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In our daily life misplaced very bright makeup. Unusual way can afford a model, actress or entertainers for children's parties. Foundation, a little mascara, a little bit of blush and lip gloss-that's the standard make-up-set of almost every woman. In the evening on the face can appear more clearly delineated eyebrows, Hollywood arrow or red lipstick. Beautiful, impressive, but also quite ordinary. And sometimes you want a holiday: colourful, quirky lips or droopy eyes style woman vamp, well-defined cheekbones or fluffy false eyelashes.

Where appropriate this makeup

Theme party or photo shoot, is the case when the make-up, bright and unusual is very appropriate. Party Halloween is the perfect occasion “try on” the image of the femme fatale-a mysterious and fatal, or the vampire – lovely and dark. The New year gives reason to swear at yourself in sequins or lipstick to try unusual colors. And at the wedding in retro style to transform into a Hollywood diva.

If no such reason appeared, don't miss your chance to Shine!

Dark makeup

Incredibly impressive look black Smokey eyes. It is a technique of depositing to the eye results in a well-feathered smoke. To make black makeup, you will need:

  • Black kajal or soft eyeliner.
  • Shade of black or dark gray color.
  • Light shade, matte or shimmer.
  • Dense but soft brush for shading shadows.
  • Volume mascara.
  • False eyelashes and glue.

Before you begin black makeup, make sure that is well aligned complexion. It is necessary to carefully mask the dark circles under the eyes and redness with concealer. If makeup is unusual, it attracts a lot of attention, so the skin needs to look perfect.


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Finished with the skin tone, apply under eye patches. If the shadow will crumble, they will protect from dark circles. Or apply Foundation when finish the eye makeup.

Another secret is to apply a base under shadows. This will allow them as long as possible to stay in place, does not roll down and not crumble. Today, virtually every cosmetic brand makes a base under the shadows. If you see it, you can put on the eyelids thin layer of Foundation and lightly powder. But remember – this method is not suitable for every day.


Technique of

To Prepare the eyelids, move the eyes with black pencil or kajal along the lash line, good progresiva migracyjne space. The line should be thick enough in the future we will retusum. Also do not forget about the lower eyelid. Need to paint over the lining with a pencil and draw a line under the lower lashes. Thinner at the inner corner of the eye and wider at the outside.

Next, type the brush black or dark-gray shadows. For even more intense color you can apply the product wet. To do this, slightly dampen the brush with water and dial her shadow.

Put the brush in the outer corner of the upper eyelid and “stretch” color towards the middle. For a festive evening make-up can not be afraid to blend the shadow above the eyebrows. Continue to apply the gel until the desired color intensity. Inner corner of the eye can be left slightly lighter, especially if the eyes are "planted" close. If eyes wide “placed”, the internal area it is better to darken. In other cases can choose either option. The same “stretching” do the lower eyelid.

Blend Well the pencil so that the border between him and the shadows softer, smoky. Light cream accents-a little under the eyebrow and in the inner corner of the eye.

In conclusion, thickly paint mascara on your lashes with mascara, let it dry. To give the image languor, tape false eyelashes. Here you can unleash the imagination and to choose those which had not even dared to watch, – very thick, long, with rhinestones, beads or feathers. It will be “cherry” your special.

Makeup Color

Blue makeup applied the same as black. To the color was clean and bright, under the blue, apply white eye shadow or blend a white pencil.

blue makeup

Mascara, you can choose either black or blue.

To Accent the blue makeup you can use lipstick. Yes, now a professional brand cosmetics release a lipstick for special. But in this case the eyes may remain neutral paint mascara on the lashes with black ink and make more clear eyebrows.

charm makeup


In recent times it is fashionable to hold a retro party. They need a certain makeup, the look becomes very relevant. One of the favorite themes – a glamorous 60s. Remember Audrey Hepburn in the film “How to steal a million”? The way Nicole fully reflects the spirit and fashion of the time.

The Makeup style of the 60's – this, of course, a long, wide hands. To learn to draw them, takes practice, but there are a few secrets on how to make them nice and smooth.

For retro-makeup we will need:

  • Foundation.
  • Shadows and brow gel.
  • Liquid eyeliner.
  • Bright shadow.
  • Ink.
  • Blush.
  • Lipstick shade nude.

Foundation choose matte, without the effect of wet gloss, even on a half-tone lighter than your complexion.

Eyebrows a natural reserve and is quite wide. Work through their shadows and place gel.

Proceed to the eye makeup. Apply to the entire mobile eyelid bright matte shadows, they can be white or beige. Liquid eyeliner swipe a wide line from the inner corner to the outer corner and lift the “tail” of the arrow. To make it smooth, apply to his head a plastic card or put patch. Will remain to hold the line as a ruler. In conclusion, thickly paint mascara on the lashes. You can use the patch.

The Blush for the correction, highlight the hollows under the cheekbones and on the lips apply a matte lipstick in a natural shade.

makeover in style 60

Makeup for along

Coming to light, it is very important to choose the right makeup under the dress.

If it is embroidered with sequins or rhinestones, avoid shadows and lip gloss with shimmer. Let the makeup is matte, an exception can be made in the form of highlighter on the cheekbones.

Under the black dress perfect red lips & hands.

Red dress is necessary “hedging” the perfect complexion. Focus on the eyebrows and eyes. If you decide on red lipstick, make sure that it was in the tone of the dress.

make a dress

For bright outfits not necessarily to choose a shade to match, rather, choose neutral and soothing makeup.

But bright dress can be “embellish” make-up brighter.


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