Is Emma stone forever broke up with Andrew Garfield? The story of the novel one of the most beautiful Hollywood couples


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Who is not familiar with Andrew Garfield? Probably only those who basically did not watch the restart of the franchise "Spiderman", in which Garfield has replaced Tobey Maguire. However, the journalists discussed not only the achievements of Andrew in the movie. What is happening in the personal life of a young man?

Early years

Andrew was born in Los Angeles, but soon his family moved to the UK in Surrey. That's where Garfield went to school.

Andrew GarfieldThe parents of the future actor was a small business: company decoration. They can be proud of Andrew Garfield, a young man always knew what he wants from life. After graduating from high school, he immediately took the documents to the school of dramatic art, and chose for himself the way a theatre actor.

First, Andrew worked in the youth theatre. Then he was accepted into the permanent troupe of the theatre Royal, Manchester. For realization of the image of Billy in the play "KES" the actor received the prestigious MEN Theatre Award. Also on the stage of the Garfield appeared in the image of Romeo, and in 2012 took part in the Broadway production of “death of a salesman”.

Andrew Garfield movies with the actor

Because Andrew was first concentrated on the theatre, in films he was not particularly in a hurry. The first film with Andrew Garfield was released in 2005, the actor Then three years starred in various television series, among which were especially popular project “Doctor Who”.

Emma stone and Andrew GarfieldIn 2007 there was a breakthrough in the artist's career: he played a major role in the drama "Lions for lambs". His partners on the set became Tom cruise and the inimitable Meryl Streep. From this point in the filmography of Andrew began to appear more than decent work: “Another kind Boleyn”, “the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus", "hold me”.


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In 2010, the whole world rattled biopic David Fincher “Social network”. In this project, the actor played the real character of life - Eduardo Severin. Two years later, Garfield was invited to the fateful for the project “New spider-man”. After the premiere of a new franchise Andrew was not only significantly more fans, but proposals for cooperation. And personal life has changed for the better.

Andrew Garfield's personal life. Familiarity with Emma stone

To romance with actress Emma stone about the personal lives of Garfield nothing is known. The actor, in principle, not very willingly communicates with journalists on this topic.

Andrew Garfield filmsEmma stone and Andrew Garfield met on the set of a film about Spider-Man. The actress played the girlfriend of a superhero. Andrew claims that fell in love with the stone for another audition and was extremely happy that his on-screen girlfriend will play it.

According to the classics of the genre, on-screen relationship developed into a real novel. After a year the couple took in new York a separate apartment and began to live together. Journalists sought out friends Emma and Andrew in order to elicit details of their civil marriage.

Then the Newspapers have leaked the information that the actors have decided to tie the knot. The ceremony was allegedly planned for the summer of 2015, although the ring on Emma's never appeared.

Project Martin Scorsese and related problems

However, in April 2015, it became known that Emma stone and Andrew Garfield broke up. Public couple announced that allegedly made a break in the relationship. Justified it was the fact that stone and Garfield is too busy schedules of filming. However, friends, ex-lovers argue that it is unlikely they will agree.

Andrew Garfield's personal lifeEmma and Andrew have several times parted, and then again reunited. Love these “swing” to be fed entourage, after all this was accompanied by intense feelings and tears.

The Situation was complicated by new and complex project in which Garfield agreed to play a major role. We are talking about the drama of Martin Scorsese's ‘Silence’. Friends claim that the shooting in this film are Andrew easy. The more that a few months he had to spend in Taiwan. And so ended the most talked about novel in Hollywood.

Rupture and subsequent rumors

The Break-up Emma and Andrew Garfield did not satisfy the press, therefore, agents of the publications still followed the lives of these two young people.

One of the insiders told that the actors continue to communicate, but so far no hints of romance. Andrew supposedly like to lose Emma again and then to gain her favor, so this time he, too, plans “to win the record back”. The inner circle has repeatedly hinted the pair that their relationship is quite strange, but they had no effect.

In fact, the fans and journalists should not even understand what is happening between the actors. For creative people tend to transform any relationship, even a very good, drama: so they get a fair shake and a new stimulus for creativity. Therefore it is not surprising that after a couple of months the pair come together again in order to re-separate.

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