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In the big city sometimes you have to put a lot of effort to maintain the beauty of hair. They suffer from many factors. This perming, and improper nutrition, and stress. All this is reflected in the hair, which thus lose their luster, strength, brittle, falling out. In order to avoid unwanted changes occurring with them, it is better to use this service as keratin hair restoration. Reviews on the mode of treatment already. This is what the article says.

Hair Restoration with keratin

One of the main components of the hair is the keratin-fibrillar protein. It is contained in the structure of nails, skin of man, its presence contributes to the strength and smoothness to hair. Keratin can be lost after dyeing or bleaching, bathing in sea water or chlorinated pool, after a long time spent in the sun. From many factors of hair become dull, lose the natural Shine, they become thin and become fragile.

Scientists from Brazil have found a wonderful way to help them return to a healthy appearance. Thanks to Latin American specialists in beauty salons, a new service called – keratin hair restoration, reviews of the masters themselves inspire confidence. Often, the restoration is accompanied by their rectification. The fact that curly hair is inherently more thin and weak. In this they are inferior to direct. The keratin is able to restore the structure of hair and give them a healthy look. Salon treatment consists of several stages. Initially the hair thoroughly washed with a special shampoo. They are then dried with a Hairdryer. The hair is divided into several sections and products containing keratin, is applied to separate the strands with a comb evenly. After applying the tool left on the hair for half an hour. After they are dried up, they dried with a Hairdryer at a low temperature. Then again they should be brushed and divided into sections. Each strand straighten using tongs-a hair iron. Thus, there is a keratin straightening and hair restoration. Reviews about the procedure is provided below.


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Invented by a Brazilian method of hair restoration and acts as a remedy that can give them strength and density. In addition, the keratin is part of products which are used for the treatment of diseases of the hair. It helps with strong hair loss. When applied keratin hair treatment, the effect is only positive. Hair get vitality, strength and Shine. Natural keratin coats the hair, inside and out, fills in voids and smooths out all the damage. He becomes a part of the hair and gives it a healthy look. As treatments using Global Keratin. After the application the condition of the hair improves, they become more crumbly, not Posada. Less time on hair styling and drying.

Reviews on keratin hair restoration, its advantages and disadvantages

Ladies beauty parlours are often left in disbelief and very disappointed, after the procedure – keratin hair restoration, the reviews talk about extreme resentment and bitterness from the wasted money. The fact that the procedure itself is similar to normal hair gives them the result is soft, less shiny and healthy. The effect is often not sustainable. After keratin hair restoration, it is noted that they become less brittle. But after a few days there are still signs: confusion, weakness.

A weak effect of the above services say and the staff of the salons. What's the problem here? The fact that using keratin recovery of damaged hair, you need to remember that it leads to a cumulative effect. A better procedure is repeated periodically so that the condition of the hair changed significantly for the better.

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