Keratin hair treatment: features of the procedure


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Rough methods bleaching, dyeing chemicals, hair styling with hot tools (hair iron, dryer) spoil the hair, cause breakage, dryness, hair loss. Required recovery and one of the ways - keratin effect by using special tools in the composition with the main component-keratin.

Basic information

It is the keratin coats the strands with a protective film. And with formaldehyde, which begins to stand while heating the composition to a high temperature, there is a deep penetration of ingredients into the hair structure. It nourishes and heals the sick strands, removing split ends.

Note! Formaldehyde is toxic. Concentration in the composition should not exceed more than 2%. Otherwise, you can get the opposite effect after sealing keratin: hair loss, breakage of strands.

Holding the keratin treatments in the salon conditions possible in two ways:

  • Brazilian keratin, which is more durable because of the formaldehyde in the composition.
  • The American, who is more gentle because it does not contain formaldehyde and consists of only natural components. Although his minus essential – the fragility of the procedure. After 2-3 months will require a repeat of the manipulation.

What to choose is up to you, but try to start to consult with a qualified master.

Keratin hair treatment reviews

Indications for

Keratin hair treatment, what is it? This is a fairly safe method that does not require additional manipulation. The advantages of the impact of keratin locks are obvious:

  • Completely eliminate split ends, flaking ends and dull looking hair.
  • The Rapid penetration of formaldehyde into the inside of the hair shaft leads to a significant thickening and elasticity.
  • Easy combing of hair.
  • No modifications in the structure.
  • Excellent recovery of the strands after bleaching, perms.
  • The Saturation of each of the hairs with vitamins, nutrients.
  • Shine, moisture, smoothness, manageability and silkiness to strands.
  • Remove unnecessary fluffiness.
  • Creating a protective film on the locks can protect against negative influence from outside.
  • The procedure at home, if you know the entire procedure. Keratin hair treatment at home asset is not a parlor. You will have to choose something for personal use.
  • The effect lasts for up to three months by gluing split ends.
  • The ability to use the Hairdryer, Curling iron, flat iron 2-3 days after the procedure.

Keratin reconstruction is a medical procedure that promotes satiety and nutrition depleted, lifeless strands. Is filling almost all plots and lye on the damaged hairs, and it's all thanks to the natural proteins in the composition. The result - a healthy and beautiful appearance of hair.


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However, you cannot neglect the dosages when using formaldehyde. Abrasive particles can cause substantial damage to the hair is intended use after sealing. The effect may be ambiguous: on the one hand – protecting the locks from negative outside influence, regardless of color, texture and condition, on the other – increased sensitivity of the hair propensity for hair loss.

Keratin hair treatment reviews, before and after photos

Keratin hair treatment: the pros and cons

Keratin mask involves applying the composition to the hair, which is not recommended to wash off after the procedure for several hours. This could be the reason of the weight of strands, and thus, high risks:

  • Breakage;
  • Loss;
  • The appearance of oily Shine and fast contamination due to intensive selection of subcutaneous fat.

Keratin recovery - quite expensive salon treatment, and this is another significant disadvantage.

The advantages include healthier looking hair after the procedure and eliminate split ends.

Keratin hair treatment, what is it

What could be the harm?

Formaldehyde is the strongest poison for humans. The excess concentration can cause cancer in case of contact with skin heads. Of course, once is unlikely to lead to noticeable side effects, but to get involved in the frequent use of the compositions of the abrasive particles is impossible. Can occur side effects are:

  • Breakage, brittleness, thinning, hair loss;
  • Allergic reactions on the skin.

In Order not to damage the strands, advise at the end of the procedure to use special shampoos and gentle cosmetic products to protect hair. It's better if they don't include in the composition any abrasive components. To protect hair after restore help folk herbs (camomile) in the form of infusions.

Attention! The procedure has no specific contraindications, but it is not recommended:

  • Girls under 13 years;
  • In individual intolerance of active components;
  • Pregnant or lactating women;
  • The presence of cracks, ulcers, lesions on the scalp under activation.

The Main thing is to follow the user manual if excessive breakage,fragility, waviness and fly-away strands. It is not recommended to frequently use hot dryers and irons.

Keratin hair treatment, especially treatments

Most popular keratin compounds

On the market Today, manufacturers offer a variety of different products with keratin - a protein of natural origin. Get it from sheep's wool, then is subjected to thorough processing.

The Most popular masks which recommend stylists for hair restoration:

  1. Indola kera Restore treatment is a high quality mask a creamy consistency. It is applied to wet hair for 5-7 minutes. The effect is restoration of damaged laminated strands, giving a natural Shine and elasticity. It helps to have a quality keratin hair treatment. Reviews, photos before and after using the mask is really impressive.
  2. Coco Choco - a quality product for recovering locks. It allows for a keratin hair treatment reviews, at home which is also very good. Available series is sulfate-free shampoo, rinse and condition the hair.
  3. Estelle – a set that can be used both at home and in the salon. Consisting of 4 components: mask, shampoo, water, keratin, thermoactivation. The additional use of irons, hair dryers to restore the strands is not required.

You Need the caution to keratin hair treatment. Procedure must be followed to the last detail.

Keratin hair treatment, features

How is the treatment?

