The scheme of metro development in the short term


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The most Important part of the urban transport system is the metro. Practice the existence and development of large cities clearly demonstrates that no reasonable alternative to it simply can not be.

How to develop the Moscow metro?

The Moscow subway successfully transports passengers now in its eighth decade. especially clearly its effectiveness is manifested in the beginning of this century, when sharply increased the number of cars has led to endless traffic jams on all major roads in the capital. But the concept of metro was formed in the thirties and forties of the last century. For its time, it seemed almost perfect. And only time has shown that this is not so. Radial-ring scheme of development of metro led to the overloading of the city centre, the flow of transit passengers, which, in order to get to the desired station, we had to go to the center where converged all existing lines. Or follow via circle line with two changes. This problem is only intensified with the growth of the city in the peripheral direction. The outlying areas became more distant, and the population in them increased steadily. However, gradually they came and the fact that the scheme of metro development must be changed.the scheme underground

Conceptual Change

To Rid the Central part of the city's passengers, the next transit, only the construction of new lines that would link outlying areas. And a new scheme of development of the Moscow metro involves first designing and creating lines not passing through the historic city centre, and hubs between them. They are called "hordovym" lines. Even more fundamentally change the General concept of development of underground infrastructure creation of a system of so-called "light metro". It refers to the open lines running along the right-of-ways Railways in the direction of the largest cities of the Moscow region. For their residents, many of whom work in Moscow, it is more than urgent.Moscow metro development


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On the outskirts of Moscow

A Radical way to change the existing metro map after the completion of the four chord lines. They come in those districts where currently need them most. These lines will be single circuit. It needs to connect all Moscow suburbs. The organization of the movement it involves routing principle. It is still unknown whether one of the routes of the ring. But if the decision is taken, then in the Moscow metro, in fact, will operate two circular line. The first chord line is already under construction. At the end of 2015 planned commissioning of its first phase.diagram of development of metro until 2020

Metro of Moscow development for the period until 2020

For the next five years subject to approved plans of construction of underground infrastructure. But she is currently on several fronts. Scheme of development of metro until 2020, suggests the appearance of new stations in the historic centre of the city and sequels of already existing lines. Two current subway lines, Solntsevskaya and Kalininskaya, must be United. Through Moscow's historical city centre in 2019 will be held starting section of the Kalininskaya line. It will be the station "Volkhonka", "Plyushchikha", "Kutuzovsky Prospekt" and "Business center". Six new stations will be opened on the Dmitrovsky radius, their construction is nearing completion. The oldest in Moscow, Sokolnicheskaya line will be extended to station "Salarievo". About the building plans at a more remote period while nothing specifically is impossible to say, they are in the development stage.

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