring in it was marked by such stars as Dmitry Pevtsov, Boris Shcherbakov and Armen Dzhigarkhanyan.

"Escape". Series by American standards

In world cinema is not something exceptional the fact that one or another movie or a series is removed from the existing works. Sometimes this is done even without changing the name of the source. Released on screens in 2012, "Escape" series exactly the same. It is a transcription of the eponymous American TV product. The plot - the story of two brothers, immigrants from lower social strata. By force of circumstances they become involved in a vortex of crime and political intrigue.

escape series

The Swirl of events puts the heroes behind barbed wire. The film is quite dynamic and does not give the viewer relax. All conform to the laws of the genre, that's just hard to say whose merit in that. The authors of the adaptation? Or American source? This work refers to the number of unfinished. Announced its continuation. It is possible that in the new season, it will sparkle with new colors. The potential is not yet exhausted.

Work in progress series

Viewers of the series "special Prison", released in 2006, is still waiting for him to continue. Events are perceived as not quite complete. The action of the film takes place in the harsh Northern edge, the walls of a monastery. There is the only Russian prison for the pardoned murderers. In the conflict with the bandits, planning to escape, entering an Orthodox priest, father Paul, to whom the monastic status does not allow taking up arms. And successfully cope with the greatly superior forces of his evil. This priest helped combat experience gained in his younger years in Afghanistan.

special prison

A Particularly vivid scenario or directorial decisions, as well as acting, this film is not marked. A possible continuation is no information.

Set of stamps

Has Not been a bright spot recently shown a serial "the Citizen the chief". At the heart of this film, an adaptation of the novel of Faina Samoylova. Its as pretentious as they are straightforward.

The teacher of the higher police school Irina learns that her lover is arrested on false charges. Soon he is convicted, and the brave woman, leaving a prestigious job in Moscow, he rushes to rescue from captivity. The events of the film do not give the impression of authenticity, and starring, perhaps, do not believe in what is portrayed. However, this is not unusual. The same can be said about most of the regular TV series. The impression. they are stamped on the same Assembly line does not come into the consciousness of the writers, actors and Directors.

the citizen the chief

Some conclusions about what they saw on the screen

Not the slightest possibility in one article to enumerate all the Russian films about the area and jail. The list is constantly increasing. Not only in length, due to the emergence of new works, but also in breadth - the continuation of good work has already become a good tradition. For this invented even a special term - "the sequel" and "prequel". This means that this movie precedes the one that became famous. But if you make a list of the three best Russian films on the prison theme, it will look as follows:

  • "the first circle".
  • The Zone.
  • "Escape".

Of Course, any such list is very relative and is always subjective.

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