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Harley Quinn - heroine comic book of Batman, the Joker's girlfriend, is now one of the most popular cosplay characters among girls. Bright, eccentric, dersa and simultaneously feminine - such a want to feel girls who choose her way. Makeup Harley - a type of pop art make-up, which is trying to repeat the hike for themed parties, particularly Halloween. This article describes step by step how to do makeup in the style of the brightest heroine of "suicide Squad".

Makeup Harley Quinn: features

The Combination of madness, sexuality and mesmerizing attractiveness, so like many Harley. Its vivid image, it is impossible not to notice, so those who choose such a make-up party is sure to be the center of attention.

If you look at the photo of the heroine, we can note a few features of her appearance:

  • Deathly pale skin (here one of powder will be enough);
  • Bright accents and lips, and eyes highlighted in contrasting colours, that's why her makeup is not inferior to the expressive image of the Joker;
  • Spread the shade and smudged the eye contour such negligence was invented for a reason: Harley's the crazy one, and this detail shows outwardly the peculiarities of the inner world of the heroine;
  • Eye shadows tinted with a different color;
  • Tattoo of a black heart on the cheekbone and the inscription on the cheek ROTTEN, which means "terrible, rotten, nasty";
  • Bright lips with a clear black contour;
  • Eye-catching eyebrows, but not too dark and wide.

makeup Harley

What you will need to create the makeup?

Before you make up your Harley, you should gather all the necessary tools and cosmetic tools:

  • Make-up base;
  • Light powder and a darker shade;
  • Concealer;
  • Theatrical white makeup;
  • Shadows of black, blue, pink shades;
  • Black pencil;
  • Lipstick cherry color;
  • Pencil or shadow brush, and brow gel;
  • Lipstick and lip gloss.

makeup Harley Quinn


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Makeup like Harley Quinn, step by step

  • The First thing you need to prepare your face for application of colored accents. Using the Foundation to align its color, concealer to brighten dark circles, eye bags and other skin irregularities.
  • Proceed to contouring face: bright powder you need to consolidate a Foundation in the field of T-zone - forehead, nose and chin. A darker shade of powder it is necessary to slightly accentuate the cheekbones, and darken the nose and the side of the forehead. In this case, the person must not form a clear boundary of color. If skills also, no, it is better not to do.
  • If you want to create as close as possible to the classic look Harley, you can use theatrical white makeup. It will fit in the case if the natural color of the face and light face powder give a grayish hue that happens a lot, but makeup Harley this does not imply. Makeup is applied with a special brush or just your fingers (hammering motion) in a small amount, below this mask did not resemble a clown. Top make-up also need to powder, do not forget about the neck: it should not differ in color from person.
  • The line of the eyebrows. Harley them well enough to stand out but not attract attention to himself. It is better to choose your suitable color type color - gray-black, gray-brown. It can be a pencil or shadow. After applying the eyebrow color need to brush a brush, rastushevok thus dye, and fix with brow gel.
  • Eyes in this makeup painted a different color: right - red-pink, left is blue. Shade is necessary on the movable and lower eyelids, while continuing to lead up to the cheekbones. Thus, you need to create the effect of spread of shadows. Further emphasizes the eye contour with a black pencil. It need a good shade - not so important accuracy, as the lack of clear lines.

how to do makeup Harley

  • If the task is to create a pop art makeup, as shown in the photo (which mirrors the picture from the comic book), you will need a eyeliner pen or marker for the eyebrows. It can be used to draw lines of cheekbones, brows, nose, chin, as pictured. The dirty streaks or ashes on the face can be represented with a dark (black or gray) shadow.

makeup like Harley Quinn step by step

  • The final touch is lip makeup. Harley is they are not red, and rich cherry red or plum shade. It is this lipstick and need. Their contour can be induced with a black pencil. If desired, add a little glitter on the centre of each lip. Sometimes create the effect of negligence, wiping the lipstick from the lip to the chin.

makeup Harley

Details of the makeup

Harley Makeup itself is easy to perform. But its main feature in detail. Except for streaks of eye shadow and lipstick on the face of the heroine, there are 2 tattoos. It is a small black heart on cheek near right eye and on the cheek, but below the inscription ROTTEN. They can draw the same cosmetic marker or felt-tip pen. The letters to be smooth, you can use a stencil.

 makeup Harley Quinn

How to create a full image?

Makeup Harley Quinn is not the only feature of this image. To be as similar in character, should take care of the other details:

  • Hair need to be toned on the ends in red, pink and blue shades using a color of nail Polish or hair powder, then collect them in two high ponytail rubber bands (pink and blue).
  • Clothing: tank top or t-shirt break white, but with red top, a bright red sports jacket and blue short shorts with the same symmetrical division of the tones, one or two leather gloves in the same colours, ripped tights, sneakers.
  • Accessories: a choker with metal lettering PUDDIN and a baseball bat with the words Good Night.

If we consider all recommendations to create such an image will have to prepare for the increased attention to his person.


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