How to choose the right festive makeup?


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Almost every woman on the eve of any festive events sets a difficult question of what to wear and how to do makeup. After all, in order to look irresistible, to the upcoming event should be carefully prepared. And it is worth noting that the selection of clothes and make-up – are two integral components without which it is impossible to imagine any holiday. Many women don't know what to do first: pick up the makeup to the outfit or the outfit to the makeup?

Holiday makeupBut it's all much easier than it might seem at first glance: first you need to decide which role you will be at the event. Perhaps you will be as airy and gentle Princess, or maybe you want to appear in front of guests in the style of a femme fatale-vamp? Once you've decided on the future style, it becomes immediately clear that the clothes need to be chosen for a makeover.

What is the essence of this festive makeup look?

Holiday makeup for brown eyesAny festive makeup differs significantly from that which is applied on a daily basis: it's more colourful and rich. It should emphasize all the natural beauty and to allocate their possessor from the crowd. The main thing-not to overdo, not to get the opposite effect.

The Selection of makeup depends on the dress and hairstyle, and skin tone and shade of hair. If the future haircut involves hair back, chin and cheek bones it is recommended to apply dark tones of powder. If the hair will be dissolved, there will be more actual bright lipstick and blush, because this combination of cosmetics may give the face a much brighter and more expressive at the event.


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It is Worth noting a few basic tips for proper makeup application. If you girls have gorgeous red hair, they should use Golden or orange hues of blush. You should avoid all mother of pearl and bright colors, and the eyes need to select dark pencil, eyeliner or shadow-this will give a more expressive look. On the lips it is recommended to apply bright lipstick. If you follow these simple tips, it is advantageous to accentuate the facial features.

If a girl has a light skin tone, grey or blue eyes – it is appropriate will only light pastel colors. Doing a festive make-up, it is necessary to focus on lips or eyes. But we must remember that the highlight will only have one! Shadows can be grey, purple or Burgundy shade. Cheekbones standing slightly to highlight bright blush. Importantly, blush not created a striking contrast with the shadows and not overpower them. Eyes better to emphasize the dark outline of eyeliner and lip tint should be a light gloss or lipstick. But it is not necessary for them to do a bright accent.

The Owners of blond hair, peach skin and green, blue or brown eyes fit pressed powder in light shades. Blush should choose a Golden or apricot undertone. Eyes can be highlighted by using any contour pencil or eyeliner. Lips also a good idea to highlight with a pencil. But festive makeup for brown eyes does not suffer strong selection by bright shadow is fine turquoise, beige or light green tone. This combination is very beneficial to emphasize the individuality of the created image and eliminate any hint of vulgarity.

Holiday makeup for green eyesGirls having white skin, green, hazel, or blue eyes and dark hair will perfectly fit any shades of shadows. To holiday make-up looked natural and emphasized only the dignity of its owner, it is necessary to highlight either eyes or lips. Lipstick color should be a rich pink, eggplant or silver color. To use this makeup you need black ink. The only thing you can add to spice – on the edge of the eyelashes to apply a little silver or gold ink.

Increasingly important in recent years is East holiday makeover, which includes 3 types:

  • Indian makeup is characterized by a special focus on eyes and lips. Eyelashes thickly painted with black ink and highlighted with striking black eyeliner. Lips have to be highlighted in a bright shade of lipstick.
  • Arabic makeup. It is suitable for such a holiday makeup for green eyes and brown with dark hair. It is very very different eyes, which is necessary to give almond shape. This black eyeliner draw a line along the upper and lower eyelid. Eyelashes thickly painted with black ink, and the eyelids cover any shades of gold or silver eye shadow. The lips do not emit much – enough to apply a light lipstick or gloss.
  • Japanese makeup. Here we use only light tones of powder and Foundation. The eyes definitely stand out a thin arrow, and on the eyelids to apply bright eye shadow. But the whole emphasis is on lips-bright lipstick is applied. Cheekbones cover light apricot shade of blush.

Perhaps these tips will help many women to choose the right way for the upcoming celebration!

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