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Looks Perfectly modern beautiful graded haircut cascade. It is a hairstyle consisting of steps, between which made smooth transitions, very discreet. What is cascade, it is clear to all. What is the graduation? Under this concept understand the cut ends of your hair at a certain angle according to the technique steps. Women with great magnificence hair, especially often resorted to this method. It is a very versatile haircut. She will have to face the ladies different types of appearances.

Shape the hairstyle with a graduated cascade is very easy. There are many options for styling. His mistress haircut younger. Therefore, it is popular not only among youth but also among older women. Famous fans of this graduated haircuts are stars such as Jennifer aniston, Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman, Olivia Oiled, Milla Jovovich. Beautiful haircuts of celebrities seen on the covers of many glossy magazines.

graduated cascade

Features a graduated "ladder"

Introducing a graduated cascade to start with enumeration of its features:

  • This haircut will suit almost everyone. With caution should treat it the ladies who have thin and sparse hair. Hairstyle can look unattractive because of the rare tips. In this case it is better to make a small graduation on the upper strands and the lower one can be left thick and smooth.
  • Graduated cascade is performed on the hair of different lengths. Short haircut will look dynamic or romantic, if the strands twist. It gives the hair volume at the roots. Long and medium locks with graduation will look airy and light.
  • This technique is suitable for those who have on the head is a thick MOP. Strands thin out at the roots and your hair will look harmonious.
  • Provolone beauties can safely resort to such a cascade. Will it fit for wavy curls. A very curly-haired girls should choose a different kind of haircut.
  • Chic and stylish look when grading different types of dyeing, bleaching, and coloring.

beautiful cutting


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Basic implementation

Beautiful haircuts garderobem can be performed using the following methods:

  1. To Separate thick strands. To cut them, pulling up. The master makes out an APB for a particular key a lock, which leaves either on top or on the back of his head. This effect helps to achieve a beautiful cascade.
  2. Cut the strands with the help of vertical partings. The hairdresser pulls the hair and makes the line of the cut, focusing on head circumference. Perhaps the cutting of the strands and at the right angle, and at a sharp. The size of the slice is determined by the desired degree of calibration.
  3. Slightly to increase the angle of pulling each strand. In final form this angle should be 90 degrees. It turns out very soft and blurry line of cut.
  4. Run a parallel graduations or cascade, widening on the nape. It is possible to increase at the temples. This creates a "ladder" of various shapes.

graduated haircut cascade

Graduated short cascade

"Ladder" for short hair looks very extravagant. It's always daring and original solution. Very definitely here joined such a hair appointment, as the asymmetry. This hairstyle definitely is able to select his mistress from the crowd. The greatest number of girls prefer the classic cascade with a slightly elongated graduations in a romantic direction. Female image becomes easy. In addition, it does not require special tricks for styling.

Especially cascade on short hair suit a round-faced young ladies. It is important to remember that long bangs with a side parting can visually pull a face. Those who wished to preserve the splendor and beautiful of your hair, not too short to cut the top layer of hair.

graduated cascade to medium hair

Experiments with medium curls

Graduated cascade to medium hair - perfect for working, busy ladies. For this haircut is easy to maintain. Especially good it looks with twisted ends or extruded iron locks.

Medium length Hair cut for the entire length, starting from the top. This technique is removes split ends, adds volume and shape to the haircut. The length of the hair on the back of the head remains. Therefore there is the opportunity to collect festive hairstyle. The graduations on the average length hides skin imperfections, corrects the shape of the face. It is best to put this hair with a round comb and hair dryer immediately after washing.

graduated short cascade

Graduated cascade for long hair

Graded haircut for long strands visually increases volume, not shortening them. This effect is created by removing strands, the curls pull them to the desired angle and leave the length of the lower layers. Owners of long tresses can use this method to achieve trendy effect. The neck will become the Swan, and the image will be more elegant. Depending on the desires and characteristics of the hair a graduated cascade may occur at different levels.

Very often girls create light of the "ladder" on the ends. Many prefer to cut the entire length of the strands, starting at the ear level. Sometimes the cascade for long hair starts at the top. This option is suitable for owners of fine hair. Curly long curls can also be subject to graduation. But it is better to start the steps from the ear level, otherwise the curls will curl up and rise.

graduated cascade for long hair

Bangs - the best decoration of the cascade

Graduated cascade with bangs goes for almost everyone. Only the representatives of curly hair is not necessary to resort to this reception. Ladders with bangs will emphasize the structure of the hair and create volume. You can apply the following kinds: short, straight, elongated, torn, graduated, curved, multi-layered. If the bangs right cut and style, she can make her mistress for 5 years younger. Furthermore, it lends depth and appeal of the look, the face makes it more lean. It also hides problem areas, such as age-related wrinkles.

Most Often cut with bangs perform on medium and long tresses. When it looks best straight, straightened with a straightening iron option. A good idea is to give it shape through the hair. If bangs are long, reaching the level of the lips, wear it with a side parting or in the middle. The following is an example ragged bangs.

graduated cascade with bangs

Methods of styling and colouring

Speed graduations very low maintenance. Strands of medium length often laid with a round comb and Hairdryer. But some ladies give in to experiments and used the following methods:

  • Straighten strands with flat iron. This gives them a well-groomed appearance, looks stylish and elegant.
  • Tighten up on the Tips Curling up, and leave the rest of the hair smooth.
  • Curl Long hair with waves and bangs pulled with a hair dryer.
  • Use a wet styling, create the effect of easy negligence.
  • Perform the original analysis in a particular direction.
  • To emphasize the layered hairstyles using gel, wax, foam.

The Stepped structure of the cut will be more visible after the original staining or toning. Coloring, using two or more colors looks especially elegant. Stylish looks graduated cascade with these types of highlighting, like California, French, and Venetian.

Special popularity is gained by the following types of coloring: Ombre, Shatush, Balaj. Harmoniously will look on the cascade clarification of certain areas or strands. Especially interesting look color accents on the bangs. If it is to lighten a hue, it will instantly freshen up the face. Do not be afraid to experiment!

graduated cascade

Fashion trends for the cascade

The Most fashionable thing for a graduated haircut is a easy negligence and naturalness. Others should get the impression that she spent on the laying of the cascade not more than 10 minutes. Pretentiousness and complexity of installation is only valid for a special occasion: holiday or wedding.

Especially popular among young people is a graduated cascade of long hair. Slightly tousled strands create the effect of negligence. Stylists offer the following fashionable shades for coloring stage: lilac, light pink, Burgundy. The main trend of new season is a graduated cascade with long bangs to one side. This kind of haircuts can be decorated with original decor.


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