Shops "Tsentrobuv" in Moscow: addresses, work time


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"Tsentrobuv" is known throughout Russia retail chain. In stores you can find wide range of shoes, accessories and jewelry. Thanks to low prices and large variety of shopping quickly became popular with buyers. Outlets were opened in many cities of Russia, including in the capital. Addresses of shops "Tsentrobuv" in Moscow, hours, and all the necessary information you can learn from this article.

Shops "Tsentrobuv" in Russia

In Russia the first shop "Tsentrobuv" appeared in 1996. Director Sergey Lomakin was elected shop cheap discount center, where customers can find shoes at reasonable prices. Quality of product not good, but in the crisis of 2008, when the network gained its maximum momentum, stores were in great demand.

shops tsentrobuv in Moscow

At First, the company's product range was small, but gradually expanded. Arriving in the "Tsentrobuv", buyers received not only cheap shoes, but also a rich choice. Few left the stores empty-handed. It is noteworthy that the chain stores "Tsentrobuv" were the first to put the whole product (including boxes with different sizes) on the sales floor. So saving money on the salaries of sellers, and to people it was convenient.

By 2008, the network had about 1200 points. Their number increased with each passing month. The problem was that there was a "Diamond" on lending money. And in 2016, the stores that were not new acquisitions of goods, have become ubiquitous to close.

tsentrobuv store locator

"Tsentrobuv" in Moscow: addresses

The Shops "Tsentrobuv" in Moscow are located in crowded places with high traffic, such as shopping malls. You can also find and near metro. See below for the addresses:


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  • The Ryazan Avenue, building 99;
  • Borovskoe shosse, house 6 (shopping center "Sunny Paradise") ;
  • Varshavskoe shosse, 135б (shopping center "Merimies");
  • Lane Old Petrovsko-Razumovsky, D. 23/2;
  • Ulitsa novogireevskaya, Dom 20/34, K. 1;
  • Shipilovsky Prospekt, 39/1;
  • Kashirskoe shosse, 26/2;
  • Narodnogo Opolcheniya St., 23/1;
  • Dmitriya Donskogo, d. 2/ 1;
  • Zehnder Street., 7, K. 2 ("Bright");
  • Izmailovo shosse, 71/A;
  • Street Kakhovka, the house 29-a;
  • Street Kirovograd, the house 12/1;
  • Borovskoe highway, 51, building 1 (shopping center “tomato”);
  • Ulitsa Petrozavodskaya, d. 24-a/1;
  • Bolshaya Cherkizovskaya, 5;
  • Beskudnikovsky Boulevard, building 12/1;
  • Highway, d. 1/2, p. 4;
  • Bratislava, 12/1
  • Scherbakovskaya, 5-a;
  • Earthen Shaft, d. 29/1;
  • Lobnenskaya, house 4-a;
  • Dmitrovskoe sh.,13A;
  • Tallinn,26;
  • Boulevard Walnut., 24/1;
  • Shopping center Moscow, Kostroma str., 14b;
  • General Kuznetsov, D. 20;
  • 1-ya Kvesisskaya, 18;
  • Marshala Malinovskogo, house 8;
  • Yartsevskaya Street, 22, building 1;
  • Street trade-Union,144;
  • Tushinskaya ulitsa, 17 (the trading complex "Holiday");
  • Dmitrovsky highway, d. 98;
  • Ladozhskaya, 2/37, p. 1;
  • Dekabristov ulitsa, 21;
  • Malygina ulitsa, 9 ("Private");
  • Garibaldi street, 25/1;
  • Taganskaya ulitsa, 25 (shopping center "Europe");
  • Skhodnenskaya street, 35/1;
  • Street 9-I Park, 59/2;
  • Altufevskoe highway 90;
  • Boulevard of Admiral Ushakov, 11 ("Ariston");
  • Sinelnikovskoye str., house 47;
  • Bratislavskaya street, building 18, room 1;
  • Mikhalkovskaya, h. 20.

Arcadia shopping centre

Unfortunately, at the moment, a list of famous footwear stores in Moscow is rapidly declining. In other cities, for example, in St. Petersburg, the situation is even worse. In the Northern capital from 33 stores, there are only 3. Many points were closed and staff reduced. Now many people in order to buy a pair of shoes in your favorite store, you have to go to the other end of the city.

