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Modern people do not like to waste time. That is why there were shopping centers that can accommodate under the same roof as the shops and supermarkets and the means for leisure activities. Differ from other shopping centers of St. Petersburg? One of the most famous complexes in St. Petersburg are the shopping center "June", shopping center "Gallery", shopping center "Rio". You should consider each one individually and find out what can offer to your client each of them.

Shopping center "Gallery" (St. Petersburg)

shopping malls SPb

In the heart of the city is impressive with its design shopping center "Gallery", which is probably one of the largest malls in the city. The popularity of this place due primarily to a convenient location: shopping centres located within walking distance from the metro station "Ploschad Vosstaniya" (Ligovsky prospect, 30A). In addition, here are collected the most famous brands of clothes, shoes, cosmetics. Under one roof is a huge complex, which embodies the dream of the modern inhabitants of large cities: now no need to waste time on patrols and search of the necessary things. In the shopping center "Gallery" everything is possible: pick up casual and festive clothing options, choose a memorable and fun gift for every taste, dine, visit a beauty salon, a cinema. Conventionally, the Mall is divided into themed zones, depending on the floors.

Planning and zoning in shopping center "Gallery"

  • 1st floor: most popular brands of clothes and shoes, representatives of exclusive brands, cosmetics and perfume, jewelry stores. There is also a supermarket where the consumer can purchase food and basic necessities.
  • 2nd floor: representatives of well-known brands of women's and men's clothing, underwear, shoes, cosmetic brands segment "middle-market".
  • 3rd floor: some of the most popular brands of sports clothes and shoes, brand clothes for men and women for the budget buyer, outerwear stores, supermarket of household appliances and electronics.
  • 4th floor: a spacious food court, a beauty salon, electronic stores, children's clothing stores and toy theater.

Feedback about the shopping center "Gallery"

Mall gallery SPb


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At the opening, residents were impressed with the scale and architectural implementation of such high-profile projects as the shopping center "Gallery". The Mall was presented to visitors in December 2010, and at that time it was the only major complex, which brought together all the most interesting brands for the visitor and located in the city. Eventually, of course, people are accustomed to the scale of the Mall, and the popularity of the place now is, rather, not the most pleasant experience of the visitors. Like other shopping centers, St. Petersburg, weekends and holidays, according to visitors, the complex resembles a huge ant hill.

Shopping complex "June"

June shopping centre SPb

The Owner of a pleasant summer names, "June" (Mall, SPb) is a network of similar professional TRK complexes throughout Russia. But in St. Petersburg, similar shopping centers located in cities such as Krasnogorsk, Omsk, Ufa, Cherepovets, Saratov and many others. On the territory of the Mall is widely known shops of clothes, shoes and accessories, entertainment area, including a food court, a bowling alley, cinema and fitness centre, you can also purchase household appliances, communications, electronics, and much more.

In Addition to the special offerings of shops-tenants from the Mall held a variety of events that allow you to make the shopping experience more profitable and enjoyable. For example, a particular day of the week is declared "happy", and all customers receive additional discounts and gifts. "June" shopping center (SPb), located at the address: Industrial Avenue, 24A. The best way to get to the complex from the metro stations "the Prospectus of Bolsheviks" and "Ladoga". The complex is open for visitors from 10:00 to 22:00.

Shopping center "Rio" in Saint-Petersburg

shopping center Rio SPb

The Shopping center "Rio" (SPb) presents itself as a complex for youth and family recreation and shopping. In addition to well-known brands of clothing and footwear, traditionally presents in the malls of this kind, "Rio" holds a vast area of entertainment: cinema, bowling, children's play area, an ice skating rink. Visitor can attract a variety of seminars and workshops that are held on regular basis shopping Mall. Despite the distance from the subway, has a good system running free buses from the stations "Park Pobedy", "international" and from the bus stop at the Avenue of victory, 36. Like many other shopping malls SPb, the Mall is open to visitors daily from 10:00 to 22:00.

The Mall attract your visitor?

Mall Petersburg subway

Of Course, such a large city like St. Petersburg can boast a huge number of similar complexes for leisure and shopping. To attract your visitor, malls carefully think through their own development plan and distinctive features. For example, "Nevsky center" (address: Nevsky PR., 116) beingwithin walking distance from the "Galleria" (a shopping center, Petersburg subway "Vosstaniya Square") can offer his client a fitness area, which, of course, interesting for people that support a healthy lifestyle. In addition, the SEC seek to expand the range of special offers and services for your client: they add various lucrative deals and expand the area. Definitely interesting for the client and a list of brands that offer their customers trading SPX centres, as well as a convenient location or proximity to the subway.

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