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Oscar Wilde – a famous English writer. His works reads the entire world. It is especially known as the author of a controversial and exciting novel “the picture of Dorian gray". Sayings of Oscar Wilde found in this and other books, so precise and rational, that affect the realities of everyday life that emphasize the importance of all its spheres. This includes relations with close people, the love of a woman, the search for the meaning of existence. They are easy to remember and permanently retained in memory.

the sayings of Oscar Wilde

Quotes of Oscar Wilde on life make the reader think about such complex and controversial concepts like finding yourself in the world, self-realization and the desire to achieve a state of happiness. These things are of concern to many people, but unfortunately, not everyone is trying to find answers to their questions. Wise quotes and sayings of Oscar Wilde so accurate in the statement that every man will be able to understand what was going on. The following thoughts of the famous writer emphasize the importance they themselves committed spiritual discovery. The most famous sayings of Oscar Wilde – those profound phrases that stick in the memory and remain there forever.

“Experience is the name men gave to their mistakes”

We all need to get new skills and the skills necessary for a full life. Sometimes there are significant missteps, but their presence contributes to the formation of the necessary experience for further action. Errors – our wise teachers, they show how not to do next time, if there is a similar situation.


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the sayings of Oscar Wilde on life

Sometimes people tend to justify their own inaction and cowardice that they have in any field negative experience. This negative self-image affects everything you do because the person is afraid to act, driving himself in a frame of fear, comes up with additional restrictions. Sayings of Oscar Wilde is filled with great wisdom and dedication. Here, you can feel the living soul of a person who himself has experienced all of what he writes.

“the Most common thing takes an amazing interest, if you hide it from people”

The Surrounding subconsciously feel how source is open and is to communicate. As soon as the person appears some mystery, she begins to carefully avoid the topic in the communicating, than summons the additional interest of others. For example, if a young man or woman hiding their personal lives (its presence or absence), as a rule, all the friends show respect to the subject interest. You can call this situation a pattern, because what focuses our attention and causes a reaction of people. Such wisdom also contains other aphorisms, quotes and sayings. Wilde Oscar-a man of prodigious sagacity and profound view of the world.

“Those who see a distinction between soul and body have neither of the body nor of the soul”

Man – being holistic, and any attempts to separate it into individual components, usually fail. When we look at a particular individual, we must attempt to see his best qualities of character, and know that the negative manifestations are always caused by a defensive reaction. When someone fenced off from our words and actions, he does it by using special comments that are designed to alienate people. The people rejected many relatives and associates, do not believe others and do their best to stay unnoticed, unaccepted, is not to get out of your comfort zone.

the sayings of Oscar Wilde about the children

To Make a distinction between what a person feels and how he acts, then, not strive to understand it. How often do we value people only by their appearance or belonging to a particular class! Sayings of Oscar Wilde on children emphasize the undeniable value of every human being and the importance of understanding.

“Men want to be the first love of a woman, and girls dream to be a guys last hurrah”

This is the real wisdom of life. Every person in varying degrees, ready to fight for his soul mate and wants to find happiness. Only men and women react differently to the same things. A woman is more focused on the family and the man wondering to conquer new space, including so it so attractive girl. Talking about here is Oscar Wilde? Sayings about love, filled with indelible truth of life, they are not so many genuine romance, but a few misconceptions that sometimes make it difficult to see the truth.

“Love begins with the fact that a man deceives himself, and ends with the fact that he is deceiving another”

When the gentle feeling heart, sometimes a person loses his mind, and with it the ability to think critically, to reason. Come to mind with inspirational ideas that begin to mean much more than a period of time leading up to it. Often we are confused about our future together with a partner, see him in a perfect light and do not notice significant deficiencies.

Oscar Wilde sayings about love

When the relationship has already been established, the partners begin to significantly influence each other. And here comes the time for mutual delusion, when one perceives the other as convenient to him. These are the aphorisms about love. The author Oscar Wilde emphasizes the undeniable truth of life, talking about her slightly ironic style.

“Women are created to be loved, not to be understood”

It would be a Mistake to believe that the beautiful half of humanity wants people to fully understand the motives of their behavior and actions. Every woman wants to remain a mystery, so it's unlikely she'll like it when someone will behave with it too Intrusive. All that waiting for a girl from a guy is respect, attention and recognition. She wants to feel love and care, only then will she be able to feel truly happy.

“I do not want to know what people say behind my back-I'm on a high enough opinion”

Sayings of Oscar Wilde always accurately hit the target. How much do we really think about how we perceive and understand other people! Instead, it would be better to focus on his own goals and plans. Maybe then they would be close to its execution.

wise quotes and sayings of Oscar Wilde

Need to accept the fact that people say about us and discuss our habits. To please everyone is impossible, absolutely impossible. Much more important in this life to be yourself and to have the opportunity grow personally, and improve their quality of character.

“the World is divided into two classes: those that believe in the incredible, others do the impossible”

The Man has great abilities, but not everyone knows about their existing prospects. Most of us limit themselves to a certain occupation that are performed from day to day. However, some people still seek to conquer the seemingly unattainable peaks, while others do not even think about it, believing that not to do anything to achieve the desired result. And this is a big misconception because even such a person has made no attempt to implementation of the plan. So dreams become unattainable, and plans unrealized.

the most famous sayings of Oscar Wilde

Sayings of Oscar Wilde emphasize the undeniable importance of thoughts and the relationship of man to himself. Perception of their own talent and perspectives is sometimes unreasonable and inappropriate. Hardly anyone is really able to assess themselves highly. Many people tend not to notice their own talents and capabilities.

“nowadays people know the price of everything, but have no idea about the real value”

Talking about the fact that we often pursue in life behind those goals that make us happy and can lead to personal success and great achievements. Personality may be more prone to be influenced by the society which is inherently and significantly contagious. If one person thinks and acts a certain way, it does not mean that he knows the truth. Just every person lives according to their own beliefs.

Oscar Wilde aphorisms Oscar Wilde thoughts

We often pay great attention to material goals and forget about spiritual values. People sometimes think that the latter require too much emotional effort and are not material. In fact, spirituality develops us as a person, form a stable stance. In addition, such things as compassion, kindness, concern, and move the world. If everyone living on earth only cared about his well-being, this one ...

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