Soviet singer Galina Sheveleva: the story of her life and death


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Galina Sheveleva – singer with excellent vocal abilities and striking looks. Her name nothing to say the current generation of listeners. And during Soviet times, Shevelev was known and loved by many people. Want to see the biography of the singer? To find out the cause of her death? Now we will answer them.Galina Sheveleva

Galina Sheveleva: biography, family and childhood

She was born 26 Dec 1952 in Kharkov, Ukrainian. Our heroine came from a simple family. Ghali father was a professional Builder. And my mother worked as a teacher in a kindergarten. Galina was a twin sister (45 minutes older than her), whose name was Lyudmila.

Girls grew up active and inquisitive. They are often organized home concerts for parents, grandparents, and neighbors. In 1959, the sisters went to the first class. Almost immediately they began to attend classes in the choir. People quickly lost interest. A Gal seriously interested in singing. Even then, she dreamed of playing on the big stage, preferably in Moscow. At 16 years of age Galina included in one of the most renowned youth orchestras of Kharkov. It felt amazing vocalist.

Student time

In 1970, Galina Sheveleva graduated from high school. Her friends and relatives were sure that the girl will give the documents to the school of music. But our heroine is surprised everyone. She entered the Institute of public catering, located in Kharkov. Gali choice fell on the correspondence Department of the economic faculty.

That's just education Sheveleva and not useful. At some time she realized that music is her main calling in life. The beautiful brunette took a job as a singer in the restaurant «Crystal». The local audience her performances were received with enthusiasm. Once this restaurant was visited by Valentina Tolkunova. She heard the singing of Galina. When the girl came down from the stage, Tolkunova praised her. She advised her to go to the capital.


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Conquest of Moscow

Galya had listened to the words of the famous singer. She went to Moscow, where he rented a small room in a communal apartment. She took part in auditions held by the leaders of popular bands. And only in 1978, the talented singer from Kharkov said the musician Arkady Haslavsky.

VIA “Hello song"

Galya received a tempting offer. It was to be a backing vocalist in a band called "Hello song". And the girl agreed. When it was recorded a great song called "Old fire”.Galina Sheveleva

In the 1970-ies the VIA included a large number of participants. Arkady Gennadevich was difficult to identify Shevelev among other singers. He wanted to avoid rumors and speculation.

Personal life

Our heroine never had a problem related to the lack of suitors. For a fun and pretty girl was running, guys. But to build a serious relationship Gaal was in no hurry.Galina Sheveleva biography

Shevelev and Haslavsky had each other, not only colleagues. At first they lived in a civil marriage. And in 1982 formalized the relationship. They believed in a happy future and had no idea what tests they have prepared for the fate.

In 1983, Arkady Hatleskog put in jail. And all because he didn't want to abide by a new rigid frame provided for Soviet musicians. The artistic Director of VIA "Hello song" appointed Igor Matvienko. A year later Galina Sheveleva left the band. She soon moved to the city of Tikhoretsk, where he was serving a sentence for her husband.

Solo career

In 1986 Arkady Haslavsky was released on PAROLE. He immediately began promoting the music career of his wife. Until 1989 Galya were created as a part of their group “VOX”. She then started a solo career.Galina Sheveleva songs

Philip Kirkorov, Vyacheslav Dobrynin, Vladimir shainskiy – with these outstanding people in his time collaborated Galina Sheveleva. Song liking of the Soviet citizens. The greatest popularity of such songs as “White filling”, “Chrysanthemum", "Two rivers” and “That summer”.


Sheveleva, Galina was murdered in his apartment on 26 June 1991. The death of the singer was caused by a blow to the head with heavy metal object. Our heroine is robbed and murdered with her as the main witness. With the killer, Artem Zadoroznyj from Krivoy Rog, Galina was familiar. This man managed to get her trust. And after a while Artem and his accomplices, upon a preliminary collusion, committed robbery of her apartment. The singer has always been kind and sympathetic person. She could not have imagined that an old friend develops a devious plan.Galina Sheveleva, the singer

The Gale was buried in his native Kharkov. His last refuge, the singer found on Alekseevsky cemetery. The costs associated with the funeral, took over producer mark Rudinshtein. With him Sheveleva, Galina worked in recent years. As for the husband of the singer, Arkady Hatleskog, at the time of the murder of his wife, he was in Israel. After learning the terrible news, the man leftin Kharkov, and left for permanent residence in Jerusalem.


Trial related to the murder Sheveleva, lasted more than 12 months. And only in autumn 1992, the verdict was brought in. The killer known artist was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment. Relatives and colleagues Ghali remained dissatisfied with the decision of the court. They wanted the offender in prison until the end of his days. But the sentence is not appealable.

In conclusion

Today we remember another talented, kind and hardworking person. Sheveleva, Galina passed away very early on – at 39.5 years. May she rest in peace…

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