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Just a couple of decades ago, blue was considered not that ambiguous, and is simply unacceptable color for a manicure. Not only ordinary people but even the master of his case has convinced the doubters that the nails in this color are only the drowned, crazy city, and those who do not know how to use a hammer. Later the blue color began to slowly penetrate into the nail art, but of no dominance and speech could not be. It was only used as an additional at painting nails.

manicure in blue tones

Today, things have changed. Manicure in blue colors is no surprise. But his opponents were right: the color of this requires proper respect. No negligence, he does not tolerate. And not getting into "your" shade from the palette is fraught with a complete lack of aesthetics. Does this mean that it is better not to risk? Perhaps we should stick to the traditional beige-pink range? Not at all! Just and the choice of varnish with the nail Polish should adhere to the simple recommendations. And the choice of design should be approached with the soul. In this case manicure in shades of blue will provide attention to your manicured hands. And the photos in the article will help with the selection.

How to choose a blue nail Polish

manicure in blue tones photo

When Choosing paint on the market, you can save considerably. But it is unlikely that the seller sells inexpensive cosmetics, will give you the palette. And as you can not be sure. Budget buy will probably fly into the garbage in the near future.

Trust is good manufacturers, it is always justified. It is not necessary to pay for a bottle of nail Polish fabulous price, a good product is in the medium price segment. Specialty stores and official distributors of cosmetics always give the client an opportunity to ensure that he gets exactly what he wants. Some of them even offer samples. Never neglect this possibility in the case of blue nail Polish! For shades this range is more than urgent. Poorly-chosen blue can create a sense of soreness or simply look on the nails pale and expressionless.


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manicure in blue and white tones

If you are not able to try on nail tips painted with lacquer or cover the nail with a probe, follow the rule that warm skin tones and the nail Polish is better to choose warm tones. And Vice versa.


For many years the French manicure did not leave the pages of glossy magazines, catwalks and up to date portfolio of the most fashionable masters of nail design. It would seem that the topic of his completely revealed: we saw the white and beige to the classic, and colorful neon stripes, and painted the regrown parts, rhinestones, and piercing, and more. But apparently this is the case when it can not lead to a trend, and style. And to make it easy. French manicure in shades of blue, a photo of which is below, it is possible to create yourself and by using the usual paint, and using shellac (of course, if you have a lamp).

manicure in blue yellow colors

To use this picture turned out neat, use special strips for French, which are sold in stores nail design.

The Bright colors of summer

The Manicure in blue and yellow tones is a great idea for the beach, picnics, travel. These colors are associated with sun, sand, clear summer sky and of course the sea. If a manicure is just what you are looking for, feel free to do it! Shades of blue are perfectly combined with yellow tones. Varnishes of these colors can make the moon manicure, paint your nails in a random order, to play with the idea of a "special nail" or make the painting presented on the following photos.

manicure in blue colors

As you can see, nothing complicated, but the result looks very impressive. To create a use a thin brush.

Sparkling neon

If your plans include going to a night club or at a beach disco, don't miss the opportunity to Shine in the rays of spotlights! Neon manicure in blue colors you can easily make yourself.

manicure in red blue tones

50 shades of... blue!

Looks Very stylish manicure in shades of blue with color transition. This idea for several years, but the popularity of this design does not lose. To create it will need a few lacquers in shades of blue. Arrange them from dark to light and apply to the nails one by one.

manicure in blue colors

This manicure is a great idea for casual style, but this technology can be used for special occasions. Apply over the coating lacquer gold or silver color over the stencil, garnish with polybutene or rhinestone decals stick figures. In short, colored different shades of the same color nails is a wonderful base for creative experimentation.

Water manicure in blue colors

The Technique of drawing on nails images by using water definitely deserves to try it to master. For this you will need a shallow container with plain water, varnish 3-4 shades of blue, needle, and sponge with solvent. Drip a few drops of each Polish into the water at random, mix up the strip with a needle. Pry fingers of the lacquer film and allow it to dry. Remained gently wipe the remnants from the skin around the nails.

manicure in blue colors

Do Not be afraid if at first you don't succeed to achieve the goal. Water manicure - is not easy, but here it is all about practice.

Royal blend

A Manicure in shades of blue with gold - a great idea for the Christmas holidays, romantic dates, corporate parties. So it won't look vulgar, do not overdo it with gold and glitter. If you use these colors, consider what you will be decorating. It is unlikely that the combination of gold lacquer and silver or bronze rings will be successful.

manicure in blue tones

The Blue lacquer is combined not with any stones. For example, delicate carnelian will look pale against the blue and turquoise color might look dirty. Try on rings in advance to the big night to avoid trouble.


A Manicure in red and blue colors - great idea for parties in a Maritime style. This is where you can show imagination, creativity and taste!

manicure in red blue tones

With this classic combination of hard to overdo it. Paint the nails in a random order and apply the image of anchors, Helms, nautical knots. If you are unsure of your artistic talent, use decals. They allow you to get a great result.

The ever fashionable gradient

Painting with the transition in color suitable for casual style, and to create a festive images. Manicure in white and blue tones in the technique of "gradient" easy to do.

manicure in blue and white tones

To do this, cover the nail with a layer of white Polish, let it dry. Place a large drop of blue sponge and a drop of white nail Polish, RUB the border with a toothpick, apply to the nail. If the varnish was made by beyond the nail, remove the excess.

As you can see, the blue varnish perfect for creating a variety of interesting images.


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