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Tattoo – art. In ancient times it was sacred. The popularity has continued to the present day. Tattoo "Maori” – the heritage of the eponymous settlement of New Zealand. This tribe was considered the most sacred part of the body head. Not surprisingly, the face is the most popular place for tattoos of this type.

Maori tattoo

In their mind, the tattoos are composed of curved and spiral lines. Entire face covered in tattoos, speaks to the high status and power.


Of the Maori tribe tattoo was a kind of rite of passage. The first of them were struck teenager and in the process of life dorisovyvali. Information on the pectoral figure told the tribe about man's place which he occupies in society. Differently, these tattoos were called “Moko”. They told me all about the person: gender, financial status, etc.

Maori tattoo designs

Tattoo "Maori" was much respected in the tribe. This is especially true of men. To apply patterns all over the body only had the right leaders, noble warriors and priests.

Originally the tattoo was applied only on the face, other parts of the body had to be earned by their deeds or origin.

If a tribesman covered the body with tattoos without the special rights, he was executed.

The tattoo was Applied in unconventional ways. Without the use of needles. Basic tools – various forms of knives and chisels that are made from the bones and teeth of large predatory fish.

Ink made according to a strict recipe. Key components of a basic pigmentation-natural substances. It could be ash trees, mixed with animal fat. The dark pigment created from the ashes, kept for the face. The ink prepared according to other recipes, inflicted on the less important parts of the body. All pigments were stored in decorated pots called “Eye”. These items become family heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation.


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About tribe

The Name of the Maori tribe it is defined as “normal” or “normal”. But if you look at his representatives, so call them very difficult.

Thanks to the carved intricate patterns on the skin of the Maori is communicated with the Gods. The process was something like a sacrifice. To take this step could only be the most courageous representatives.

The Most painful tattoo

According to legend, before you apply the tattoo "Maori" the master must carefully study the man's face. This allows you to make a custom graphic.

In the culture of the tribe, there is no catalog of images. For those who want a real tattoo, you need to have courage, because you will have to endure severe pain, which is an integral part of the ritual.

tattoo Maori meaning

In the first step the wizard makes a deep cut in the skin, after they are filled with ink.

In our days, tattoo is applied to give the image a certain style or charm. Craftsmen are already used modern methods of impaling, which are less painful. The hard way is to try to experience the authenticity of a Maori tattoo. Sketches you can see in the photo.

What is a tattoo

The Maori was laid in pictures of secret meanings. Depending on the location of each tattoo was divided into several parts. If man respected by the tribesmen, his face was fully painted.

  • Pattern on his forehead said that man is a warrior.
  • Tattoos around the eyes showed the marital status.
  • Cheeks – a place that embodies the profession.
  • Jaw and chin pointed to the bar where born tribesman.
  • The Right side of the face was talking about the pedigree of his mother, left – father

The Value of tattoos

All information about tattoo "Maori" value had a very important fellow. “Moko” was the replacement of all current documents.

Such tattoos are allowed not only to identify the person, they had a ritual focus.

Maori tattoo Polynesia

Drawings on the body are defended by representatives of the tribe from diseases. And soldiers, according to the belief, gave strength to the spirit and helped in battle. Those who died, the tattoo showed the way to the underworld.

The Women covered the face images are not as densely as the representatives of the stronger sex. For the beautiful half was crucial image about lips, eyebrows and nose.

If tattoos men showed pedigree, pictures to a woman talking about her marital status and number of children.

What is the difference between tattoo

"Maori" of Polynesia, tattoos – these concepts are closely related. The drawings always represented a clear thin line with well-defined fine detail. All this was developed in chic pattern. Another important feature-the location of the ornament of the spiral. The whole picture revolves around an invisible axis.

Tattoos in the tribe was only the priests, because it was appropriated to the sacred action that could not happen without the clergy.

Today some of the most popular designs - Maori tattoo. Sketches exist in large quantities. You can pick out and fill it on any part of the body, regardless of the customs.

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