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I Think it's easy to be an ordinary COP in a city where one half of the population - the heroes and villains? In such a hectic place to remain honest and decent person? How to act only within the law and not to rotate in the criminal circles? Right, it's difficult. Integrity and the Holy faith in the system – for someone like James Gordon. And Harvey bullock made a completely different test.

Early career

So, detective bullock – is a character from the fictional Universe of DC Comics, i.e. from the world of Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Arrow and many other superheroes. He serves in the police Department of Gotham city and was originally appointed to this position by mayor Hamilton hill to undermine the credibility of the new employee James Gordon. In his job duties was to do whatever is necessary to strongly inhibit the investigation of a beginner. And, incidentally, he succeeded. His actions, he managed to bring Gordon to a heart attack. However, then worried about it.

Harvey bullockMost Likely, bullock chose this role because of his corrupt reputation, is able to show the brutality of the police officer leading the friendship of many criminals. Although most of our colleagues will speak about it positively. Strange, but to Gordon he immediately began to feel sympathy and, despite explicit instructions to sabotage his career, very often supported. For example, during the first conflict with the Joker Harvey bullock has saved my partner's life. And, acting together, they could stop the clown, when he decided a powerful explosion to wipe Gotham off the face of the earth.


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One team

Considering the fact that Gotham's reliable people you can count on your fingers, Gordon still manages to gather a small team. There he first took Harvey bullock, despite the difference in methods of fighting crime. Then he invited Maggie Sawyer, has considerable experience of dealing with unusual villains and superhuman. After called Harvey dent – an honest Prosecutor. And do not forget detective Eric Cohen – just a reliable person, who worked in the police Department. Together they try to stop the brutal mobster Sal Maroni and other dangerous villains such as the Joker, Scarecrow and Pinelike.


In Addition to police, bullock for some time cooperated with the Agency “Lose” involved in covert operations. Although in reality it was taken for any business, ranging from counterfeiters and ending religious cults.

Harvey bullockBullock had often been in a situation of which miraculously got out alive. One day he was trying to stop a dangerous villain KGbeast, who seized a chemical plant, was seriously wounded. Then he almost died, but a few brave policemen and Jason Todd (Robin) pulled him out, while Batman was neutralized installed in the plant nuclear weapons.

Bullock also took part in the suppression of the rebellion raised in a psychiatric hospital "power broker". The fact that very soon the event was transferred to the streets, presenting a danger to civilians of Gotham. Immediately there is a Man-a Question that captures some of the hostages, and someone even undermines the mayor's mansion. In General, the level of danger in the city is clearly becoming critical. But bullock is not at all scary, and he takes command of the operation in their hands. However, again nearly killed, but that's the job of the police.

who voiced Harvey bullockEven during a strong earthquake bullock isn't trying to escape, and boldly grapple with the evil teenager named Anarchy. Eventually the latter escapes, and the detective gets a serious injury. But back at the station, and knew that Gordon was gone, sent to his office where gets that from under the debris.

He drops his partner and after the closing of Gotham. When several criminal groups were divided between the territory of the city. Then Harvey bullock and several police officers stayed to help the young Commissioner to disperse the gang. In the end, the city is open, aided by the billionaire Lex Luthor and bullock promoted to Lieutenant.


It is Worth noting that the adventures of the detective are not limited to only illustrated magazines. For example, the character of Harvey Bullock is found in several episodes of the animated series “Batman”. In one series the Dark Knight saves him from the Joker; in another series he fights with Batman; in the third they all come together to figure out who is behind the attempts on bullock. He was in the animated series about “Superman”. And the one who voiced Harvey bullock in all series, name is Robert CONSTANZO (American actor).


I Wonder what Bruno Heller in the series “Gotham” sees partner James Gordon are a little different. There he was played by actor Donal Logue, and if visually he looks like a character from the comics, the character he differed. Only at the beginning of the first season of “Gotham” Harvey bullock tried to seem tough, cynical and unprincipled man, but few series even the bullet was ready to catch instead of Gordon. The story begins as he becomes the new partner of detective in the policethe Department, and together they begin to uncover the crimes as common criminals, and the main villains of Gotham city.

Gotham Harvey bullockContinuation of serial project “Gotham" (season 2) Harvey becomes even softer. At least in the beginning. After retiring from the police, he got a job as a bartender and found himself a bride, which instantly put him under the heel, forbidding even think about returning to the service. And only the advent of a ruthless gang of “Killers” consisting of a psycho escapes from the hospital "power broker" leads him to forget about the good life.


In Addition to the TV series "Gotham" (until 2 seasons) detective bullock was featured in several cartoons about the Universe of DC Comics. It can be seen in the spin-off of the animated series of Batman, which was broadcast on Fox from 1992 to 1995. There he was after the Dark Knight, was accused of killing several bandits, and by the way, succeeded in this.

harvey bullockAs in the animated film ‘Batman & Mr. freeze” Harvey bullock appears only in a small episode after the kidnapping of Barbara Gordon. And in the animated film ‘Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman" which is a continuation of the “mask of the phantasm" he also flashed a few times.

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