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Very often, the residents of many localities have to think about buying a vehicle for family needs. Due to the high dynamics of life very difficult to get around on your own, quickly and efficiently. Usually, many residents living outside the city, work and work directly in it, which leads to the inevitable transportation problems, etc.Oniks Avto Voronezh reviews

However, such problems often do not coincide with the possibilities potential buyers. Moreover, the process itself is very complicated and inconvenient, because not everyone can afford going to be the purchase of a new car. In such cases, buyers take out loans or purchase a used car. Then the process at once easier, as banks give out special loans, and private car sellers place ads on various sites. But, as practice shows, these actions lead to disastrous results. In this paper, we consider the dealership "Onyx Auto" in Voronezh. Reviews and photos can be found below.

About us

“Oniks Avto” is a multi-brand showroom, representing services for the sale and service of cars in Voronezh. On the official website of the car you can find a wide range of cars both Russian and foreign markets. The choice is also available all kinds of specification and color. In addition to “zero” cars, the dealership offers to buy the car with mileage and in excellent condition, the quality of which is constantly noted in the reviews about the car show "Oniks Avto" (Voronezh).


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About services

In addition to these opportunities, dealership offers, and other services:

  • Optimal and favorable conditions for the loan. The salon is carried out cooperation with many major banks and renowned financial institutions, more than forty lending programs.
  • Any kind of insurance for your car. The dealership, working with the leading insurance companies, renders services on insurance of vehicles and their owners from the insurance policies available CASCO, OSAGO and dsago.
  • Special orders. If a buyer was not found he is interested in the car, with special offers you can do under the order.
  • Test-drives before purchasing. With the help of consultants of a car dealership, the buyer will be able to set the car and also test it on the road, conducting a familiarization tour.
  • A Snapshot of the system of registration in the traffic police. Just bought a car, the buyer will be able to immediately put on record, only need to use the services of the dealership.
  • System trade-In. With its help, the owner on favorable terms may buy an old car or exchange it for a new one with a flexible system of discounts.
  • Quality of service. Fully equipped service center allows the dealership to repair the car regardless of the level of difficulty.
  • Regular discounts and promotions enable customers to buy cars at the best and competitive prices. In addition to a gift of shares with which to buy, you can obtain useful gifts.

Oniks Avto Voronezh customer reviews


Special attention are the prices in the showroom. He gets a mixed assessment. Some visitors claim that the prices are quite low, others say that the service in the showroom comes at a price. Many believe that it is possible to find the same cars, but at a lower price in other places. In aggregate the cost of services is not very high, however, multiple negative reviews about the "Onyx" Avto in Voronezh is gradually beginning to scare away customers.

About test drives

To make the final decision to buy a car or not, you need to test-drive. In this showroom, clients are given the opportunity to test the car, its suspension, engine and other parts. In addition, judging by the reviews of "Onyx Auto"(Voronezh), the consultants will gladly tell you all the necessary information and help you make the right choice.

That buyers were more comfortable, on the website there is a special application form to fill and with a customer Manager contacts and confirms test-drive the car.motor show Oniks Avto Voronezh reviews

About the registration in the traffic police

The Company provides the opportunity to buy a number of cars that you need. You want to buy the application, which occurs both in the automobile and over a telephone line or via the Internet.

From the beginning of treatment buyers begin to serve personal managers accompanying the transaction to its immediate completion.

As for maintenance, the buyers are offered special conditions in the maintenance plan. Each customer is given special attention, high quality and speed of service. In addition, the dealership constantly has various promotions and discounts.

Maintenance can be made in cash and cashless payments.

About car insurance

Our country has a large number of car showrooms, but only a few are engagedthe decoration of automobile insurance. This company is the owner of hull and CTP. Based on customer reviews about "Oniks Avto" (Voronezh), the process does not take much time.

