The most beautiful tattoo designs for girls: interesting ideas, value and recommendations


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Many people dream about the tattoo. Some therefore want to stand out from the crowd, others have scars that you want to hide, the reasons are many. In this article we will talk about the most beautiful tattoo designs for girls and other things. But before we delve into the past.

the most beautiful tattoo for girls

History of the wearable figure

In General, what is the tattoo? This is a drawing done with a special needle. To give it brightness, use different dyes that are injected under the skin.

There was the first tattoo in ancient times, in the times of primitive communal system. And they were made with paints, was short-lived, but had their value. Basically, showing the belonging to a particular tribe, race, acted as a talisman against evil spirits and bad weather, were magical in nature, rarely decorative.

Excavations in the Ancient Egypt also attest to the body drawings. The first tattoo appeared more than 6 thousand years ago. Mummies from Egyptian pyramids, which are about 4 thousand years, demonstrate on the dried up body and visible tattoos. This is also proved by the statues and rock carvings. Further, due to the developed trade relations of the Ancient Egyptians learned this art of the Greeks, Persians and the inhabitants of Crete.

Many centuries Tattoos were used to mark slaves and criminals. There is another interesting historical fact. Wearable drawings were used for secret communications. The servant on his bald head to fill the text, and when the hair grow, he journeyed to send the message.

One of the versions says that in Europe, the popularity of tattoo gained thanks to James cook, the famous Navigator, who brought with him painted the Polynesian. Although up to this point the art of tattooing was already known, but was in the shade.


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During the development of Christianity, tattoos were considered sinful and forbidden phenomenon. But nevertheless, having a huge historical path of development, having undergone many prohibitions and censures, they are still firmly entrenched in our lives and not lose their popularity.

We talked a bit about the history and before proceeding to a discussion of the main question “the Most beautiful tattoo designs for girls”, understand, and whether, in General, to do them.

the most beautiful tattoo world for girls

Five reasons to abandon a tattoo

If you found at least one, consider whether it is necessary. So, we proceed to their consideration:

  1. A Tattoo can close the way to build a career. If you are young, think about what the drawings on the exposed parts of the body can cause a negative attitude on the part of the employer. It is not for those people who reached a unshakable status and success in society.
  2. It is for life. It cannot simply be erased or cut, this is, firstly, very expensive, and secondly, in place of pattern will remain ugly scars. Thirdly, you need to carefully choose the tattoo motive, because over time it can lose its relevance.
  3. There is Always a risk to become infected. You need to carefully choose the wizard to avoid this situation.
  4. Tattoo perishable like all other things in our lives. Paint fade, the skin over the years, unfortunately, SAG, and the contours of the masterpiece blur and fade. Are you ready for such an eventuality?
  5. When applying the tattoo there is a stimulation of reflex zones, which can also harm the body.

And, if you still decided to make a tattoo, think about the place and the picture itself. Find out about its meaning. And of course, do not forget that it is expensive. This need to know. But there are certain medical conditions that must also be complied with in severity.

Who should not get a tattoo?

It is Better to consult with your doctor. So, to whom it is strictly contraindicated in:

  1. Diabetes.
  2. Patients with anemia, leukemia.
  3. People with chronic diseases having a viral infection.
  4. Allergies.
  5. Those who have dermatitis, which can only worsen the situation.
  6. Suffering from epilepsy and mental disorders.
  7. Patients with hepatitis and with HIV infection.
  8. Girls during the critical days and pregnant and nursing mothers.

Before the procedure should not take alcohol, drugs and medicines. And is not recommended for people with heart disease, colds and elevated body temperature.

So we've talked about the contraindications if you have not found, you can choose to do the tattoo.

the most beautiful tattoo designs for girls on hand

The Most beautiful tattoo designs for girls

First you need to decide on a place. The pattern can be applied anywhere: on an outdoor area of the body or where the tattoo will be hidden from prying eyes clothes.

First, you need to know about the most painful areas are: wrists, neck, ankles and chest. Naturally, the less sensitive will be – back, hips, shoulders. Secondly, girls tend to be overweight you should not do tattoo in the abdomen, hips, thighs, breast and shoulders. As in these places the fat deposits can increase, which will lead to deformation of the pattern.

And third, it is worth considering that on the fingers, ankles, outer sides of arms tattoo quickly lose their brightness. Nowtalk about the most beautiful tattoo for girls.

Each figure is endowed with a certain meaning. This should be considered. The most popular are all sorts of signs. As a rule, they are in Latin and are lyrical in nature. Most girls fill the name of the beloved in order to prove his boundless love.

Such a tattoo can be beat, wherever you please. The majority of them is given a place on the wrists, ribs, spine, ankle, foot, and upper back.

