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Not all women nature has given beauty. But they all want to look attractive. This means, to conform to notions of beauty that are relevant at this time in the area. Is it possible to quickly and inexpensively become irresistible, or need to go under the surgeon's knife? What is the reaction of the organism to the introduction of the drug "Surgiderm" 30 XP? As it helps to regain youth and beauty?


Surgiderm – acid, consistent with the stabilization process. For its production uses no animal acid, and the bacterium Streptococcus in the result of bacterial fermentation. The method of manufacture patented by the manufacturer based on technology of three-dimensional matrix of hyaluronic acid.

Zovirax cream "Surgiderm"

"Surgiderm" – a drug used in the contouring. It is a hyaluronic filler that allows you to change the shape of certain parts of the face. Filler-an injectable filler. It reduces the depth of the folds, which spoil the life of the women. This is the nasolabial folds, deep wrinkles, creases in the corners of the mouth.

surgiderm 30 xp reviews

Use fillers not only to rejuvenate, but also to give volume to lips, facial areas in the cheeks and cheeks.

At present, there are already three generations of fillers. Preparations of each of the following solve some problems that were in the previous. Extending the impact of the drug on the skin, decreases the risk of negative effects.

The effects of the drug "Surgiderm"

The Tool can fill areas under the skin in some places. Faded skin after the procedure is levelled, the lines disappear, increasing the volume of some parts.

surgiderm 30 xp reviews lip

"Surgiderm" – preparation of the third generation of dermal fillers.

Types of drug "Surgiderm"

To Help solve the problems women designed six drugs "Surgiderm". They affect different types of wrinkles and applied in different skin areas:

surgiderm 30 xp reviews nasolabial folds

  • "Surgiderm" 18 – corrects minor imperfections of the face. Injected into the superficial layers, designed for the removal of wrinkles. Suggest to use after thirty. But in the case of testimony can be applied earlier.
  • "Surgiderm" 24 XP is designed to eliminate wrinkles deeper. With it adjust the contour of the lips. Use for forty years.
  • "Surgiderm" 30 corrects more complex imperfections. Removes deep wrinkles and labiomental folds. Apply 35 to 40 years.
  • "Surgiderm" 30 XP will help to increase the volume in sunken cheeks, modify facial contour, increase lip volume. Used from 40 to 45 years. Will not help to get rid of wrinkles between the eyebrows.
  • "Surgilips" created to change the shape and contour of the lips. Removes wrinkles around the mouth.
  • "Surgilift Plus" – medical filler to replenish the loss of hyaluronic acid. Improves skin elasticity, tones and improves the appearance of the face. Used alone or in conjunction with the "Surgidero". It's not a filler, and a prophylactic.

The Letters HR indicate high viscosity of the medium. It helps prolong the result of exposure to the drug.


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Introduction "Surgiderm"

The Advantage of the drug "Surgiderm" is that it can be used along with other fillers together or one after the other, not waiting until they resolve.

The Operation for the introduction of the drug is carried out only by an experienced beautician or a licensed physician. This is not surprising. What woman would allow intervention in the most expensive specialist with a dubious reputation. Specialist decides what amount of drug has to be administered, and determine exactly where.

 filler surgiderm 30 xp reviews

A Very fine needle is used to introduce Surgiderm 30 XP. The user reviews suggest that the procedure quite painful. The fact that the product was very viscous and dense. In order to minimize pain from the procedure use the cream for pain relief.

Procedure Time and duration of impact

The Time of the procedure ranges from 20 minutes to an hour. What you say about the performance of Surgiderm 30 XP reviews? How long does the effect from its application? In the instruction it is specified that its effect lasts from 6 months to one year. It's a bit longer than the results from the drugs of other manufacturers. It depends on several factors:

  • Age. The older the patient, the shorter the period of exposure.
  • Lifestyle. The more movable part of the person where was introduced the drug, the faster it will dissolve.
  • Degree of change. The less wrinkles, the longer they will remain invisible.
  • Experience of the person performing the procedure. The more accurate will be defined as a point of intervention and the dose of the drug, the longer it will noticeable results after the introduction of Surgiderm 30 XP.

Many patients claim that the introduction of the drug in the mouth gives very good results. It is much higher than the influence of peers, based on hyaluronic acid.

Who should not be allowed to enter a drug

Unfortunately, not all women can use the magic effects of the drug "Surgiderm". There are some contraindications to its use:

  • Do Not enter "Surgiderm" pregnant women and nursing mothers.
  • Do Not introduce the drug to women who are prone to skin diseases and if you have the face of obvious signs of inflammatory diseases.
  • Women with acute illnesses and poor blood clotting it is also contraindicated.
  • While taking antibiotics.
  • In case of oncological diseases.

Add-Ons and compatible drugs

The Drug is "Surgiderm" can be administered simultaneously with the use of "Botox" or "Dysport".

It is Possible to carry out the operation to remove the top layers of skin with rapid exfoliation (chemical peels).

Side effects

As with any intervention, the introduction of the drug "Surgiderm" can cause some unpleasant reactions. Discomfort causes redness and swelling at the site of injections. But usually such reactions are short-lived. After a couple of days all unwanted effect will go away themselves.

In 0.2 percent of cases the site of administration appear not only redness and pain, but also formed a capsule in the form of acne. This is due to individual reactions to hyaluronic acid. In 0,007% was marked superficial necrosis (dying off the top layers of skin), hives, and even granulomas.

Sometimes it may form hematoma. They are held throughout the week.

Rehabilitation after the procedure

After the drug administration not:

  • Walking on the beach, in the sauna, sunbathe;
  • Play sports, perform heavy physical work;
  • Use creams and cosmetic products.
  • To massage.

To Resume active operations and to remove restrictions after the state is normalized.

Benefits of the drug Surgiderm 30 XP

Due to the fact that the manufacture of the drug do not use animal raw materials, no need to do a test on compatibility. Hyaluronic acid entered into the composition of the drug under the skin, does not cause rejection. Over time, it is completely absorbed, not remaining in the body.

 drug surgiderm 30 xp reviews

The same factor ensures that the injected material does not migrate under the skin in the most inappropriate places, and remain in the place where they entered. They allow oxygen and nutrients to move under the skin, performing its functions.

As a result of the introduction of additional quantities of hyaluronic acid kompensiruet her loss associated with age. Skin better retain moisture. Increases skin elasticity, improves its appearance.

"Surgiderm" refers to the most safe drugs. Another advantage: almost immediately after its introduction the patient may see the result.

Patient Testimonials

Each drug has its own characteristics that must be considered. Which leave consumers Surgiderm 30 XP reviews?

Lips should be increased cautiously. If they had injuries, the result may be uneven. The advantage of using the drug "Surgiderm" is that the contour increases smoothly. No convex sections, change which is quite difficult. However, to achieve this effect you need a bit of hard time. Immediately after the injection, the beautician massages your lips, evenly distributing the drug throughout the volume. Reviews say it is very painful, but not for long. The same massage to be done regularly at home.

Reviews say that the raised, tender lips remain about two weeks. This is followed by a period of use of "new". But not all of them remain volume one and a half years, as written in the manual, which describes the increase of the lips. Surgiderm 30 XP (reviews testify to this) lasts six months or even a couple of months. So you need to think carefully whether to take such material and physical sacrifices for this effect.

surgiderm 30 xp reviews how much is kept

What age should you use Surgiderm 30 XP? Reviews say that the use of too young girls concerned about their appearance, leads to the fact that they...

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