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Quads for many years is the selection of stylish women. This hairstyle will be in fashion forever, because it has long been recognized as a classic. However, despite the classical character, it is not static. There are many elements and details that stylists constantly compliment the classic base to get a better haircut.

The Caret on the leg – one of the varieties of haircuts, which looks great on women of any age: from stylish girls to elegant ladies representative. The original form haircuts, styling, making it pretty simple and fast. So hair is very practical, though requiring, of course, a lot of attention.

This edgy short haircut helps accentuate the cheekbones, extending the line of the neck, making the face more expressive and engaging him special attention. It should be noted that the classical hairstyle of the caret on the leg visually make the face a little wider, moreover, focuses attention on the nose. So this haircut you need to choose a women with a nice nose and not too wide face, that it looked perfectly.

This haircut is very convenient because quite easily fit. Besides, its mere creation does not bring much trouble. You need to understand that it is better to perform this haircut on straight, smooth hair, because the curly to style it will be very difficult. In advance nobody will be able to say exactly how it will behave curly hair trimmed in the shape of a square. They may be turned up, and all the hair will change its essence. This should be ready.


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The Caret on the leg: how to cut? To start the hair should be washed and lightly dry. Then comb them, and divided into four sections. It's easy to make a comb with a sharp handle, having two lines through the middle of the head: one – horizontally, the other-vertically. At each site clip away the hair.

Start haircuts in the back area. To do this you must first remove the clips on these parts of the hair. Parting at ear level, remaining above it a hair cut. The lower part of the hair is cut in the shape of a Cape. Then separate the layers of hair about 1 inch from the top of the plot, trim a similar way, but slightly shorter. Moisturize the hair as they dry. The neck profile a bit to give it a better shape.

Now you can proceed to the formation of the “cap” of the caret. Remaining on the back of the head hair divide the horizontal partings. The bottom layer is cut at the height you choose as the length of the caret on the leg. Then take each layer of hair with a thickness one centimeter and trim level, which was taken as a basis. The length of the strands you need to follow very accurately.

Then, you can proceed to the design of temples. Peel off the layer of hair with a thickness of 1-2 cm from the line of their growth and trim, extending from the side of the face. Alternatively, it is possible to lengthen and to round the strand to give the caret on the leg of a slightly different shape. Also trim all of the hair on both sides of the face, making sure the line between the occipital and temporal area was smooth.

After the cut is fully completed, the hairstyle must be give the necessary form and volume. It is best to use a hair dryer and a round brush. The result you can pin a small amount of styling tools.

A Great option styling is done this way. You need to spend an asymmetric side parting, then tuck strands with a hair dryer down, some of them hands thoughtfully “confused” and to fix a light styling product. This hairstyle looks unusual, romantic and feminine. You can experiment with more unusual ways of styling your hair, choosing the perfect option. Success in work!

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