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Monitoring the development of embryos occurs by transmission of eggs through the candling. This allows you to adjust subsequent conditions of their incubation.

Voskobitova eggs

Voskobitova chicken eggs before incubation

Candling of eggs is carried out using candling, which is installed in a darkened room. Cooked egg tray to the hole on the device or placed on the grill and slowly turn it.

Spending Voskobitova eggs, pay attention to the location of the yolk. Is also determined by its mobility. Should be selected for further incubation, only those eggs where the yolk is located in the center of the protein and surrounded them from all sides. Be sure to give this point due consideration.

If we consider the vertical axis, suitable for laying in industrial incubators eggs the yolk is closer to the blunt end. When you turn them in different directions before the ovoscope yolk will be slow to depart in the direction and with the same speed to return to its original position. Hradynky holding it in limbo, must remain intact. If it stops even one of them, the egg is removed from candidates for the incubator. The cliff will be obvious in that case, if the yolk will not come back after turning on his former place. Discarded and those eggs where the yolk is too close to the shell. They have in this case, the broken yolk, the shell, and the contents mixed with the protein. Excluded, and those eggs that have varying degrees of blood inclusion.

industrial incubators

Characteristic of normal eggs

For a bookmark in industrial incubators shall be eggs having a homogeneous shell. The air chamber should be small and be located in the blunt end. The yolk should be in the Central part, or be a little close to the blunt end, and have blurred boundaries. During the rotation movement of the yolk should be slowed. The inside of the egg should be absent of any foreign matter.


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After a careful examination of the options selected are placed in the incubator. Voskobitova of eggs during incubation is carried out at least three times.

Defects eggs

Before the tab, you can find eggs with various defects. They are removed and discarded. How else to define them? The eggs are the following:

  • With the shells of bright stripes. This suggests that damage to the eggs occurred in the avian oviduct. Cracks were tightened with the help of additional substances.
  • With a spotted shell. These eggs have an uneven distribution of calcium.
  • With side air chamber. This indicates a separation membrane.
  • With a large air chamber, which indicates the age of the eggs.
  • The Shell has an orange-red color. This suggests that the yolk of this egg was broken and mixed with the protein part.
  • Move freely across and along the yolk of the egg, while it is not returned to its original place. This suggests that there is a break of grading.
  • With a fixed yolk. This indicates improper storage of the eggs, which caused his premature aging.
  • With two yolks. Here is a genetic disorder.
  • Inside With blood clots. It shows that birds in the oviduct was bleeding.
  • The Presence in foreign objects: a feather, a grain of sand, a worm.
  • Blackened shell. This shows that there is a colony of mold.

Voskobitova chicken eggs before incubation

Voskobitova chicken eggs on days: first examination

The First inspection allows you to determine the number of fertilized eggs development of the circulatory system, what is inside the Bud. At this stage removed the options. First Voskobitova chicken eggs is carried out on day 6 after laying (after 132 hours), cold – after 6.5 days. Inspection Turkey and duck eggs is carried out after 8 days, and goose – at 1 day later.

Let us Consider the inspection process. The egg is taken in the right hand and brought to the aperture of the candling. Roll is rotation around the longitudinal axis. If the egg has a light and homogeneous background, the circulatory system is not visible, and the yolk looks like a dark spot in the middle, then it is unfertilized. It should therefore be removed from the incubator.

There is another option. When the egg is fertilized but the embryo died in the first 24 hours. While it has almost all the signs of unfertilized. A distinctive feature is the shape of the embryo – here it's oval. The embryo is slightly enlarged and has a winding region. If the death occurred after 3 days, then around the embryo appears blood red ring or zigzag lines, located near the air chamber. If embryo development proceeds normally, it is visible the circulatory system. However, most of the embryo until seen. Now is the time to establish the degree of development of the circulatory system in the embryo.

Voskobitova chicken eggs during incubation

Positive developments

With a great development of the embryo in the egg distinctlyviewed all the strings of the blood vessels, despite the fact that he himself had not yet seen. With rocking you can only see the shadow of the embryo. Area blood vessels located near the sharp end, and the color of the eggshell is diluted with a pink tinge.


Here the blood vessels are located only in the Central part of the egg that is arrested development. You can sometimes see a foetus, but not completely. But such eggs are not released from the incubator, as many such embryos up for the lag in its development.


The Embryo has a weak development and is located at the shell. Externally it resembles a regular zapyatuyu. Immature blood vessels are observed only in some small parts of protein. The shell becomes pale and transparent.

Voskobitova chicken eggs on daysSecond examination

The Second Voskobitova eggs aimed at determining the status of allantois. If the development of the embryo is good, it covers fully all the contents inside and is closed at a pointed part.

When a bad development is not observed in the lumen of the genital parts, which suggests that the circulatory system does not develop. These eggs are removed from the incubator.

In the case of weak development of hatchability of young animals is reduced by half. Therefore, eggs should be removed from the incubator.

Third inspection

The Third Voskobitova chicken eggs is carried out before the PIP. Here we determine the degree of readiness of the exit of the embryo. The best are eggs, not having the slightest gap in the pointed part. This shows that the embryo has an intense metabolism, and has reached its exit condition. It is completely used internal protein. In the egg there was a significant evaporation of water, thereby provided an increase in air chamber.

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