Shops "Tsentrobuv" in Moscow

All the outlets are trying to stay closer to the subway exit. Because high permeability provides more sales. Not an exception and network "Tsentrobuv" in Moscow. On the subway ride to most of them, are located nearby. This creates easy accessibility in almost all areas of the capital. The following is a list of them:

  • "Komsomolskaya";
  • "Bratislava";
  • Mar'ino;
  • "Boulevard of Admiral Ushakov";
  • "Ulitsa Skobelevskaya";
  • "Altuf'evo";
  • "Semenovskaya";
  • "ENEA";
  • "B-R Dmitriya Donskogo";
  • Elektrozavodskaya;
  • Otradnoe.

tsentrobuv hours

Shopping Hours

In stores "Tsentrobuv" hours of work correspond to standard schedule. From 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Shoe outlets, you can buy a new pair. Shop hours are convenient for most residents. At this time, you can come here for shoes after work on the way home. If you need shoes as quickly as possible, or you have no time to go to the store, check out the website "Centrobuv". It presents the newest collection.

"Tsentrobuv" shopping center "Arcadia"

One of the shops you will find in Moscow at Bolshoi Ovchinnikovsky lane., 16. Shopping center "Arcadia", located at this address, is open from 10 am to 10 PM. Among the many shops located in the complex, and the Shoe store "Centerobuv". It is convenient to visit because it is located directly near the metro station "Novokuznetskaya". Eachwho's coming from work or returning from a meeting, and maybe just in a hurry for Breakfast or lunch, can look into the Shoe store and buy a pair or two of shoes. In life are often cases of force majeure, no need to buy new shoes. And the store "Tsentrobuv" in a calm and small, shopping center "Arcadia" will easily solve this problem.

Moscow metro tsentrobuv

"Tsentrobuv" in TC "Merimies"

The Popular store "Tsentrobuv" in the Mall "Merimies" is located at the address: Varshavskoe shosse, 135. The four-story Mall is the largest in the area and has a capacity of 3200 square meters of shops. Buyers can find here clothes, shoes and other products for every taste and budget. The store "Tsentrobuv" especially stands out among them. It is always full of people who look out for a pair of quality footwear. As Shoe sales outlet different models, everyone will find a suitable pair.

Promotions & discounts

The Shops "Tsentrobuv" belong to the economy class. Despite the low prices in normal days, the management often organizes sales, where shoes can be purchased from the big markdowns. Almost nothing you can buy a pair on the 13th of every month. These days the shop offers 13% discount on their goods. As with all retailers, "Tsentrobuv" arranges off-season sales. Upon receipt of a new collection of stores begin to sell a product that is not sold out in previous season. Discount in these times reach 70%.

shoes tsentrobuv

To Get a discount and when you buy the latest pair of shoes. If you have a rare Shoe size, or you just got lucky, it is possible to buy with 30% discount. Like many other brands, "Diamond" brings the gifts in your birthday you can get 40% discount, simply by showing a passport.

As you might guess, "Diamond" is not just beloved by many Russians. Pricing policy attracts more and more buyers every year. But what do they say about the quality of shoes? Maybe here lies the clue for this cheap?

Customer Reviews

But people's reviews say otherwise. Many write that the budget shoes from the store “Diamond” they have lasted longer than the expensive brand. This situation is easily explained. The fact that in the harsh climate of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities, even the best quality shoes wear off very quickly. Rain, snow, chemicals - all this affects not the best way. In the face of bad weather equal all the materials and brand. So why pay three or four times for what you can buy without a blow to the budget? That is why customers praised the stores "Tsentrobuv". Them for the same money you can buy a few pairs of shoes and change them according to your mood and the weather. If for some reason the house you found that the shoes did not fit, you can return it, upon presentation of passport and receipt.

About the sellers-consultants, sellers respond particularly warmly. Many thank them for their participation and assistance. And although the shops "Centrobuv" is organized on a self service basis (each size is in the hall), if any difficulties girls definitely help to find the right pair or size.

TC merimes

Shoe shops "Tsentrobuv" in Moscow loved by buyers not just. Thanks to its wide range, sensible pricing and excellent service, the company has won the market successfully holds its position. A wide range of comfortable and stylish shoes you will be able to find exactly the pair that will fit you.

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