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Maria Smolnikova, Russian theater and film actress, was born in the city of Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg) 17 December 1987. Masha's childhood passed in an atmosphere of love and understanding. Parents loved the theater and tried to instill this love of his daughter.

Mariya Smolnikova

Maria Smolnikova: a biography

So Mary grew creative artistic child, even her dolls were characters home theater scene, and she staged impromptu performances for children sitting on the floor in the living room.

When Mary was eight years old, she began to attend drama school. The school was given to the future actress easily, and a girl, all free of lessons time to devote to the stage and ballroom dancing. Before the final exams, she participated in the staging of the play "West side story" in which the dancer Maria Smolnikova played a major role. The classic musical by Leonard Berstein decided the fate of Masha, she went to Moscow and filed documents to GITIS. However, the first attempt nothing happened, the girl did not accept.

Nizhny Novgorod

The following year, Maria Smolnikova again tried to enter Moscow theatre school, and again to no avail. Then the young Smolnikova decided to enroll in the school of culture in Yekaterinburg, and it succeeded.

At that time the artistic Director of the Sverdlovsk youth theatre Vyacheslav Kokorin that Mary knew and considered her a promising actress, has worked in Nizhny Novgorod. He invited Mary to his theater to play a few performances.

the dancer Maria Smolnikova

Admission to GITIS

However, Maria Smolnikova continued to dream of GITIS, a year later, she again went to Moscow and she finally managed to enroll in the course of Dmitry Krymov. As the group recruited a pilot, the entrance exam Mache suggested to represent, no less, firing a Kalashnikov rifle, and she coped with the task.


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In 2011, Maria Smolnikova graduated from GITIS and began working in the theatre "School of drama art", directed by Dmitry Krymov. The role was Mary sometimes the most unexpected, for example, in the play "Gorki-10" she played Lenin. The experiments on the stage Shida just going wild, but the creative atmosphere is such that she will be envied by any theatre.

Mariya Smolnikova biography

Maria Smolnikova: filmography

As is usual in the actor's environment, Masha from time to time in films.

List of movies with Maria Smolnikova:

  • "Daughter" – 2012.
  • "God has his plans" – 2012.
  • "Melisende", short film – 2012.
  • Stalingrad – year 2013.
  • "Kuprin", TV series – 2014.

The Film "Daughter" directed by Natalia Vadimovna Nazarova and Alexander Kasatkin - the first dramatic experience of Smolnikova. Her character is a sixteen-year-old Inna, caught in a difficult life situation. The friend of the girl killed by the hands of maniac, it becomes a real shock for the heroine. Then she meets Elijah, a son of the priest, and learns that his sister was murdered by the same maniac. Common grief brings together young people, but the girl does not know what a cruel blow made her fate.

In 2012, Mariya Smolnikova played the role of Vicky in the movie, "God has his plans," directed by Dmitry Tyurin. This is a painting about the tragedy of 35-year-old woman who earned a living surrogate motherhood.

In the same year, the actress participated in the filming of the short film "Melisenda" Director Natalia Haradinaj.

Maria Smolnikova

Major role in the creative life of the actress

The Whole of 2013 went to Mary Smolnikova under the sign of the film "Stalingrad", it has played a major film role to date. It is the role of Katie, a girl living in the house on the Volga river, which did not escape the horrors of war. The psychology of the character completely fits into the creative intent of the Director Fyodor Bondarchuk.

In October 1942, the offensive of the 6th army of the Wehrmacht, and love, and over which death has no power. This is the plot of the painting "Stalingrad", the highest-grossing film in the history of Russian cinema.

Mariya Smolnikova filmography

Fyodor Bondarchuk in fate of Mary Smolnikova

The young actress Maria Smolnikova behind was, in fact, only one character role in the film "Daughter", and deeply psychological painting "Stalingrad" requires a high acting. But Smolnikova not for a moment doubt that will cope with the task. The euphoria which was experienced young actress, knowing that her adopted the role of Kathy, already was a success because it gave confidence in their abilities. Mary rushed to the phone, she wanted to share the joy with my mother.

The Actress had read the script "Stalingrad", trying not to miss a single detail. She understood that she got one of the main roles of the future film, role of Russian women in wartime, of the tragic fate which not only did not break her but even gave her love. It's one thing to play a high sense of civilian life. And quite another - to love in the hardship and constant danger. The task is daunting, but noble. And Maria end up brilliantly with ithandle.

On the set Smolnikova was nervous, she was physically shaking from the consciousness of his responsibility. Fortunately, the Director Fyodor Bondarchuk noticed the condition of Masha and tactfully reassured her. The whole crew, consisting of experienced filmmakers, actors and Directors unanimously supported a young actress in the difficult minute. "Stalingrad" was her finest hour, Maria Smolnikova became popular. In the future, it expected the main role, recognition and the love of a grateful audience.

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