The Second most popular are images of animals, which was Packed and was particularly revered even by our distant ancestors. This is a beautiful tattoo designs for girls, the meaning of which is very important to know.

The Most popular cats. Mean self-esteem, dominance, feminine, soft, wayward ways. In ancient times it was believed that the owner adopt the qualities of that animal.

Fox is the epitome of femininity. Means actually, the trick. But the image of dolphins – a symbol of good luck, freedom, trust.

Colors & ndash; the epitome of femininity. Rose - the most common pattern, means purity and love. Here, even the color has its own symbolism. Red, of course, fiery passion white-innocence, blue speaks of the sorrow.

Well, and, of course, a very popular abstraction. The image of the pattern will depend on personal preference.

the most beautiful small tattoos for girls

Define the most beautiful places for a tattoo the girls

We touched upon this question above when talking about choosing a place, consider it in more detail. So, where it can be placed tattoo.

  • On the inner side of the wrist. This is the best place for a tattoo. First, the area is not very painful, everything will heal quickly. Come little boxes, neat lettering, which will look elegant.
  • In the area of the inner forearm. You can apply the phrase, a little drawing. Plus the fact that her if you want easy to hide and looks feminine and sexy. The place is not very painful.
  • On the biceps. Will have to wait, but it's worth it. The most common place for a tattoo.
  • The shoulder. Here you can unleash the imagination, to cause a great masterpiece.
  • On the top of the shoulder, on the collarbone. The area is very sensitive. Looks very nice subtle inscription or drawing in the form of a strip.
  • On the shoulder. Easy to conceal, the procedure will be painless, and the picture looks always advantageous and feminine.
  • In the neck. Will be very painful. This decision is bold girls. There tattoo looks extravagant.
  • Along the spine. Also have much to endure. That which is settled, there will be a different strength of character and will to win.
  • Feet. One of the favorite places for girls. It will hurt, but worth it. Gorgeous looks, moreover, it is open to the gaze only in the summer months.
  • Rib. Very painful area. You can put a picture of medium size, a phrase or a stanza.

As you can see, the most beautiful tattoo world for girls you can get anywhere, the main thing that is liked the owner.

And still the most popular places for printing are the arm and back. Talk about them in more detail.

the most beautiful tattoo designs for girls on back

Tattoos “wings”

This incredible figure, you can fill the back. It can be butterfly wings, dragonflies, angel and even a dragon.

The Value will also be different. For example, the angel wings speak of spirituality, divinity, purity and faith. If the wings of mythical animals, they will symbolize magic and the elements. Butterfly wings – the tenderness and the beauty.

Small tattoo on her back

Look no less impressive. For example, the butterfly – the personification of earth's evolution, beauty, will be very elegant. It fills a woman, wanting and ready for change in your life.

Most beautiful tattoos for girls on back is a picture of the heart. It can be supplemented by the wings, which speaks of a light romantic nature, sublime feelings. A heart, pierced with arrow – the symbol of unrequited love.

What you can write on your hand?

Options is also very much. It can be as small pictures and large images. Talk about the most beautiful tattoo designs for girls on hand.

They can be Located on the wrists, on the back of the hand, forearm, shoulder. We have said that the most beautiful small tattoo designs for girls can be done on the inner wrist. They look there most naturally, not spread out with time. The role of drawings may be:

  • Small labels.
  • Inspiring words and phrases like “welcome”, “love” and others.
  • The Initials of her lover.
  • Some characters, for example, feathers, bows, hearts, crowns, the symbol of infinity, and so on.

It's for small drawings.

the most beautiful naked girls with tattoos the world

Large tattoos and large patterns on the hand

It may be the same wings, stories with mythical creatures, flower arrangements, abstract images. Impressive look large Gothic letters on his forearm.

More daring, even radical solution is “sleeve”, when it is fully crammed without space to both or one hand. It distinguished the following types:

  • Hand painted a floral or abstract pattern.
  • Overall the picture is sketches,unrelated, created in different time.
  • It can be a collection of many drawings, well in this case combined with each other.

To tattoos of this kind come slowly. So, to summarize, you first need to think carefully whether it is necessary at all, then to find the place. And to take into account that over time leather will age and deform.

the most beautiful tattoo girls

If you look at photos of the most beautiful naked girls in the world with a tattoo, it is evident that they always keep your body in perfect shape. Otherwise, tattoo will not look aesthetically pleasing, not beautiful or even repulsive.

And finally some more recommendations

They should follow:

  • If you have ventured on this step, no doubt should not be.
  • Figure is necessary to make, and will not spontaneously fill the first.
  • Took Seriously the choice of the master cabin.
  • After the procedure, strictly observe all rules for the care of the tattoo.

This is very important because the health-the most precious thing in our life.

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