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This American actor from childhood knew that would be the star of the screen. In his 27 years he has played in an impressive list of paintings, among which there is a good tape and well-known TV shows. Who is Michael Angarano? Films with his participation, as well as interesting facts from the biographies will form the basis of this article.

Family “hermit”

Michael was born in 1987 in Brooklyn. Most of his life settled in new York, where he passed his childhood and youth. From the moment he turned into a full-fledged Hollywood star, a young man moved to Los Angeles, where he lives now.

Michael Angarano

Michael is possible to find the Italian roots. His parents with the cinema are not connected, but with dancing – Yes. Doreen and Michael Sr. operates four studios scattered in neighbor cities. Angarano younger brother and two sisters are willing to take part in it. Michael Angarano boasts a family business: Studio “a Reflection in dance" had long been recognized and every year opens the doors of hundreds wanting to join the art.

Quick start

Michael is the only one of the children in the family who has to join the play-acting from an early age. His television debut was in the TV series “Sibylle”, “Emergency”, “Another world”, “the Pretender”. In 1997 he played with Meryl Streep in “Music of the heart”. Filming had learned to play the violin, the actor and enjoys the moment. In 2000, Michael co-starred in the film of Cameron Crowe's "Almost famous”. The next project was the romantic Comedy “Keeper of secrets" with Evan Rachel wood in the lead role. After graduating from high school, Michael Angarano entered high school Crespi Carmelite, from which he graduated in 2005.


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Michael Angarano filmography

Just work!

The First years of the new century marked new roles. For decades, the audience watched a little boy and teenager Angarano turns into a handsome young man. More adult roles, the producers happily gave him. In the 2003 film the “Favorite” Michael Angarano played the hero Toby Maguire in his youth. During this period, he accepts an invitation to the episodes of the show “Claudia, come on!” and “24 hours". A year later, the screens out drama “Speak”. Partner actor was Kristen Stewart. Over the next five years young people connected relationships.

Wave heights

Then the young man joins the cast of the series "Eternal summer". And then comes a series of projects in which mostly gets starring Michael Angarano. Filmography of promising rising stars includes paintings “Bondage”, “the Last wish”, “aerobatics”, “Kings of Dogtown", "the Man in the chair", "Snow angels". In a fantasy “the Forbidden Kingdom" Michael meets on the same site childhood idols Jet Li and Jackie Chan, and after working with Uma Thurman in “Wedding”. In 2011, the actor gets the main male role in the Comedy "teapot", where his on-screen girlfriend becomes Juno temple. Through the year out of a successful Thriller “Knockout”, which brought together the first Hollywood stars: Ewan McGregor, Michael Fassbender, Antonio Banderas, Channing Tatum and Michael Douglas.

Michael Angarano movies

Back in time

During his career, the talented actor has never made a break. Annually hire out a few of his films. He took part in voicing the animated "Noah's ark", and then starred in the crime drama “Empire state”.

In 2014, Michael Angarano appears in the crime Thriller “Crazy card" with Jason Stateman and joins the TV series "Drunk history" and "the Knick". In a recent project formulation which is commanded by Steven Soderbergh, the actor had to go back to the era of the last century and try on costumes of the past times. The series tells about a famous clinic, which is famous for an experienced surgeon John Thackery (played by Clive Owen). To the possibilities of modern medicine is still far away, as long as the characters are forced to make do with more modest means. A relatively recent project managed to raise an army of admirers, and to get a nomination "Golden globe". The secondary game Angarano was also critically acclaimed for this.

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