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In the Spring of 1984, the screens out the picture of the Police Academy. She so impressed the audience that in later years, appeared regularly numerous continue.

In the second picture franchise: “Police Academy 2: Their first assignment” first there is a character named Zed, who later became one of the favorite heroes of the set of films.

“Police Academy”

This Saga consists of 7 films. The most successful is considered the first of 4 parts, made by filmmakers Hugh Wilson Jerry Paris. It is in these paintings participated to the classic characters “Police Academy”, Mahoney, hooks, Hightower, Tackleberry, Harris, Callahan and inimitable Eric Lassard.

And in the second and following strips of the franchise, in the story there are additional characters: Switches, bad, Kirkland, Nogata, Proctor and Zed.

“Police Academy”, from the fifth movie, for unexplained reasons, “lost” to many colorful characters, replacing them with others. Perhaps that is why the audience gradually lost interest in the project, and in the late nineties, it was closed.

Main antagonist of the second part of Police Academy Zed

“Police Academy” in fact, opened to the world of comic talent American Bobcat Goldthwaite. He played zed in three parts of the epic. police Academy 2 their first assignment

For the First time this character appears as a villain in “Police Academy 2”. He is the leader of a gang of thugs terrorizing the entire city. It is with Zed and his accomplices have to fight the gallant graduates of the police Academy.


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Character Bobcat Goldwait is an unusual criminal. On the one hand, he's a scoundrel, holding at Bay the whole district; and on the other childish and naive man who likes to watch children's movies about love.

His behavior this hero is both hatred and pity. Because of this ambiguity Zed liked by the audience and was returned to the writers in the next two films.

Zed in the movie “Police Academy 3: Refresher”

In the third part of the epic former students become teachers in their home school. Since the law allowing to join the police Academy everyone is still in effect, and ex-con Zed can become a peace officer. police Academy zed actor

Despite the fact that he's changed and wants to be a good COP, his strange habits did not disappear. If most of the characters simply don't react to the strangeness of the student, his roommate of Switchco (formerly kept a shop and suffered from the raids of the gang zed) habits of the hero lead to madness.

The fact is that although reformed criminal has long forgotten about all the past wrongs, but the former shopkeeper - no, and continues to treat him with distrust. Only in the face of total disaster, start to work as a team, Switchc and Zed.

The Police Academy though, and changed the Outlook of the former prisoner, but the hero has retained its punk style. As in the last part, he wears long hair, earring, jackets with many metal jewelry, torn jeans and t-shirts.

Despite the apparent inability of the police service, in a decisive situation Zed shows itself very worthy servant of the law and helps Lasardo to disarm the criminals and save the Academy.

“Police Academy 4: Citizens on patrol”

This film is the latest in the franchise, in which a Zed. Police Academy, this time involved in the project COP. Its purpose is the recruitment and training of volunteers from among ordinary citizens that will help police. Among those officers who undertake to train volunteers, is Zed.

At the beginning of the movie he was assigned to conduct a lecture about a COP. There he comes in his traditional pankowska outfit, as it believes that police uniforms would strain the listeners.

His lecture an ex-con begins with an incredibly emotional reading rather specific verses. Listeners perceive the poetry of Zedd without enthusiasm, but his behavior the man can win the and the heart of the romantic Laura. zed police Academy the Girl becomes a member of the program and moving closer to the former prisoner.

In the fourth part of the hero demonstrates the ability to play the guitar and harmonica (this tool of the Americans is considered an attribute of prisoners).

A Lot of time in this tape is given to the interaction between zed and Switchco. The latter, in spite of everything, continues wary of his partner and tries to strangle him in the final.

Unfortunately, after this part, the character of zed without explanation disappears from the project “Police Academy”.

Z – actor Bobcat goldthwait

This hero is embodied on the screen an American comic, Robert Francis goldthwait, acting under the pseudonym Bobcat. police Academy zed actor

Unfortunately, the domestic audience of his work is little known, because goldthwait is known thanks to Comedy performances and television shows not broadcast in the CIS.

But fans of the rock band Twisted Sister, his face is familiar. In 1985, Bobcat played a role in their motion picture Come Out and Play, and also appeared in several music videos.

The Film “Police Academy” was able to stay in the air a decade and a half. Many viewers attributed the decline of such popular project that the writers were gradually removed from the plot, the most interesting characters among whom was Zed. Fortunately, the Bobcat Goldthwaite, who played the character, managed to achieve success in their profession after the withdrawal of “Police Academy”.


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