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Picture Books have long been familiar to all. They are better perceived and more interesting, especially for children. These pictures of the works are called illustrations. When books were handwritten, the drawings were created by hand. It was very expensive and not available to all. With the advent of book printing these books have become increasingly popular. So what is illustration? Is any picture or image explaining or supplementing the text.

what is illustration

The Term illustration can be understood in a broad or narrow sense. In a broad sense - is any image that explains the text. They help to understand what is said in the work, making sense of the most imaginative and clear. This can be a scientific-informative figures (e.g., drawings, maps or diagrams)

What is the illustration in the narrow sense of the word? It's the pictures that explain the text, interpret it and help the reader better understand. Before reading they give the possibility to navigate in the content of the work. There are many paintings by famous artists who illustrated books. For example, paintings by Daumier to the novel of Cervantes "don Quixote".


Many illustration artists are now perceived as separate works, though often the plot is incomprehensible in isolation from the text. After all, they must comply with the content and complement it. The artist helps the reader better understand the text, to imagine the characters and their surroundings. He usually chooses a book that he likes and is close to his perception of the world. In addition, an Illustrator need to know much about the life and customs of the people of that time, which is described in the book.


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book illustrations

Illustrated works are better tolerated and is particularly loved by children. Pictures attract attention and interest the reader. There are many famous artists who have created illustrations for books. It is I. Bilibin, V. Lebedev, Yu. Vasnetsov, E. Charushin, and many others. Such works develop an aesthetic taste of the child, teach him creative thinking and instill a love for books.

Types of illustrations

What is the illustration from the point of view of diversity? In the books, there are many different pictures: it's an engraving, etching, facsimile or lithograph. This is the name of illustrations by way of transferring them to paper. They differ also by the place that is in the book.

illustration of artistsAt the beginning of parts or chapters placed illustrations-saver. They help the reader to tune in to read and help him in the mood. Within the text are placed illustration cavity polupolushka, depalote or defense. There are also drawings in the margins. All of these help the reader better understand the work and present the events described. There are also illustrations of endings which reflect the most important in the book, its main idea. And intros, and endings have to be decorated in the same style.

Everyone who loves books, you know, what is illustration, but many of its species very few people are familiar. To design artistic works are used more letters - colored capital letters at the beginning of paragraphs, painted patterns and designs, or vignettes - ornamental or narrative composition in the circle.

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