How long does henna on the hair? How long to keep henna and how to use it?


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For a long time women use henna as a quality natural dye for hair. It is quite commonly used in various countries in the middle East and North Africa. You can purchase the product in cosmetic stores, pharmacies, supermarkets and even order via the Internet. The dye is in demand because it looks pretty spectacular henna on the hair. How long should I hold it during painting? How to use and how much the result will be pleasing to the eye? All this detail in our article.

What is henna and how does it look?

Henna is a powder which is obtained from the leaves of lawsonite, which grows mainly in countries with hot and dry climate (Iran, Egypt, Africa, India). The leaves are harvested during the flowering plants, dried and ground into powder. To create henna only use the bottom dark green and the top light are often used to create a dye for painting the body, namely the mehendi. The composition includes henna just two natural dye:

  • Green chlorophyll;
  • Lawson yellow-red (up to 4%).

Also in the henna also contain additional substances such as organic acids, various resinous substances, polysaccharides, fatty compounds, essential oils, vitamin C etc. Staining it can be done at home and salon professional.

Due to the natural dye, hair well-groomed appearance, filled with vitamins and nutrients, become much stronger and thicker. Painting with henna helps to reduce dandruff and causes various allergic reactions that may occur on chemical substances contained in household dyes. If the hair started thinning considerably, lost its luster and have lost beautiful appearance, make your choice in favor of natural dyes that can restore hair and improve their quality.


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So, you purchased the henna for hair (red colour). How to keep? Depends on what end result? We now discuss.

henna for hair how to keep

Factors that affect the result of dyeing with henna

How to keep the henna on the hair? Before answering this question, let us look at some details. Deciding to dye your hair, nourish them with useful vitamins and essential oils to pay attention to such factors which can significantly affect the final result:

  • Before painting be sure to mention your natural hair color, who can play on the shade that will result from dyeing.
  • How to keep the henna on the hair? To start analyze the structure of the hair, because thin curls much easier to paint than the more dense and thick.
  • You should Definitely pay attention to the quality of the natural dye (the shelf life of the paint). The fresher the powder, the better will be the coloration.
  • How long to keep henna on the hair? When painting is to regulate the temperature (the colder the dye, the slower it will be to dye your hair, and Vice versa).
  • How to keep the henna on the hair? The answer to this question you will get later. In any case, do not neglect into account the duration of staining (the longer the henna is on the hair, the more intense will be the color).
  • If the dye you plan to mix with other substances (Basma or lemon juice), it is mandatory to control the aspect ratio.

If you take into account all these factors, it is simply amazing to look henna on the hair. How to keep dye? Difficult to answer, because it's all individual, but still there is some "Golden mean", which will be discussed further.

how long to keep henna for hair

Before you dye the hair…

Initially, it is necessary to conduct a simple test of allergic reaction. It is necessary to spread the area of skin (preferably on the inner side of arm above wrist) with henna and wait a bit. If over time allergic reactions occurred, then you can safely color your hair.

How to prepare paint?

In order to prepare a natural dye henna you need to mix the powder with a moderately acidic liquid. Why the dye is not diluted by cold water? The fact that the red-orange pigment may be released only under the action of acid liquids, dissolving pulp, and hot water. The role of acidic liquids may be:

  • Vinegar;
  • Fresh lemon juice
  • Wine;
  • Just squeezed grapefruit juice or orange.

If necessary, paint to add and excipients, namely:

  • 2 tablespoons olive oil if hair is dry;
  • Cloves to enhance color;
  • Ginger (or cardamom) to give colored hair a pleasant smell.

After the henna is diluted, the dye container tightly closed and left overnight at room temperature. For more rapid preparation of the paint can leave the solution in a warm (not hot) place for literally 2 hours. Dye based henna is imperative a little to stand to release the dye, and the hair received all the necessary nutrients and, of course, uniformly stained.

In Any case, it is not recommended to dilute the henna with boiling water or very hot water, because the hair can acquire a copper colour and change its structure not for the better. For dye using hot water, comfortable temperature. Container for paint is to use enamel, or plastic with heat-resistant properties. Do not forget to use gloves when staining, because the skin can absorb the solution and take orange shade.

what you need to keep the henna for hair

What is the proportion of the natural dye are necessary?

In order to make the hair prekratilis completely, you need to correctly calculate the proportions of henna. So, for short hair (length up to 15 cm) use 50-100 grams hair length 20 cm – 200 grams, hair length up to 30 cm – 300 gram hair up to the waist (50 cm) – 500 grams.

How to dye your hair?

The coloring Procedure starts with the application already pre-prepared slurry on the back of the head. The hair strands are gradually separated and well painted. For convenience the paint are advised to apply flat brush or sponge. After the hair to be dyed, the remnants of the henna should be mixed with warm water and apply on the hair ends.

Already dyed hair needed to be bundled and well close plastic wrap to create the best conditions for dyeing. Over film hair, you can wrap a towel or warm scarf.

So you have henna on the hair. How long to keep this mixture? Now we'll find out.

how long to keep henna for hair

The Duration of a painting

How to keep the henna on the hair? The unequivocal answer to this question is no. To get a lighter shade, the paint must withstand 30 to 60 minutes. For a darker hair dye is kept from 60 to 80 minutes.

Many women can withstand natural paint and all night, but still recommended coloring for dark hair - 1.5-2 hours. And how to keep the henna on red hair? Will be enough for 30-40 minutes.

Of Course, these numbers are approximate because it all depends on at what temperature will occur staining. If you provide a warm environment in the process of painting, the hair will be much faster to get enough molecules means than when the head will not be wrapped in a warm scarf or shawl.

The Final stage of painting with henna

After you have soaked the required time, the ink mixture of the hair must be washed clean and warm running water. Do not be afraid that the paint will not leach as quickly and easily as after a household dye. To wash the henna out of my hair shampoo is not recommended, but allowed the use of balm or conditioning rinse.

how long to keep the henna on red hair

Additional ingredients to produce different shades of hair

To give your hair an attractive hue with natural dye can be used and various additives, namely:

  • Replacing the water with wine, you can get a cherry hue;
  • Chamomile flowers give your hair a bright Golden color;
  • A few tablespoons of cocoa mixed with henna will give a hint of mahogany;
  • Add Basma will provide brown shade on the hair;
  • Beet juice will help to give the curls purple shade;
  • For brown color use a natural brewed coffee, while finely ground;
  • When you add strong brewed tea hair will become light yellow color.

henna for hair red how to keep

How long lasts the color of the hair after dyeing with henna?

Henna as a natural dye tends to lose its color on the hair, that is to fade. Despite this, the dyeing of hair with henna should not be carried out often, because the tresses can be fairly dry, causing them to sweat...

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