Experts takes into account all possible wishes of our clients get the best options in favor of consumers. It is well known that the hull is not necessary for registration, however, a large number of customers insure their cars for this program, judging by the reviews. In "Onyx Auto" (the address: Voronezh, street Ilyushin, 6B), the experts will execute correctly that the car owner will not have to overpay, and he was sure that in the event of an accident the damages will be recovered. When getting into a traffic accident it does not matter who is right or wrong, compensation will still be paid it to someone who has decorated the about auto onyx auto Voronezh

In addition, here one can draw and CTP. This service is already providing a larger number of dealers than the previous one. This type of insurance is used in case if you want to insure a used car. The fact that in the most severe conditions of operation of the fast nodes consume the resource during a trip can happen problems that lead to serious consequences. All necessary expenses for repair in the design borne by the company.

Credit programs

This car dealership – official dealer, working order with 25 banks. This allows clients to apply for a convenient loan program, saving precious time and nerves by getting rid of unnecessary running around. The main aspect - the ability to purchase a car in the same day and regardless of the place of permanent residence.

Main requirements:

  • Russian citizenship.
  • Age restrictions – 21 years from the date of issuance and up to 65 years at the loan maturity date.
  • Place of residence and work to be the Russian Federation.
  • Place of registration – Russian Federation.
  • Registration loans is no guarantors.
  • Individual entrepreneurs must have evidence of tin and bin.
  • Experience on the current job must be at least 3 months.

About the program trade-In

In “Onyx-Avto” to purchase the car under the program trade-In is very convenient. Staff carry out special work to assess the car and then offer for her best price, which can not accept every buyer. It should be noted that overestimation of value by way of aviapereletov impossible, as all necessary checks are carried out on special equipment, to accurately assess the status of all technical components of the vehicle.Oniks Avto Voronezh reviews motorists

Absolutely every driver can estimate the value of your iron horse, you need only to come and to execute all necessary documents. If the buyer is not satisfied with the proposed discount, he has every right to refuse the procedure. To evaluate, you must have:

  • Of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation.
  • PTS and STS vehicles.
  • The Keys from him.
  • The Service book.

After the implementation of all necessary works the workers are given discount amount. If the client is satisfied with everything, the office is drafting an agreement on the sale of the car and then his deregistration in the traffic police. After all this the buyer is being charge the remaining part of the cost of the vehicle in a few hours, he can pick up his new car.

About the speed of service

The Customers have many different opinions about the "Onyx Auto" (Russia, Voronezh) on the speed of service staff. Especially emphasizes the speed of processing of documents – it is on top and not satisfactory. The purchase of a car and dancing with the documents is just a few hours.Oniks Avto Voronezh reviews photos

In contrast, there are some positive and many negative aspects. Many have noted long wait for the consultant to view the vehicle and some would argue that in the showroom you can stay for the whole day, which is critical to people who do not like to wait long to sit in one place.

These comments about the "Oniks Avto" (Voronezh) repel many new customers, but in reality, the service is relatively fast. In some cases, indeed, we have to wait. It is worth noting that the average waiting time in the processing of documents is about 40 minutes. The process is very time-consuming and requires maximum attention on the part of employees. Individual talking about a loan, as this process is more time-consuming. Thus, overall, the dealership is fast, but not without delay.

About positive and negative feedback from motorists about the "Onyx"Avto in Voronezh

As practice shows, the majority of the reviews about the car show is positive. Of the positive aspects highlighted in high assurance transactions, careful diagnosis of used cars are constant discounts and special offers prices stable.

Cons in their reviews of "Onyx" Avto in Voronezh buyers distinguish that the proposed gifts are, in fact, the more budget versions in the product line, and for a long timeprocess loans. On the other hand, all these cons are not essential to immediately stop using the services of this dealership.


In order to understand, to visit this dealership or not, you need to consider in detail all available information on it. It is recommended to read reviews about the "Oniks Avto" (Voronezh), as this is an important point. Special attention future buyer should be given negative reviews, as they reveal all the flaws and nuances, which can not write in advertising or at the information Desk.Oniks Avto Voronezh reviews how to get

So, armed with this knowledge, the buyer will be able to understand, to be a customer of the company or not. And after that, carefully weighing the pros and cons, and draw conclusions. You also have to study reviews. To get to the "Onyx" Avto in Voronezh is also not difficult.

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