The film "Daughter of God" (2016): actors and roles, the plot


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This film has quite an extraordinary story. But for those who like to smash his head while watching - this is it.

The Movie 2016 "Daughter of God", the actors who are very famous, was created with the aim to show is not an easy life for Latinos and blacks: poverty, theft, corruption, robbery, rape, and impunity.


In 2016, "Daughter of God" actors appeared quite popular. In the center of the plot are two characters. And once their lives are closely intertwined.

Scott galván police officer, who is serious and at the same time sad for his case. The fact that recently under very mysterious circumstances killed his partner, and part best friend. Scott tries to understand complicated case, because the clues there are none, only a dead body of a friend lying on the rails with a knife in his back.

Daughter of God,actors and roles

At this time, the second storyline of the film "Daughter of God" (2016) with the actors of large magnitude events develop around the young and very cute girl Isabel. Isabel's childhood and youth spent in Latin America, then emigrated to the United States. She got a job as a teacher, found the guy and the family she's big and friendly. But after some time it began to occur unexplained events that can only be compared with insanity.

By coincidence, the evidence discovered at the crime scene, led the captain to Isabel Galván. He does not know that can bind the girl and a friend killed, but there clearly is some connection.


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Actors and roles

In the film "Daughter of God" (2016) actor Keanu Reeves plays detective and police captain Scott Galván, which is very good it turns out. The film itself is grim, but Keanu is the expanse of the implementation plan of acting talent.

Daughter of God Keanu Reeves

A well known and popular in the world of film and other actors of the film "Daughter of God" (2016). Ana De Armas is incredibly good, and sometimes the thought creeps in - what the fuck is she doing in this dark and violent film? But her game is quite professional, it is clear that the actress is completely at ease. Although this is not the first film in Thriller genre in a career girl, because just recently, in 2014, she already had experience together with Keanu Reeves on the film "Who's there". In fact, the actress is quite in demand, and on account of its many well-known films such as "Boys with guns", "Overdrive", "blade Runner" (2017).

Daughter of God 2016


The Film "Daughter of God" (2016), the actors who are well known personalities, was quite dark, and need to break your head to understand how and why everything happens. For lovers of thrillers and mystery this is a great story to view, but those who this genre is not interested, you probably should not waste time.

Actors and roles, the creators of the film "Daughter of God" has fully justified his appointment. It was directed by Declan Dale, and the album was produced by Keanu Reeves. Thank you Keanu and De Armas, but it did not save the picture from failure, because in the world of film distribution, she did not collect anything, which is very sad. By the way, Keanu personally sought funding and was trying to pull the project, but he, unfortunately, was doomed.

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