Why pimples on face and what to do about it?


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why pimples on faceAny woman would be upset if on the face appeared red pimples. Moreover, they are no color, so even hide them virtually impossible. So you need to know the causes of these rashes, to prevent its occurrence. In the Arsenal of every woman there must be a means to combat pimples. It can be as special preparations, and folk remedies. Important - choose them wisely.

So why pimples on my face? As a rule, most of the time they appear - late Teens. This is due to hormonal changes in the body. At this time there is an increase in number of androgens - male sex hormones. Sometimes women may notice the appearance of acne in the last phase of the menstrual cycle. Before starting a new cycle there is an increase in steroid hormones.

face appeared red pimplesCausing pimples on the face in adolescence? The possible lack of vitamin A in the body. It causes thickening of the stratum corneum of the skin. This can lead to acne. The scientific name of this phenomenon a hyperkeratosis. But it happens because of hormonal disorders. Therefore, before choosing treatment strategy, you need to pass all the tests. Only they can help pinpoint the cause of the disease.

Why there are pimples on the face (in addition to hormonal dysfunction)? First and foremost this may be a consequence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Indirectly, this may indicate problems in other systems. Perhaps the reason is simply malnutrition. If your diet lots of fatty, sugary foods, it can lead to excessive production of sebum. So carefully consider what you eat every day. Often pimples occur during a rigid diet. This is a consequence of the limited menu and lack of nutrients. Because of this, all systems of the body.


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Why pimples on my face? They can be due to allergic reactions. As a rule, it happens on different cosmetic products. So if you purchase new makeup, first check it. Perhaps one of the components will cause you allergies.

Why pimples on faceMany women wonder why there are pimples on the face, not even thinking that it's the wrong hygiene. Facial skin requires daily care. In addition, you should make it a rule never to touch the dirty hands person. So you increase the amount of dirt which clogs the skin ducts. And this leads to acne formation.

The girls are of the opinion (as a means of dealing with acne) on the need to push it. To do this in any case impossible. So you not only run the risk of spread to face infection, yet there is always a risk not to remove the pus before the end. And this can lead to blood poisoning.

How to treat acne? It is best to consult a dermatologist. He will give a direction on analyses, after which will prescribe the treatment. It is useful to begin to eat properly and to do medical masks. That is, the solution to the problem is better approached comprehensively.

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