How to make beautiful curls at home: a review of methods


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No girl will not remain indifferent to the beautiful, flowing curls falling from her shoulders. Watching on TV is a luxury outlets Actresses, presenters and other artists, each dreaming of the same luxurious hair. Only here it is not necessary to go to a salon and give a decent amount of money for the Hollywood curls. Armed with improvised means, you can build hair, no way inferior to the hair of stellar beauties. Before you can make beautiful curls, is to determine the size of the curl, as in domestic conditions can be made as large waves and small curls African. From these data, it is necessary to choose the method of Curling.

how to make curls with Curling irons

Locks – the best hairstyle

Straight, sleek hair has long been out of fashion. A growing number of girls prefer elegant, but natural curls. The minimum amount of varnish, the living, flowing wave hair – that on the peak of popularity. Fortunately, there is a huge variety of different curls, curls and curls. It remains only to choose the appropriate to-face and event option.

Curls & ndash; it is very feminine and beautiful, but it is worth remembering that before using hot appliances, hair must be sprinkled with thermal protection. This can be spray, oil, cream or gel. The product should be applied to wet, slightly dried hair. Only after complete absorption of thermal protection it is possible to start laying. You should also pay attention to the temperature, which will make the curls. Too high a temperature can burn the hair, and lower will make the locks weak.


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Rules create curls

Before you start creating hairstyles, you must consider certain rules, then the hair will hold the curl and won't be damaged from high temperature devices.

Rules of styling:

  1. To style hair immediately after shampooing. Unwashed hair will not hold curls, but the lack of volume is also not the best way affect the hairstyle.
  2. Twirling strands of hair, carefully work from the ends of the hair. If you don't straighten them, curl will be broken, and the ends are ugly to hang around.
  3. Before you make curls with a Curling iron, you need to remember that the longer and thicker the hair, the smaller should be its diameter. Working with large diameter, you can reduce all efforts to nothing. The hair just won't hold a curl at the roots and quickly unwind. Twirling strands of cold, should pay attention to the fine curler-bobbins.
  4. Before you can make beautiful curls, apply hair mousse or foam for volume and fixation. When the hairstyle is ready, you should always spray it with hairspray. Especially if the weather is bad.
  5. Hot curl can not just straighten or comb. It is desirable to fasten it in the ring clamp, and when it cools down, gently to dissolve.

Voluminous hairstyle with curls can be done with instruments. However, much depends on the length of hair. In short it is impossible to make curls with a Flatiron, and long will be difficult to wind on the large diameter forceps. Due to the wide variety of ways, you can choose your perfect hair and home styling Arsenal.

how to make the most beautiful curls

Curls with Curling iron

Curling her call and tongs to create curls, it is the most popular method for styling. The diameter of the working surface determines the size and shape of the curl. From the appearance of the Curling irons depends on the final state of the entire hairstyle, so choose the instrument you should carefully and slowly. There are conventional Curling irons, conical, and also for crimping the hair. Regardless of the chosen device locks for curls you need to take as thin as possible. The process of winding is not fast, but the effect of hairstyle will be terrific.

How to twist the curls with a Curling iron:

  1. Hair you must wash, dry well, apply a thermal protection.
  2. Before you do the curls with Curling you should heat it to the required temperature. Typically, the temperature of the devices varies from 150 to 180 degrees. It should be guided by the condition of the hair and the desired density of hair. Someone who likes a soft, gentle waves, and someone like tight, structured curls.
  3. To Separate a thin strand of hair, to comb it.
  4. Take a strand at the roots and wrap it around the Curling iron vertically to the ends. Thus, you get spiral curly. To do a normal curl, you need to put the Curling iron in a horizontal position and also to wind the strand.
  5. Warm up the next curl for a few seconds and slowly remove the device. It should be done carefully without damaging or complicated hair. Continue to do this procedure with the other strands.
  6. Ready to Put curls in her hair, secure it with varnish.
how to make curls with Curling irons

Curls using a flat iron straighten

The Straightener can not only straighten hair but also to create bouncy curls. The main rule of the kind of styling – good to dry hair. Wet hair iron will quickly burn. Therefore, before to make beautiful curls is to make sure that the thermal protection on the hair is well absorbed.


  1. Comb, divide hair into zones and to fix the upper part of the clamp on top.
  2. Turn on and heat the straightener to 180 degrees.
  3. Take a small section, hold it with a flat iron from roots to ends. This warming hair ready for the formation of the curl.
  4. Once to take the hair, roll the iron around the axis and stretch the strand till the tips. The pad should be easily carried out before the end of the section and at the output to create a tight curl.
  5. To Cheat so all the lower strands, then dissolve the hair on the crown and repeat the procedure with them.
how to make beautiful curls with a Flatiron

Wrap of hair and foil

There is another effective way to make beautiful curls with a straightening iron. They can take advantage of the owner not only long, but also short hair. In addition to the rectifier and thermal protection, you will need the usual food foil, and pencil. Foil will need to prepare for the procedure, cutting into small rectangles.

The Process of winding up:

  1. Take a thin strand of hair.
  2. To Wind it on a pencil, but not too tight.
  3. Pull out the pencil and ring spun from the hair tightly to secure the foil. Thus it is possible to consolidate all of the hair. Foil must be thick and of good quality, otherwise the hair will not be good in it to stay.
  4. Heat the straightener to 180 degrees. Pinch the strand, zamochennoy in foil and hold for a few seconds. To walk in this way all the hair.
  5. Wait until the foil has cooled and gently remove it without disturbing the structure of the curl.
  6. Spread your hair, sprinkle with varnish.

This method is one of the answers to the question of how quickly and beautifully to do the curls at home. With their hands, too, can create an amazing hairstyle and not complicate everything by finding a good salon and hairdresser.

Curlers – laying no harm to the hair

This method of creating curls although considered old, but is the most gentle for the hair. Exceptions will only be hot rollers, which in our method is similar to using Curling irons. The simplest curler to wind the hair without heating. They come in plastic, silicone, fabric or even wood. There are also foam curlers within which is a flexible rod. Before you can make beautiful curls with forceps, is to evaluate the condition of the hair. For brittle and dry – cold waving is the best option.

How to create curls:

  1. The Hair is divided into areas. Takes a thin strand of lightly moistened with water or a styling mousse.
  2. Combing a strand, applying to the tip the rollers and to wind up the roots of the hair. Formed a lock to secure with the clip.
  3. Wait for the hair dry or dry them with a Hairdryer.
  4. Carefully remove the curlers.
  5. To Put curls in her hair with fingers or comb.

Before you can make beautiful curls using curlers, hair must be well rinsed. It is advisable not to apply after washing heavier balm or mask. By these means the hair can be very smooth and lose the volume needed for beautiful curls.

how to make the most beautiful curls

Hairstyle using ribbons

This method of creating curls is an excellent choice for owners of long, thick hair. The ribbon can be made any length, which means each strand will be fully recorded. Not all curlers boast in diameter required for long-haired women. The hair from this procedure do not deteriorate, and the curls look tight and structural. If you pick silk or satin...

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