Dance theatre "Temptation" show in the rain. Feedback from the audience


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Northern capital of Russia glorified theatre “Temptation”, he has in his repertoire a great show in the rain. The reviews indicate that it consists of wonderful dance performances, causing a variety of sensations, special enthusiasm and inspiration. Original choreography perfectly with the music. Why is called the show in the rain? Reviews say that throughout the performance the dancers sprayed jets of water. The actors are lit dances, perform complex acrobatics in a while, when the rain is in the rain reviews

Brief about the theatre

Theatre of dance "Temptation" touring the country and abroad, he collects full house of fans. This St. Petersburg team is a participant of the exhibition "Best projects of Russia". The guys were nominated it for three years (2009-2011). The theatre invited as a decoration of many events with the participation of Russian singers. The participants of the theatre is often open to different festivals, giving charity concerts. One day, Valentin Yudashkin has invited the collective "Temptation" to start the fashion show.

What is included in show

To Cause torrential rain or a flood on the stage was possible. Conquered his experiments show "dancing in the rain" ("Temptation"). The reviews of the play indicate that in the hall on performance no free seats. Viewers interested in the question: "Where does the water in the scene and where it goes?"

The play has some secrets. Italy was specially ordered equipment for 40,000 euros. On the scene established a system of rain. The main task was not only to water poured on top, but to and time to remove from the scene. All these operations are carried out by a special system and pumps.


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Everything that happens on stage looks very original. Many people like the theatre of dance "Temptation" (a show in the rain). Reviews grateful not only for acting, but also for impressive effects. For representation uses a half a ton of water, several miles of hoses and pipes, hundreds of docking ports. All this in order to achieve a memorable effect - real heavy rain on the stage.

This technology can be called complex. But the task perfectly coped theatre of dance "Temptation". Show in the rain received mostly positive reviews. One of the hoses, the water rises to a height of 15 m, then it is distributed around the perimeter of the pipe. After hitting the stage accompanied by the incomparable water is a magical in the rain temptation reviews

Unique special effects

The Artists admit that dance in the cold rain is not easy. For all time of performances they have become accustomed to the cold water, but from the accidents on a wet floor, no one is immune. Sometimes injuries happen, this is unavoidable. Children are very subtly feel the balance, the stage to keep her grip. And all this shows in the rain. Feedback can't be negative.

Actors splashing in the water, perform complicated acrobatic tricks, run and jump in puddles. The spectators in the first row remain dry until the end of the presentation. The scene is specially covered with special coating remains absolutely dry, and auditorium.

But no amount of sophisticated technology will not cause such responses, as a dozen naked male bodies. Therefore, many consider the show in the rain - just for women. Reviews of the fair sex say that they are very pleased with the performance. Some attend the shows many times.

The Directors are very pleased with his development. They believe that if could handle the rain, then they can conquer and some other element. Creative thoughts are born a lot, sometimes is not keeping pace technology. Some courts are ill-suited to such a bold in the rain love confession reviews

Several productions of the show

The Choreographer of the dance theatre "Temptation" - an ambitious and young Rustam Nadyrshin. Since 2009, he has contributed to 4 full productions. Fame came quickly to the team, even symphonic orchestra under control of A. Medvedeva accompanied the show at the ice Palace. Over the years, the guys have provided the following statement: "Declaration of love", "Between me and you", "Just for women", "Breathing you."show dancing in the rain temptation reviews

Dance helps to Express the love

The Congregation of the most famous musical works gathered in the show the rain "Declaration of love". The feedback the audience left amazing. The guys included in the eclectic repertoire of dances, including classical music. Especially amaze the audience with acrobatics.

The Plot of the "Declaration of love" is also very exciting. Throughout the performance develops a unique history of passion and love. All the fantasies and emotions of the participants of the show represent the language of dance. Plastic body, sharp movements of the actors portray a deep revelation and an unforgettable explanation of feelings. The shower, which is on the stage, makes a love story unique. A storm of emotions, energy, and the combination of music and imaginative choreography, the sea of feelings - herewhat keeps the show in the rain ("Temptation"). Reviews about the "Declaration of love" show about the main highlight of the presentation - the mass of water that falls on the of the dance temptation show in the rain reviews

How to understand your sweetheart

Favorite and beloved. Between them there is a mystery. Dance theatre "Temptation" presented an unusual story in dance "Between me and you." This idea of love and loneliness expressed by the acting, the music, the light, the harmony of the dance.

In the center of events, a lyrical hero, who fell in love, but remains misunderstood by his lover. The routine of living together inspired by your favorite mutual resentment, recriminations and Heartbreak. The hero tries to solve the problem with the resulting frustration and return the magic to the relationship. Beloved plagued by conflicting emotions, he does not understand the nature of his lady and is trying to understand what is happening.

Hero with dance tells the audience at times funny and annoying moments of their love and catch myself thinking that can not imagine his life without this girl. The storyline of the performances is complemented by a variety of musical genres: pop style, rock-n-roll, jazz, and rock in the rain only for women

Feedback from the audience about the show

Will not leave Anyone indifferent show in the rain. Reviews indicate its popularity not only in Russia but also in Belarus, and Germany. Artists always accompanied by full halls and even stadiums. The most loyal fans of the team are St. Petersburg, which closely follow the repertoire of the theatre. Every new show is a full house.

The audience Especially loved by the artists of the theater, in the main composed of 10 unique artists. One of them is dancing the classics, someone hip-hop, break. Some of the role performers acrobatic stunts, gymnastic rooms. They are not just dancers, but also awesome actors that are present at the scene of a lot of emotions. Even the audience last rows feel powerful, endless energy.

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