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Portrait-image of a human face, the special features. Today it is one of the most common types of drawing and painting. Following a few important rules, anyone can create a masterpiece. In this article we will talk about how to draw a portrait of the man.

portrait pencil men gradually

The Choice of materials and techniques to perform a variety of portrait. It can be as painting and graphics. The picture may be performed careless strokes of paint or oil, a soft technique (charcoal, sanguine, Sepia), light watercolor, pencil or pen. Inexperienced artists are advised to start with pencils of different softness: such work can always be corrected with an eraser. However, to try different techniques – the best way to find your style.

First steps: how to draw a portrait of a man?

Any pattern begins with the construction of the composition. The proper construction of the face – will provide the competent portrait that will delight the eye and soul. As women, portrait of a man can be depicted in different ways. Lines can be smooth and rounded, smoothing all the flaws of the face. Or you can portray them hard and angular, highlighting some characteristics of a person.

Select view: everything you need to know

how to draw a portrait of a man

It is Necessary to define from what point you look at the person. This is called “view”. The easiest starting point for beginners – the side and front. For those who are not afraid of difficulties, you can try to depict a portrait of a man, positioned sideways to the audience – when seen three-quarters of the face. This solution looks more interesting, because it reveals both sides of the face in different ways, but such work requires a knowledge perspective. It lies in the fact that objects that are closer – more than those that are farther away from the artist.


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To draw the face parts in the right proportion to each other, the artist must constantly analyze the process, asking yourself questions and finding answers.

Attention to details

When the view is defined, easily mark the eyes, nose, ears, mouth and hair. Do not try to draw all at once. Enough to make a few lines for the location of the parts of the face. The next stage – reconciliation with this man's face. It is important to note the proportions, the ratio of the nose and eyes, mouth and cheeks, etc.

Then you can start drawing details. Try to put on paper the features of the face step by step, otherwise it will lose the integrity of the picture.

The eye you should pay special attention. Their expression creates the atmosphere of the whole portrait. Sadness, joy, or thoughtfulness-all this can be visualized in the eyes of man. Do not, however, overly detailed drawing, if you are not sure to work as laborious with the hair and the rest of the face. Other elusive items, such as a gently curved line of the lips, the accent on a raised eyebrow or disheveled hair, will only reinforce the mood of the picture and give it the realism.

Light and shade, or a Realistic drawing

portrait of a man

If your goal – to paint a portrait of a man, the most like a real person, be sure to pay attention to shadows and highlights the light areas on the face. For shadows suitable soft pencils for light parts – solid.

Not to overdo it, be sure to decide for yourself what will be the most dark in the portrait, and that – vivid, bright.

Working through other parts of the face, remember these two extremes, and compared them determine how dark or light the item is. It is not recommended to do black man's nostrils.

More Complicated is the situation with the light parts of the face. Select the brightest place, and the rest is easy stroke solid pencils. It adds neither natural nor specificity in the pattern. The emphasis is done on the shadow from the nose, the eyebrows and lines of the face: chin, cheeks, etc.

By following these tips, you can learn how to draw portrait with pencil (men) step by step.

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