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29 January 2015 died a famous Australian novelist, left a bright trace in world literature. Famous for the large-scale epic, which became an international bestseller, it has risen in one number with American authors, who gained fame after the release of a single works, – H. Li and J. D. Salinger. Writers, awakened famous, avoided people and led a reclusive life.

Colleen McCullough, which will be discussed in our article also went on a secluded island, located near Australia, and there, in the clinic of Norfolk, on 78-m to year of life has died.

Medicine and literary talent

Born in 1937, in Australia, the future writer from a young age showed his remarkable talent, composing poems and drawing well. Admitted to the University of Sydney the girl was fascinated by neuropsychology and wanted to establish an office that was carried out later. In 1963 she was offered to do research at Yale University, and without hesitation Colin moved to USA, where he teaches for a long time in medical school. Here was written the first of her books, and only saw the light of 25 novels, differently appreciated by the readers.

Colleen McCullough the thorn birds

First novel, “Tim”

Colleen McCullough, whose biography indicates that from childhood she distinguished himself as a creative personality, has released his first work in 1974. Literary debut, which tells about the relationship spinsters and mentally retarded men, have received positive reviews from critics. Novel “Tim”, where the author used his experience as a scientist, sold well, and Colin, who worked as a research officer with a small salary, understands that I could make money writing. She begins to write with the expectation of regular readers in anticipation of commercial success.


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The Commercial success of the epic

He did not fail to come to her. In 1977 comes a true masterpiece of world literature, which has become an incredible discovery for millions of people around the world. Translated into 20 languages in-depth story about the burning passion of the two lovers became the hallmark of Colleen McCullough.

Colleen McCullough the touch

“the thorn birds” – female novel, quickly turned into one of the most iconic books of the last century. These works, imbued with the psychology and full of strong characters, in the literary world can be counted on the fingers of one hand. In the same row is the bestseller “blown away” M. Mitchell – a book in which a love affair of the main characters completes the tragic story of the civil war. Two novels are similar in scope and its scale, but in the novel, Colleen McCullough, the main point is payback for a strong sense of the issues of not only love, but also faith.

History about heavy women's stories

Touching story, gripping the reader's attention from the first pages, tells us about the forbidden love of the priest and the girl Maggie. Critics say, this story is not specific women, but we are talking about the fate of entire generations of Irish families facing woes, but believes in happiness. For the terrible losses and moments of joy hides the true meaning of life.

Colleen McCullough books

The Main character Maggie on your way will meet many obstacles, but no trouble will be able to break her stoic character. Independent woman, repeating the fate of his mother cannot be with her beloved – Ralph the priest, advancing up the career ladder.

The price paid for happiness

Colleen McCullough proves that nothing in our lives goes unpunished. For all that man obtained, he would have to pay, and every moment of happiness will turn into years loneliness. This unusual approach of the writer to inevitable rock and incredible sincerity of the characters, which is compassionate, explains the runaway popularity of the novel.

Deep work

After the release of the television series in 1983, won several awards and has broken all records of spectator views, the author made unflattering comments about the work of the Director and actors. She thought Richard Chamberlain was not fit to be the role of the priest, and the tape shot by an Amateur who didn't know what they do.

Colleen McCullough biography

After watching Many of the series rushed to read the book and was surprised to find that a multi-page work is much more interesting and deeper than the TV version. Some moral issues that rise in the novel, was ignored by the Director who wanted to focus only on the forbidden passions of love.

New family Saga

Another major difficulty can be called a new work by Colleen McCullough. “Touch” – a family Saga with an intriguing plot and intertwining fates in Victorian Australia. The main character, Elizabeth, coming to her future husband, an influential and rich man who loves solitude and sympathy of all who is immersed in the novel.

Describes a period in the life of several families with personal tragedies, love stories and flashing momentary passions.

Colleen McCullough indecent passion

The Events in the book span nearly 30 years, and it is interesting to watch the development of Elizabeth and her husband Alexander, growing up of children. Not a single character, even secondary, not remains the same as at the beginning of the narrative, each goes his way, changing or dramatically or slightly.

The Writer pays attention to the development of technical progress in the country, and readers noted the lengthy descriptions on the gold production and engineering. The critics were definitely – the work is interesting, but falls short of the novel, which brought fame to the incredible Colleen McCullough.

History of the debt, which is paramount

Other creations Australians have not attracted such attention of readers. The psychological novel tells that a sense of duty for the person is paramount, and it focuses Colleen McCullough. “Obscene passion” tells the story of love nurses working in the psychiatric ward of a military hospital, a war veteran who believes that he is responsible for all of humanity. The main character has a dream in time of peace to give all of myself to people suffering from various disorders, and makes it the high price of personal happiness.

The Passion that arose between a man and a woman, obscene, in the opinion of the writer, due to the fact that the lovers forget about other people for whom I bear responsibility. The main characters choose duty, not a wonderful feeling. Interestingly, poignant stories shot the same film.

Colleen McCullough

Colleen McCullough, books which are written in different genres, were genuinely happy and tragic stories of different families, weaving them into the political events and social phenomena. The author included in the list of the best writers of the twentieth century, will remain forever in the hearts of grateful readers.

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