The diamond face peeling: indications, contraindications and reviews


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Mechanical cleaning of the face — one of the finest ways to make the skin more smooth, supple and beautiful. Today, more and more popular diamond peel facial. This is a fairly new procedure, which, however, can provide a really good effect.

diamond face

Diamond peel facial: why is he so popular?

Cleaning of skin using nozzles with a diamond dusting appeared not so long ago. It is quite easy — with the help of special equipment, the doctor removes the dead layers of the skin. This procedure helps to eliminate zakuporenna then, to remove marks from acne, make wrinkles less noticeable, improve blood flow and give the face a more healthy look.

The Diamond peel has some undeniable advantages. First, this procedure helps to perfectly clean the skin. Secondly, it is hypoallergenic and has not so many contraindications. In addition, through the use of vacuum improves the flow of lymph, normalizerbase circulation, and therefore tissue nutrition. During cleaning there is no direct contact with the blood, so the risk of catching infections is virtually nonexistent. This treatment does not require a long rehabilitation period.

Diamond peel facial: how is the procedure?

diamond peeling facial reviews

Typically, the procedure lasts no more than twenty-forty minutes. First, a person need to steam and moisturize — it is a preparatory stage, followed by the cleaning itself. Through a variety of nozzles with a diamond dusting, the doctor thoroughly handles each inch of skin, even the most tender places (e.g. around the eyes). Both running and the vacuum nozzle, which draws the removed pieces of tissue, preventing their penetration into the respiratory tract, and simultaneously provides lymphatic drainage. After on the face are applied with a special nourishing mask, which prevents the appearance of redness and irritation.


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Diamond peel facial: when is it needed?

Of Course, like every cosmetic procedure, diamond cleaning has indications for use:

  • This procedure is used primarily to remove dead layers of skin, cleanse and narrow pores.
  • Used diamond cleaning to eliminate age spots.
  • This procedure allows to eliminate fine lines and make large folds are less visible.
  • Peeling copes with traces of acne and scars and scars.
  • The Procedure used to rejuvenate aging skin, as it stimulates the synthesis of elastic fibers and collagen.

Diamond peel facial.

diamond peels reviews

For starters, it is worth noting that contraindications are the following: pregnancy, lactation, menstruation and the age of 18. In addition, cleaning can be carried out in the presence of open wounds, scratches and burns — you need to wait until complete healing of skin tissue. Procedure also not carried out in the presence of elevated body temperature, infectious diseases, inflammation and autoimmune diseases. Contraindications include epilepsy, cancer, presence of a pacemaker, asthma and some diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Diamond peel facial. Reviews

Many salons offer this kind of mechanical cleaning. Women increasingly are choosing diamond peeling. Reviews about it mostly positive. Clients cosmetology offices noted really good results — the skin becomes smooth, fade dark spots, acne and other imperfections. In addition, the lifting effect lasts even several months after the procedure.

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