What is the company's shares and why are they needed?


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Today is often in the news on TV you can see the economic information that affects the securities, often stock or indices certain stock exchanges. Try to understand - what are the shares of the company, what they do, where they can be bought and sold and that with all this you can fuck in the material plane.

dividend stock companies

Understanding stocks

As already mentioned, stock is a security that entitles its holder a right to a share in the company's business. It should be understood that to influence the activities of a firm is possible only in the case if you own a large stake. Securities, in turn, can guarantee income (bonds), and you can not do this. To last and apply the action.


When answering the question of what the shares of the company, need to determine their classification. They are divided into different types: paper, electronic, bearer, registered, etc., but the most important classification for investors involves their division into ordinary and preferred shares.

The Owners of the latter receive guaranteed unchanged dividends on shares of the companies, preference shares which are in their property, but do not participate in the General meeting of shareholders and do not claim large payouts if the decision is taken. The holders of ordinary shares may not receive dividends if the Board of Directors decides to allocate the profit of the company for any other purposes, while holders of preferred shares will receive them in any case. First have the right to participate in the General meeting of shareholders.


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what is the company's stock

Stock Trading companies

To date, the legal entity release uncertificated or electronic shares. The exchange of shares of companies in Russia is the Moscow exchange. It is there in the stock market is stock trading. It was formed in late 2011 through the merger of MICEX and RTS, which was by that time the major players in the stock and futures markets.

The Purchase of shares of companies is carried out with a certain brokerage account (broker can be described as facilitator - a professional participant of the securities market through which the trade) that reveals a natural person, imputes a certain amount (minimum is different for different brokers), then you need to choose a broker and enter into a contract with him. After the conclusion of the last open a Bank account, which will be used to pay for the purchase of shares to the broker. Also open an account in the Depository for keeping the shares and other securities.

shares of Russian

After this you need to install the appropriate software that will support trading on the stock exchange, the most popular of which is Quik. As trade from brokers received various reports that need to be studied to understand what happens with attachments.

On the Moscow stock exchange represented shares of Russian companies. They have a different value for each current time. The recording of the acquisition of shares of a particular physical entity, stored in the electronic registry. If you doubt the availability of stock, need to order an extract from the Depositary.

sale shares

Trade stocks is T+2, that is, the calculations for the transaction carried out 2 business days after the end of the transaction. To sell a stock on the day of purchase. T+2 mode, which is particularly needed in the calculation of dividends, as if to rely on them, you will need to purchase the shares 2 days before fixing the register of shareholders.

Strategy stock trading

Shares of Russian companies today is through stock market sold through implementing one of the tactics: speculative or investment. The first is called trading and is the game on the value of the shares, usually within a short period of time - from several seconds to days. This uses a tool like technical analysis. Investments are made in evaluating the fundamental economic performance of a company, while a search for undervalued companies.

stocks today

Speculative strategy involves the use of certain areas, called strategies:

  • Scalping (closing trading positions with minimal profit);
  • Intraday, day trading or intraday trading;
  • Algorithmic trading (used trading robots);
  • Swing trading (you are transferring trading positions to the next day).

Main investment strategies:

  • Value investing (purchase of shares at an undervalue);
  • Buy and keep;
  • Dividend strategy (investing is done in stocks that will pay stable dividends);
  • Acquisition of growth stocks (stocks of fast-growing firms).

Earnings on the stock exchange

exchange shares

Today, shares of companies listed on the stock exchange, do not guarantee the buyers benefit. None of the brokers and investors will not be able to promise that the money invested in certain stocks sure to bring the income and the investor will not suffer a loss. You can earn only by making the right investments, conducting technical and fundamental analysis.

E-Commerce stocks in the system

The program can usually be downloaded from the website of the broker, who provides her username and password. Next, we begin to understand. Go to the terminal. We find we are interested in the company. Get into the shopping glass. Here what is? The company's shares, purchase price, sale price and items. The latter may include, as one action or several, each company has its own lot size. The number of shares is less than the lot size to buy will not work.

You can buy Shares as the market price at the moment, and by the declared price with a period of waiting until someone wants to buy these shares at the stated price. In addition, the program can configure the purchase and sale of stock-when they reach a certain price. Accordingly, if the price is not reached, the purchase and sale of shares will not take place.

In Addition to the use of the program applications may be submitted by voice on the phone.

Taxation of stock

The Profits earned in the stock market refers to the revenues, and, accordingly, they must pay personal income tax at the General rate of 13%. A tax agent acts as a broker, he shall pay for a natural person the tax at the end of the calendar year or when you withdraw money from the brokerage account. Currently brokers open an individual investment account using which you can get tax deductions.

Over-the-counter stock market

In Addition to the shares traded on the stock exchange, there are many shares of small companies that are traded on the so-called OTC market. Here trading is done with the help of the information system RTS Board.

In this market turning illiquid assets. Trades go through a broker on the phone. He searches through the aforementioned trading terminal we need the shares at an acceptable price, or you can put our price and wait until someone wants to sell at this price its shares.

In Addition, the seller you can find yourself through minorityforum.ru. After finding the seller assistplease call the broker, and then he calls to the counterparty to the transaction. Such a purchase is more profitable because it allows you to bargain.

Broker both exchange and OTC markets charges a Commission, the amount of which at the last market, as a rule, above.

In conclusion

Russian stocks

So, the question of what the shares of the company, you can reply that it is a tool that allows the company to develop, and the investor or speculator is to make a profit or go bust. If you hope to receive income on the Deposit in the Bank - Deposit, do not take care of it before the end of the Deposit period, then you most likely will ruin. To prevent this, you need to use the opportunities of fundamental and technical analysis used to apply the strategy.

Major dividends in the modern Russian conditions is unlikely to count.

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