Many have heard the name as keratin hair treatment. How is the procedure? Cabin manipulations last 2-3 hours. The master performs a deep cleansing the hair from impurities, then:

  • Drying Hairdryer;
  • The application of the keratin part of the indented 1-2 cm from the roots;
  • Distribution of composition throughout the length of the strands;
  • Thorough treatment of the hair;
  • Covering film;
  • Treatment with hot iron.

Attention! The pad is used only when a strong weakness and hair breakage. If your hair is normal, enough wait time after applying the mask in order to consolidate the composition to the hair. Next, the tresses are processed with shampoo, balm. Last apply a few drops of special structure to give strands Shine and richness.

Keratin recovery is the best way to give smoothness and Shine to unruly hair, but to respect technology and use only the qualitative composition is extremely important. Carry out the procedure at home, but experts suggest the first time to visit the salon to learn all the steps and the sequence of the.

Keratin hair treatment pros and cons

Keratin procedure at home

The Imposition of keratin into strands – a kind of mask (film) to create protection from the negative effects. For the procedure at home should have on hand tools such as hair dryer, hair iron for hair straightening, keratin spray and set with a special shampoo in the composition. So, step by step instructions:

  • Wash your hair with shampoo;
  • Dilute the composition in accordance with the instructions;
  • Process the strands in layers of spray, starting from the bottom;
  • Gently comb with the comb;
  • Cover the head with tape;
  • Wrap a towel for a thorough absorption of moisture.

Attention! Spray only on clean hair. It is not recommended to twist and gather the hair into a bun at the back, better for 2-3 days to write in extended condition.


  • Neglected dosage when using compound with formaldehyde content;
  • Withstand a mask on his head more than 5-6 hours;
  • To expose excessively high temperatures and hot hair straightening keratin;
  • To perform sparing procedure if unnecessarily damaged strands and brittle;
  • Allow contact with skin to avoid burn.

If done correctly, it is possible to achieve the desired effect, smoothness and Shine of the strands. Keratin hair treatment reviews, before and after photos are really impressive. But this does not mean that after the procedure does not need extra care.

Care after recovery

To maintain the effect for long time hair, you must correctly care:

  1. Wash the head is necessary not earlier than three days after the procedure.
  2. It is Advisable to use shampoos to wash your hair without sulphate, in order longer to extend the keratin.
  3. Do Not tie a tight bands and not stick strands, it is desirable to leave for 3-4 days in the extended condition.
  4. Comb gently only vertically downward direction.
  5. When performing the dyeing or coloring to use natural mask composition with olive, castor, burdock oil. In house conditions it is possible to use means for hair care from honey, yogurt.
  6. Rinse hair with herbal infusions of nettle, chamomile avoid quick damage and destruction of the protective keratin layer on the hair.
  7. Do Not carry out any manipulations with hair at home earlier than 1-2 weeks after the procedure.

Expert Advice

Keratin is able to fill all thedamaged space on each right, to give beauty, brilliance, evenness.

This sealing will protect the hair from the negative effects. However, such rectification requires further care of the tresses after the procedure. After exposure to high temperatures when using a hair dryer while sealing the hair in keratin can lead to rather ambiguous results. If the strands too sensitive, can cause substantial harm instead of good, despite the fact that you performed a medical procedure.

Experts advise not to use cosmetic products containing harsh sulfates in the composition.

The Opinion from the masters and consumers about the keratin procedure is ambiguous. Instead of the expected recovery is fragile, damaged hair can get excessive breakage and hair loss. It is worth considering the advice of masters-professionals and it is advisable to consult a doctor trichologist, before carrying out the procedure at home, to avoid the negative effects of the keratin.

Keratin hair treatment how to do

Keratin hair treatment, before and after photos for blondes and brunettes

Today there is Hardly a woman who will go to the salon, not having reviews on what she was going to do. Keratin hair treatment reviews (impact of the procedure mixed) is different. The opinions of women who have decided to take this step can be divided into several groups:

  • Excellent result of the procedure. The effect lasted up to 2 months.
  • Eliminated tekuchesti ends, but the result could be better.
  • Great result, but the procedure itself seemed quite time-consuming.
  • The Condition deteriorated after the procedure, there was “effect of the hedgehog" when the ends stick out in different directions.

Many women are dissatisfied with short-term effect of such recovery. The mask is made of keratin on the hair is not more than 2 weeks straight and smooth hair lasts only until the first wash your hair. Do not experiment, conducting primary treatment at home. It is better to trust the masters, to listen to advice, learn how to properly care for your locks after kartirovanija. To preserve the long-term effect you need to abandon washing the hair for the first 3 days, it's best to use a gentle shampoo and only with natural components in the composition.

Tools for hair styling (mousse, gels) require careful application to avoid creating an oily sheen on the head. A lot depends on the original condition of the hair that you also need to consider pre a keratin recovery. In any case, you need to carefully experiment. Instead of the expected effect, you can get dry, brittle hair, rapid erosion of keratin in the failure of technology application. The coating won't last two months, the procedure must be repeated again, and in the salons it is not cheap.

So, we discussed the keratin hair treatment. What it is and how it is done, you know. If you want to take a chance, choose a good master and entrust him with their locks. But first ask him what is keratin hair treatment how to do the procedure. A good specialist, able step by step to paint all the details, and you can be sure I chose the right master. Do not forget to check with the professional how to properly care for your hair after the procedure.

As practice shows, 99% of the cases of success – the correct wizard. It depends in what condition will your hair.

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