How to make beautiful curls at home with little sister


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The Question “How to make beautiful curls at home?” recently set not only schoolchildren and students, but also those who are over 30. The paradox of wavy hair is that they want to have all women from straight hair. If nature has endowed female head with curly hair always want to straighten, and Vice versa.

Hair & ndash; is voluntary, but what can women do if curls needed only for a few hours?

How to make beautiful curls at home

You can go to the salon, but what if an unexpected meeting is scheduled for weekend or late evening? To not think about how to make beautiful curls at home, keep always on hand a Flatiron, Curling irons, mousse or foam for hair and a round brush.

Using these simple devices, you can in a couple of hours to turn into a predator with frizzy lion's mane. Don't want to spoil the hair with a Curling iron, put on gas pot with water to “cook” in her small hot rollers.

While the water heats up, let younger sister advice on how to make beautiful curls at home when the boy suddenly invited on a date. The rapture will listen to your story, looking over the pan until you nails are painted, and the back part will help to cheat.

There are No rollers, but is there a newspaper? Start with a helper to do the last of flagella, Yes thinner! Now twist your curls into spirals, created with their hands, secure them with thread or rubber bands and pull out the Hairdryer. After 30 minutes the hair will be ready, if you break the harness in the middle, release the hair from Newspapers and gently move the roots. Remained most a little: to sprinkle the curls varnish. Photo their make and frame place: will have something to remember in his old age, when the grandchildren appear.

How to make beautiful hairstyles at home

Large curls with Curling irons to make it even easier, but that hair needs to be dry, and clean. Apply on the whole length of the gel for hair styling, strong hold, and begin to twist the strands. The more narrow strands, the stronger the curl. Do not overdo it with the temperature regime. If it cannot be adjusted, keep the hair on the hot iron for more than 12 seconds.

Some men are also interested in how to make beautiful curls at home. They can recommend a Curling iron with a special attachment, but it is better to use the services of the beauty salon and the procedure, "Perm".

Alluring curls can be built and sitting on the couch. It does not have long to think about how to make beautiful hairstyles at home because now you will learn to make "Giselle".

Curly hair photo

Divide Hair into 10 parts. Each strand treated with a foam, wrap a thick pencil, pen, marker, dry cold air flow of your Hairdryer and divide into thin zawitoski a nail file. Some paint the roots – and, by wearing a short formal dress with sequins or rhinestones, go conquer the world! If this day you have failed, don't worry: such a light you will make hundreds, until the veil will be on your head.

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