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Proverbs always liked people. They are filled with deep meaning and help people to realize the importance of many things. Whether it is a parable about friendship or a parable about the meaning of life, the important thing is that this kind of stories are always enjoyed, enjoys and will enjoy demand among people for many reasons.


The Parable – is a small story with a big meaning. Indeed, it is worth it to hear once you start to think about many things that I had not particularly cared. Most of the parables, philosophical, profound, forcing to understand the nature of something that seemed so simple and obvious.

A Parable about friendship – one of the branches, which are many. However, as in any direction, be it film or literature. Some will be interested in a parable about friendship, the other – about love, third – about the meaning of life, the fourth – about something else. All interesting, all good in its own right, however, we are interested in the first option.

Most Often, Proverbs about friendship short, because a lot of words not necessary to convey to the reader a specific message, but less, but still there are more detailed stories that cannot be placed even on one page. However, in great demand in the people are just rather short of work, because some do not like to read a lot (which is certainly sad, but it's not about that), and others have no time to waste almost nothing, so parables about friendship short will always be in greater numbers, and honor, than three-dimensional. But important and necessary.


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Friendship in our life

It Often happens that a person has a loved ones. And often they are not just anybody, namely friends, as they are able to support a person in difficult times, to rejoice with them in happy moments and listen to everything.Parables about friendship and friends

Proverbs on friendship and friends are good because they allow us to understand how important in lives of people which role they play. It just so happens that we can't be alone. Whatever people may say, no matter how he tried to convince himself and others that he loves solitude, and he doesn't need all this nonsense, which he wants to hide behind in an attempt to seem stronger than he really is. True individuals who are able at least to spend a lifetime alone with himself and to obtain from such existence, pleasure, units.

Sadness Prince

Proverbs about friendship shortQuarreled once the king and the Prince. And decided first to comrade revenge, to hurt him. The king called the executioner and ordered him to kill his wife and see you cry the Prince. Fulfilled male “request” the Imperial, cut off the woman's head. Cried the Prince. The king, without thinking twice, ordered to kill children. Cried the Prince. The king is in the excitement came, so was not going; tears painfully strange it is to see wanted, so the next victims of the executioner became parents. Cried the Prince. Remained close only best friend that the king and ordered to kill as the others. Here the Prince began to cry so bitterly that as many as a cruel and heartless executioner with him wept.

- Why after the death of his parents, wife and children and tears you did not say, asked the surprised king, later called to a Prince, and after the death of a friend so upset?

the Parents were already old - meets the Prince, and so soon would die. Wife new is easy to find, she and baby I can. But the other find-Oh how difficult. Many years need to spend to find a true, loyal friend. So I just mourned it.


This parable is about friendship, and that's it. Yes, it shows how was the man killed, but at least the fact that only his death was mourned by the Prince, makes it clear that each was really good. Everyone needs to meet in life someone who can be called close.

Dog-man's best friend

This is the expression everyone knows. However, not all know that there are Proverbs, bringing a similar sense to the reader. Indeed, the dog for centuries was considered the most loyal friend, at least if you compare it with the proud cat, for example. No, this does not mean that the latter is bad, each pet for their own good and the beautiful. However, the following is a parable about the friendship of man and dog.

A True friend – a dog

Parable of friendshipI Lived once in the house drunk. And he had two Pets: a cat Yes, a dog. The latter are constantly arguing among themselves who among them is a true friend of the master, and each tried to pull the blanket over himself.

Once over from a drunk money, and I wanted to drink was unbearable. The cat immediately jumped to her owner and said "Sell me, get the money, buy a drink, and I as your best friend run away from the buyer and would return to you."

Drunk sold my cat, bought liquor, returned home to medicate themselves with alcohol, and there he meets a dog. And not anyhow meets and barking, from which the man drops the bottle and breaks it, pouring a strong drink. Was pissed drunk, beat the dog, and that even escape is not tried and did not resist at all, only saying:

– Bay, master Bay, just don't drink.

At this time came the cat. Haughtily she glanced at the dog, Yes again, called the owner on the market, to repeat the previous manipulation. Soon the drunk returned with a new bottle. And opened it for her to drink alcohol a loved one, as once again prevented him the dog. So he barked and growled that the jar of alcohol out of the hands involuntarily slipped out a second time. Angry man more than before, with new force began to beat the dog but to say: "Kill!”

– Kill the master, humbly says that pet - you don't drink!

It came suddenly, to the drunkard, what's the matter. Realized he, who is a friend-it's real. And he began to apologize to the dog, stroking her and hugging. A cat that soon showed up, the man again sold, but this time so far that the road home is not found.

The meaning of the parables

The bottom line is that the dog didn't want her boss ruined his health, because nothing good spirits carries. Cat, in turn, only wanted to show master what good it supposedly helps him. The people understood it. If not immediately, but realized.


Parable of friendship and loveLove and friendship are closer than it may seem at first glance, much closer. It often happens as two people of the opposite sex at first consist of friendly relations, and then enter into a different, more spiritual connection. And that's good, because these people have already managed to develop a certain relationship: they know each other, know the tastes of your second half, you know what she likes. That is why any proverb about friendship and love needs to make it clear to people how important these relationships are, and how they close when it comes to two people. However, the downside is that love is more fleeting, friendship-true friendship-forever.

Proverbs and children

Children's parable about friendshipThe Stories are different needs, different stories are important. Especially helpful Proverbs on friendship for children because at their age there is a formation of the personality. This means that children will grow up as what they will educate, not only parents and teachers but also of books, stories, movies, TV shows, and other sources of information. Kids Proverbs about friendship are often especially good and more simple that their meaning was obvious even to a child. However, if the story is not clear, maybe the child will want to be aware of what was happening, and this is good, because in this case the child may grow curious and clever.

Moreover, children – the most sincere friends. After a person grows up, sometimes he has to smile and “friends” with the right people, for instance. It is called hypocrisy, not to hide, but the fact remains: children are naive little kids who do not care about the social status of their peers (at least from time to time), I love (in a friendly context) each other truly, sincerely. This is their main advantage. Unfortunately, not everyone can keep that bit of honesty in the soul.Proverbs on friendship for kids


Every parable is about friendship carries the meaning of how important other people in our lives. And the sooner people realize this, the sooner he will find a true friend. And to do it better at a young age, to give friendship to infuse, because it is, like wine, every year it just grows stronger and becomes “delicious”.


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