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The Film "Wild stories", reviews which are in this article, was filmed by an Argentine Director Damian Sipronom. On the screens it was released in 2015. Then he won the national film award Spain "Goya" and noted several major world cinema. Included in the program of the Cannes film festival, represented Argentina at the award "Oscar" in the category "Best foreign language film".

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The Film "Wild tales" received mostly positive. Its slogan: "every sleeping beast. Don't Wake him." He was immediately attracted to the screens of fans of unexpected plot twists and exciting scenarios.

The film-Makers did a great job. A lot of fans around the world got the film "Wild stories". Reviews wrote from all over the world, including from Russia, where the movie had been in wide release.

The Basis of this film are six short episodes. Each of them is devoted to the theme of revenge or violence.


wild tales movie reviews

The First story is called "Pasternak". It begins with the film "Wild stories". In the reviews people noted how the Director managed to capture their attention from the first minute.

The plane takes Off. On Board encountered a music critic by the name of Salgado and model Isabelle. During the conversation they find out that they have a common friend - the unfortunate musician Gabriel Pasternak. The model broke up with him, and a critic at any contest smashed to smithereens his statement. Further clarified even more unusual circumstances.

In the next row sits the teacher Pasternak at the school of music. It soon turns out that this loser know all the passengers. And all of them he did something in his life. It is noteworthy that the ticket is not one of them bought, everyone got it for free for some randomness.

Becomes the Decisive phrase of the flight attendants who recognized that Pasternak works as a flight attendant on this plane, and five minutes ago he had entered the cockpit. The plane loses altitude and crashes.

So begins "Wild tales" (film, 2015). In reviews the audience recognized that this explosive mixture of romance, Comedy and tragedy wins immediately.


wild story movie reviews

The Action of the second episode takes place in a small roadside cafe. A waitress discovers a new visitor to the local mafia Cuenca, who many years ago took her family home. She and her parents were on the street, and his father soon after committed suicide.

Then Cuenca began to harass her and they had to leave town. Now he is running for mayor. On hearing this, the cook offers to poison Cuenca is admixed in his food with rat poison. The waitress refuses.

Then the cook, a strong-willed woman with a prison past, take the situation into their own hands. The waitress tries to stop it and knocks the plate of poisoned food. But cook is not backing down from his plan. She cold-bloodedly kills the guest with a knife in the back.


wild story movie reviews 2017

The protagonist of the novel "the Strongest" - the capital a handsome Diego, driving through the deserted highway on a powerful Audi. On the way he comes across a provincial Mario on the old truck. He's trying to overtake him, but the stubborn driver did not allow him to do so.

With great difficulty, Diego rushes forward, finally showing the opponent an obscene gesture. After a few miles he turns out to be a puncture. By staying in the wilderness, he soon sees the approaching truck with an indignant driver who just does not forgive the offense. Diego locked in the car.

The Offended truck driver smashes windshield, urinate and defecate on the machine. When he is about to leave, Diego still working up the courage presses on the gas and pushes the truck off a cliff. Hastily repairing the wheel, he tries to leave.

Mario is selected. Now he wants revenge even more. Diego decides to finish it. He turns, but then it falls off a damaged wheel. Both drivers fall from the slope. They start a fight. One of them sets fire to the gas tank. The tow truck driver arrived on the scene, sees only the explosion. But police found two burnt bodies.

"Little bomb"

wild tales 2015 movie reviews

At the beginning of the novel "Little bomb" engineer shooter Simon, coming out of a candy store with sweets for her daughter, discovers that his car got towed. He's trying to prove that was not parked in the wrong place as where he left his car was completely erased markings. Butno one is listening.

Losing a lot of time in bureaucratic offices, Simon is late to his daughter's birthday. Because of this, family relationships are severely affected. When his car's been towed again, his nerves can't take it. He arranges the office evacuation company defeat. From prison, he is out on bail, but his life now is just wrong.

His Wife filed for divorce and demands alimony from work he dismissed as an unreliable employee. Out of desperation, he decides to take revenge. He puts the bomb in the trunk "Chevrolet" and leaves the car in the wrong place. During the evacuation it explodes. However, without casualties.

Simon is in prison. He manages to attract the attention of the society to corrupt the system, which is based on the evacuation and fines. His wife and daughter, realizing how important it was that did Simon come to his birthday in jail.


In this story of the generation of "Golden youth" Santiago in the morning drunk back from the bar on the machine by his father, a local senior official. He knocks a pregnant woman and disappears from the scene.

Later the victim dies in the ambulance. Her husband promises to find and punish the murderer. The father, knowing that it was the work of his son, seeking to fence him from prison and just punishment. Together with the family lawyer, they come up with a cunning plan. They are trying to persuade the gardener to take the blame for half a million dollars. Moreover, the lawyer promises that he will be released from prison within a year.

The Investigator who arrives in their house, does not believe in the guilt of the gardener. The lawyer meets with him tete-a-tete, and sends the official, that required one million dollars, to close one's eyes to the inconsistencies in the case. Moreover, the defender asks for more half a million dollars.

It Soon becomes clear that the lawyer cheated his client wished to take most of the money. The officer is ready to cancel all transactions and to send his son to jail. At this time the police brings arrested from the house of the gardener. Through the crowd of journalists rushes the husband of the deceased woman and hits him with a hammer on the head.

"Till death do us part"

the actors of the movie wild story

In the final novel of this film is about the wedding of Romina. The girl is happy, but during the celebration learns that her fiance cheated on her with his colleague, which was among the invited guests. Angry wife decides to take revenge right at the gala.

Many viewers fell in love with "Wild tales". Similar movies almost always have success in the classroom. Moreover, recently published a picture with almost the same name.

"a wild history"

wild tales similar movies

This is a black Comedy by Spaniard Alex de La Iglesia "wild story". In reviews of the movie were widely appreciated its irony surrounding us in the modern world.

In the film, some of the main characters. It's hipster, blonde, bum and businessman. They are locked in a cafe due to the fact that passers-by on the street starts to shoot the sniper. Outside is extremely dangerous. But inside ignite serious passion. The actors of the movie "wild story" showed how people behave in such a critical situation.

The Situation is exacerbated when there is an assumption that the perpetrator of this threat is one of them.

A Reference to the classics

wild story movie 2017 cast

Analyzing the tape, "wild story" (film, 2017), the reviews of the critics that he refers to the classic picture of the Spaniard Luis buñuel's "the exterminating angel". The characters in it are also locked in a confined space, in a country house, and have no way out. Holds them there for "an unknown force".

With the success in the world hire was "a wild story" (film, 2017). Actors picture brought popularity and success.

One of the main roles played by Mario Casas, known for work in the romance Antonio Banderas ' "Summer rain" and the drama Fernando Gonzalez Molina, "Three meters above the sky". He got the role of Nacho.

The Image of Elena's embodied on the screen the actress Blanca suárez, which mainly played in the series. For example, in the mystical drama "Black lagoon", post-apocalyptic fiction "Ark". In the role of Trini appeared actress Carmen machi who became famous after the Comedy by Emilio martínez-lázaro "Eight Basque surnames". For this work she received the Goya award in the category "Best supporting actor". Sergio played Alejandro awada.

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