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Andrey Sklyarov is known primarily as a researcher and the Director representing the alternative perspective to famous historic events and facts. His films devoted to disclosing the secrets and mysteries of history, as they interpret the author himself.

Andrey Sklyarov: a biography to research activities

The Future Director, researcher and writer born in 1961 in Moscow. His specialty has nothing to do with history or cinema as you would expect. From his youth he was fascinated by space, and the formation of future famous writer and researcher went to in the relevant specialty. Graduate of a technical College, a physicist, until the early 90-ies he worked at the enterprises associated with space industry. In 1993 Andrey Sklyarov began commercial activity, and later began exploring the unknown.

Andrey Sklyarov

First interest and first discoveries

As recognized by the Director Andrey Sklyarov, in the school's history had not happened. It is in the supply of teachers did not arouse his particular interest. Memorizing dates and events seemed devoid of logic, and therefore meaningless. In General, this subject of the school curriculum found no echo in the young soul. Friendship did not emerge at the Institute.

At the end of “era of stagnation” when the society begin to have curiosity about a previously taboo, closed topics of interest to the history of Andrei Sklyarov was manifested in a rather unusual way. Alternative, religious, philosophical and esoteric focus of historical research was new, because before these ideas were contrary to the materialistic doctrines of Soviet science, and thus was forbidden. However, it is this aspect of history, its spiritual and philosophical aspects of the Sklyarov became attractive to researchers.


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For a deeper knowledge of the subject he had to plunge into the study of not only history but other Humanities and natural Sciences, such as sociology, biology, psychology and of course philosophy.

the films of Andrei Sklyarov

"fundamentals of physics of the spirit": journalism or philosophy?

The Desire to explore the spiritual aspects of the development of cultures and civilizations, demanded an examination of the relevant esoteric and religious-philosophical literature, both Eastern and Western. The result of this study is the first book of Andrey Sklyarov “the basic physics of the spirit”. The first edition was published in 2000, since then followed by several editions and today it enjoys popularity among fans of alternative philosophy.

Andrey Sklyarov is positioning it as a philosophical treatise, which from a purely rational and scientific positions considering the idea of unity of material and spiritual world. In the book find a scientific explanation for a known phenomena, which are called paranormal. This work was followed by other books, articles, lectures, where the topic somehow found its continuation.

For his literary career researcher was awarded the international prize «Golden pen of Russia» and became “the Best author of new Millennium”.

filmography of Andrey Sklyarov

Introduction to the pyramids and the first film

In 2004 the acclaimed author of the treatise appeared in the debut role of field researcher. The first expedition of researchers-enthusiasts took place in Egypt very successfully and, as later admitted by the Director, literally stunned participants of their discoveries. Its aim was, of course, the famous necropolis of Giza with ancient pyramids.

The Result of the expedition was the film “Forbidden topics of history: Mysteries of Ancient Egypt” where Andrey Sklyarov acted as writer and Director. His first cinematic work is another way of looking at seemingly trite even lovers of antiquity the theme the secrets of ancient pyramids. The focus of the researcher on the technical and technological features of the buildings of Giza. Despite the banality of the theme, the film turned out very colorful and exciting. A new look at historical facts through the prism of the technical features and characteristics the original interpretation, a live presentation made the strip interesting and informative to a wide audience.

Director Andrey Sklyarov

Sklyarov as Director and his filmography

Andrey Sklyarov makes films, not only dedicated to Ancient Egypt and other civilizations. The interests of a Director are extensive. His research has touched on the mysteries of the Bible, such as the mystery of the Ark and tower of Babel. Not left it unattended and the secrets of the civilizations of pre-Columbian America, even dug in donkovski era. Under the scope of his lens and got extinct civilizations of the East, and the legendary mythical Atlantis.

A Series of “anyone” the Director has continued with films like ‘the geometry of the Universe from different points of view”, “Unknown Mexico”, “Peru and Bolivia long before the Incas”, “the ark of the Covenant: the Ethiopian track”, “promised Land”.

In Parallel with it, a second series of films called "Secrets of history”, which includes tape «Pyramid. The legacy of Atlantis”, “ancient Technology of the gods”,“Dinosaur – other person?”.

Version paleocontact

The Films of Andrei Sklyarov – weaving well-known historical facts, alternative views on mythology, history and original interpretations of primary sources and artifacts. As a supporter version of paleocontact Director actively promotes the idea of existence once on earth more advanced civilization. The proof of this version he is followed by Erich von Denikena sees the existence of gigantic cyclopean structures of antiquity, the technology of the buildings which often are difficult even for modern technical thought.

Another confirmation of the presence of extraterrestrial intelligence on our planet in prehistoric times, according to alternative historian, are the ancient myths and legends telling of the heavenly gods. This, according to the researcher, is a direct evidence of action by extraterrestrial creatures.

Andrey Sklyarov biography

Internet projects and research activities

"LAI", or "Laboratory of alternative history", – brainchild of Andrey Sklyarov, one of the most ambitious Internet projects dedicated to the mystery and not explained until now the phenomena of ancient history.

Here are collected the most complete library of articles, books and abstracts as the founder and Director of the project, and other authors known in this field. Portal "LAI" is not online only. The organizers and participants of the project regularly collects the exit conference, organized expedition.

Andrey Sklyarov photo

A Huge advantage of this project is truly large and interesting photo archives of the expedition. Andrey Sklyarov photo provides open, in fact, freely available on the official website of "LAI". "Laboratory of alternative history" as the science development Fund “the Third Millennium”, which Director he is, believes that the main purpose the promotion and development of alternative approaches to the study of history.

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