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Luxurious hair are an ornament not only for women but also for men. So many people, faced with the problem of hair thinning, you begin to panic. To solve the problem, you need to understand what causes this condition. There are many reasons why hair falls out. What to do and how to treat such a condition will be explained in detail later.


Hair Loss is a natural process that happens everyday. So the body is refreshed, which is quite normal. In an average day in a healthy person drops out 50-100 hairs. However, in some cases, this process becomes catastrophic proportions. In this case, the person notices that he starts really losing his hair. What to do in this situation?

Why hair fall out?

First and foremost you need to understand what changes in the body led to similar troubles. Perhaps, the reason lies in the development of some diseases. There are also external factors that can influence this process. It is also necessary to understand whether the the norm of such a hair loss or pathology. This is a simple test.

You First need to wash your hair for two or even three days. After that you should take a sheet of white paper. The head is tipped forward, takesawa the hair from nape to forehead. Next you need medium pressure pulling strands. During this procedure, in the hands of the left a few hairs. They are put on paper. Then the procedure is repeated, but in a different area of the head. This action is necessary to perform about 3 times.


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Next you need to count the number of hair that were left on the paper. Normally, this figure should be no more than 15 pieces. Very hair fall out? What to do? The answer may give the doctor-trichologist.


Before looking at why hair falls out, about doctors and what to do in such a situation, you need to understand the peculiarities of the skin of the head. This is a special system that works as one harmonious mechanism. If something goes wrong in one system, it manifests different problems.

Much hair fall out

Hair is an appendage of the scalp. It has no nerves, muscles, and blood vessels. But it – living substance. Part which is above the surface of the skin, called the core. The entire section of hair that is hidden in the epithelium, called the root. At its end there is an onion. From it is the growth of the web. The follicle includes the papilla. It has blood vessels that nourish the root. Around the follicle there is another shell. It's the hair bag. It is called the follicle. Into it open the ducts that come from the sebaceous glands.

The Core includes 3 layers. An internal component of hair is medulla. This is the substance of the brain stem. It provides hair a property such as conductivity. Over medullas is the second layer. It's called the cortex. It accounts for 80% of the hair. It consists of interwoven fibers of keratin. The cortex contains pigments that give color to the curls.

The Superficial outer layer-the cuticle. It consists of plates of keratin. This layer protects the inner layers from environmental influences. If the cuticle is damaged, hair feels bouncy and shiny.

There are many reasons why hair began to fall. What to do in this case, will be able to recommend specialist after examination and necessary tests.

Causes of alopecia in women

Quite often, in women hair fall out. What to do in this case? First you need to find the cause of alopecia (baldness). Most often it is caused by a hormonal imbalance. If there are diseases of the endocrine system, it can manifest abundant hair loss. This situation can occur during pregnancy and lactation, menopause or abortion. The contraceptive drugs can also cause such trouble.

hair Fall in women

If the amount of estrogen (female hormone) decreases or androgen (male hormone) increases, can begin hair loss. However, not only hormonal fluctuations and outages can cause a similar phenomenon. The cause may be improper diet. Frequent diets Deplete the body's resources. As a result of disturbed nutrition of follicles and the follicles. Because of this, they die, turning into a period of hibernation. They Wake up when catering to their development will be sufficient.

There are Also a number of other reasons why hair fall out in women. What to do in a particular situation, can only say specialist. You will need to fix the root cause, which affected the intensive hair loss.

External factors also affect the health of the curls. Stress, poor environment can affect the appearance of hair. It is not necessary to discard and hereditary factors.

Causes of baldness in men

More often it is possible to observe the situation, when hair fall in men. What to do in this case? Lead to similar consequences quite natural causes. One of them is genetic factors and heredity. In this case, if old men are many men suffered from baldness, it is with high probability it will happen to them.

hair Fall in men

Hormones of the human body have a significant impact on the processes of hair growth. If women are predominant in the blood of estrogen, the hair structure is strengthened. They become more flexible, and prettier. Androgens, on the contrary, weaken the hair. This is a natural process for the male body. While increasing the levels of this hormone baldness is inevitable. Baldness starts from the nape of the neck or at the forehead. In this case many are looking for the answer to the question: “What to do?”. Hair fall after 40 years in the natural physiological reasons. Therefore it is better to reconsider your approach to selecting hairstyles.

However, it is considered pathology if an intensive hair loss observed in men at quite a young age. This indicates a serious hormonal disorders. You need a checkup. Also considered unnatural, if your hair falls out at the nape or temples. In these places the effect of androgen is absent. If this area begins to experience intense hair loss, you need to pass the examination. This may be a consequence of serious abnormalities in the body.

Also, the process of hair loss reinforce bad habits, alcoholism. Constant stress, poor diet, which does not allow to saturate the body with nutrients, also leads to baldness. External influences need to be minimized to maintain a soft look.

Causes of hair loss in children

Some parents ask why the child's hair fall out. What to do in this case? This is often the situation with which we must deal. In children to prevent intense hair loss and restore the hair completely. However, you need to quickly make the correct diagnosis and treatment.

hair Fall in children

One of the reasons why the head of the baby got no hair, may be ringworm. This is one of the most common reasons for this phenomenon. It is a fungal infection. It affects the follicles and shafts. In this case, the head forms a small or large area where there is no hair.

Children may experience alopecia areata. In this case, the head appears round or oval areas without hair. The rods in this case are healthy. On the skin, no sign of peeling (as in shingles). Requires competent treatment.

Hair Loss can be caused by mechanical or thermal effects on the hair. Long stay of the child in the sun without a hat can lead to the destruction of the hair structure. In this case, they break, fall without root. Can also cause hair loss often weave a tight braid or ears, tying bundles. The hair needs to rest, to do the head massage before sleep.

Other causes

What to do if hair is falling out on your head? Need to reduce the influence of adverse factors. There are a number of other reasons that can cause thinning hair. Such factors may include massive loss of blood, infection in the acute form. Also, in some cases there is a strong hair loss after prolonged high temperature. Operations or serious injuries can also cause hair loss.

Very hair

In all these cases, the body is spending energy on healing and recovery. Therefore, all the resources spent on the execution of these vital goals. The nourishment of hair bulbs decreases, which leads to hair loss. Sbal...

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