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The Episode "Fatal inheritance" is a movie produced in Russia, shot by Director Sergei Bobrov. The movie rental was scheduled for the summer of 2014. Starring in "the Fatal inheritance" actors: Evgeniy Sidikhin, Igor mirkurbanov, Michael Grubb, Janna Epple, Alyona Yakovleva, Alena Khmelnitskaya.


Details are as follows:

  • Jeanne Epple has performed the role of Elena Ulyanova, mother of Tony;
  • Ilya Korobko played Mikhailov, Vladislav;
  • Romanenko Victoria is the provincial English teacher, Tonya;
  • Alena Khmelnytsky tried on the image of Larissa Tursunboi;
  • Evgeniy Sidikhin played the main role playing Anatoly Isayev;
  • Michael Grubov embodied the image of Erika.

Some of the actors will be described in detail.

Plot of the film

Actors and roles in ‘Fatal inheritance" was distributed by the Director and producers. As a result, Ilya Korobko played the main character named Vlad. He teaches math and loves his subject, possessing an analytical mind. He is in love with Tonya and was going to marry. But the death of the unknown oligarch destroys all plans. Man learns that a foster child, and mother hid it, fearing for the boy's life. She left him clues, collecting that, he will reveal the secret about his real parents and understand why they did this to him. The teacher begins the search for the truth, and with the help of a faithful bride is hard at the traces of the past. Suddenly appear dangerous enemies seeking to get ahead of him and to conceal information.


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Grubov Michael

Grubb M. M., actor of "Fatal inheritance”, was born July 9, 1983, in the capital. None of his relatives was not associated with the movie, so the guy thought about becoming an artist. With 10 years boy played sports, loved martial arts, in 2004 he received “black belt" in karate.

the fatal inheritance cast

Also was a good student, finishing school with a gold medal. Worked as a coach and a storekeeper, but suddenly decided to try as an actor and went to drama school. Schepkin. Like the bulk of the young singers on the big screen appeared only in episodes. His first role in Grabova appeared in 2011, when he starred in the TV series “everyone has their own war”. In this film the actor played a gentleman named Petrov, appeared in the frame once. However after this career of Michael Grubov went up the hill. The film “Fatal inheritance" (Russia), actors and roles played by them became popular and recognizable by the audience. The true success came to Michael after the filming of the movie “Thirst” 2013.

Evgeniy Sidikhin

The birthplace of the actor from "Fatal inheritance» Yevgeny Sidikhin – the city of Leningrad. This is where the future star of the national cinema was born on 2 October 1964. As a child, Sidikhin dreamed of sailing. Since fourth grade he was engaged in wrestling. After school Eugene has given preference to the art. He entered the Leningrad Institute of theatre, music and cinema. From the first course went to serve in Asia, from where it came to Afghanistan. Fought.

the fatal inheritance the actors and roles

In 1985, was restored in the Institute. After graduation, in 1989, he worked in the theater of the Leningrad city Council. In 1993 moved to the BDT them. Tovstonogov. The first film role by Sidicinum was played in 1991. It was involved in the blockbuster “For the last line”. However, a serious success to the actor came after the shooting in the film “break through”, after which Eugene became one of the most popular domestic actors.

Alena Yakovleva

Alyona Yakovleva was born in 1961. The girl's father, actor Yuri Yakovlev, insisted that the daughter went to study in Moscow state University on journalism faculty. Already in the third year, each graduate student is helping Allen to steal her passport, the girl was enrolled in the theater school. Schukin. In the end, after transfer to distance learning at two higher education.

the fatal inheritance film actors
her acting life Yakovlev played more than fifty roles. In 2008, she became a people's artist of Russia. In 2016, the TV channel «Russia 1» presented a commemorative edition of the project “dancing with the stars” in which, among others, took part, and A. Yakovlev, whose partner on the floor was Vitaly Surma.
the Actress got married three times, but emphatically did not change the maiden name. As other actors from the “Fateful inheritance" continued to act in films and often meets colleagues in other projects.

Jeanne Epple

The light Jeanne Epple came 15.07.1964 g. After birth, the baby was sent to Sakhalin to my mom's parents. Because family relationships grandparents left much to be desired, the child was given to a kindergarten boarding school, where she spent 5 years.
In school, Jeanne went to the capital. Mother was divorced from his father, and the family had a stepfather.

the fatal inheritance the actors and the role of Russian
Jeanne was a successful student, and in addition to lessons, studied music, ballet, rhythmic gymnastics, swimming and figure skating. Next, Jeanne studied at GITIS. Played at the Comedy Theatre. Was an employee of the insurance company.
With V. Vinokur Joan led the ‘Wine show-chickens”, he worked on the TNT channel. In totalall projects Jeanne has played more than 50 roles. The film “Fatal inheritance" of the actors in which played quite different characters, remembers fondly in the heart, as shooting in the series occurred at a rather difficult period in the life of the actress.
Married actress was actually three times and has two sons from the operator Ilya Frez.

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