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In any bakery industry that is out of the scope of the "bake bread for the family and loved ones," mandatory testoserone machine. What are they for? Do you remember the slender ranks of the loaves in the bakery departments of stores. The size and appearance – one-to-one. This is impossible to achieve by manual molding. Of course, the "rustic" type of bread many find attractive, but in most cases it's Russian roulette, because manually more difficult to control the thickness of the dough over the entire length and evenly press down com for the same structure of the finished baked goods.

testoserone machine

No matter How tasty your bread, the appearance is very important to the consumer. Delicious, beautiful and smooth pastry will use much more demand than just delicious.

About the most common models of devices for closing the test we describe in this article.

Testoserone machines LLC "Voskhod", Russia

Saratov brand "Sunrise" is able to provide equipment for a bakery of any size. There is everything from small mixers and finishing rotary furnaces. Sadie testoserone cars the most popular model TK-3M, since it combines a fairly compact size, reasonable price and high performance.

testoserone machine jac unic

Judge for yourself, at a price of 310 000 these testoserone machine:

  • Handle up to 2,500 pieces per hour;
  • Work with workpieces weighing from 200 to 800 grams;
  • Able to handle the dough with a moisture content of 39–43 %;
  • Provide maximum workpiece length 400 mm;
  • Provide maximum workpiece diameter of 65 mm.

Testoserone car, OOO "Tver plant of food equipment", Russia

The brand offers its customers a device for seaming the dough in loaves, which is suitable for enterprises of medium and high performance. Models of the following:


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  • “agro-Form 11" (600 000 rubles). The package includes one Board and two rolling roll shaft. Performance – 2,000 blanks per hour. The mass of the billets varies from 30 to 1000 grams. Machine weight-350 lbs. dimensions-2,25 * 0,96 * 1,7 m;
  • “agro-Forms 21" (700 000 rubles). The package includes two boards for rolling and three roll shaft. Performance – 2 500 pieces per hour. The mass of the billets varies from 100 to 1000 grams. Machine weight-630 kg. dimensions - 3,36 * 1 * 1,8 M.

The rest of these testoserone machine are as follows:

  • Working width tape – 0.6 m;
  • Capacity – 1 500 W;
  • Adjustable clearance shaft allows to obtain blanks of the desired size;
  • Built-in option of forming the ends of the workpieces;
  • The first rolls has a grooved surface that can reliably grasp the workpiece;
  • Built-in option that allows you to get the bread products (bagels, muffins, etc.).

testoserone werner pfleiderer machine Germany price

Testoserone machine JAC UNIC, Belgium

One of the most well-known brands of equipment for bakery production – JAC, Belgium, combines reasonable prices and excellent quality. At all desire you will not be able to find weaknesses in these devices. Consider the basic characteristics of the model, designed to shape the loaves and baguettes, – JAC UNIC:

  • The Principle of operation is as follows: first, the dough is rolled out evenly between the two shafts, and then rolled into a prefabricated cylindrical shape. The latter is due to the clamping Board, whose pressure can be adjusted.
  • Depending on the settings, testoserone machine JAC UNIC is able to provide a billet weighing from 50 to 1200 grams.
  • Adjustment allows you to adjust the thickness of dough and size of the canvas blank.
  • Reception Apparatus includes a removable shelf.
  • Providing a uniform structure and crumb of the finished bread. This is possible through proper dough handling.

The Price for this model today is about 470 000 rubles, and depends on the Euro.

Testoserone machine Werner Pfleiderer, Germany

Equipment from Germany can already be considered an indicator of quality. The thoroughness and attention to detail among German engineers, only to hand the end consumers. So, bakery equipment Werner Pfleiderer perfectly supports the reputation of the Motherland, providing a perfect and smooth operation of the machine. Yes, her features are more limited compared to other models mentioned in this article, but it testoserone machine Werner Pfleiderer, Germany (price – up to 300 000) cope perfectly. Brief description:

testoserone machine Sweden glimek mo 671 price

  • Processing of up to 1 500 pieces per hour;
  • Ability to work with workpieces weighing from 300 to 1500 grams;
  • Work with wheat and rye-wheat dough with humidity from 33 to 45 %, provided that the amount of rye flour does not exceed 30 % of the total weight of the workpiece.

Testoserone machine Glimek, Sweden

Testoserone machine Glimek (Sweden) MO 671, the price of which is 700 000, perfect. Its characteristics will allow small businesses to consolidate their position in the market as to ensure smooth operation:

  • Processing of up to 3,000 blanks per hour;
  • Ability to work with blanksweighing from 30 up to 1800 grams;
  • Width of the working shaft – 400 mm;
  • Weight 420kg;
  • Excellent build quality and foresight technologists Glimek, making maintenance and cleaning becomes a trivial exercise that does not require effort.

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