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Women who visited the hair salon, most often interested in is the hair of the caret in the list of proposed cuts. Appearing in the early 20th century, it still maintains its leading positions and is very important.

Why women are attracted to is the hair Kare? It was universal – to work to go, only a barely noticeable stacking the hair, and in the evening you can cheat crazy curls or to make a stunning fleece. A minimum of time and styling make this cut particularly attractive.

In recent years, becoming more and more popular torn quads, making it the owner of the outwardly reckless and daring. Also, it looks more air than normal hair. But the classic Bob, of course, relevant.

The Classic Bob has a clear line of cut, typically the hair is cut just below the ears. The peculiarity of this haircut is that all the hair are different in length, but the cutting line is thus on the same level. Hairstyle Kare classic – this is the most versatile hairstyle of all, it is well suited as owners of fine, hard, dense hair, both straight and wavy and curly. But you always want diversity, what a beautiful and perfect haircut would be. So came up with many variations of the caret.

So, what are the different types of haircuts caret?

Caret with bangs

It is Impossible to imagine Kara without bangs. Up until the eyebrows are short, thick, oblique, etc.– the options are endless!

Haircut Kare-cascade

Reminiscent of the classic Bob, but differs from it. The difference is that the hair haircut “ladder”, and the usual caret to cut hair there is a clear line. Kare cascade is better in the sense that this hairstyles a line cut looks more natural and, therefore, no strands do not fall out.


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Haircut caret-Bob

From the usual fine Bob that has bangs. The Barber when creating a hairstyle also performs a calibration of hair and feather strands. Hairstyle is incredibly popular among young girls who prefer short hair.

The Caret with elongated strands

Perfect for owners of dark hair, gives special softness to the entire silhouette. Haircut Bob with long strands looks beautiful and quite romantic. It is the combined visual effect of long hair and the ease and speed of installation.

How to create a hairstyle caret?

  1. Done a vertical parting, the hair is divided into areas and nakalyautsya pins. Select the main strand – from the bottom to the most extreme, wide nuchal streak. Determined length and cut with scissors.
  2. Occipital strands are cut in accordance with the length of the main strands. After cutting the occipital area from ear to ear, a transition is made on the temporo-parietal area. Does she, like the occipital area.
  3. Next, cut the side hair and temples. Parietal strands combed horizontal partings, as temporal, 15 degrees from the head (so they will be slightly longer).
  4. In the process of cutting is checked whether there is a too long drop-down strands, and adjusted their length and symmetry.
  5. Haircut turns into a nice bezel running thinning shears. This will give hair extra volume. Very thick hair can be profiled vertically throughout their length.
  6. You Can make bangs by pulling on the forehead a strand, and cut her on the forehead, making at the temples rounded tips.

A Novice hairdresser will have a hard time if it come to the client with a request to do her hair ripped caret or Bob. The fact that the masters with experience easily and quickly make the graduations and shading of the hair.

The caret is Placed mousse or foam for hair, hair dryer and round brush. You can put this hairstyle in a classic style, drying hair, brushing narushenie on, but you can create some crazy hair, as if battered by wind, sherashov hair treated with foam. Wax can distinguish the individual strands.

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