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Tanya Tomato is a hybrid tomato that appeared in the result of the work of Dutch scholars. It is intended for cultivation under the open sky, but you can cultivate it and in the conditions of greenhouses. The grade included in the State register of Russia as the variety for open ground.

Basic data

The Bushes of tomato cultivar Tanya determinant, that is undersized, they do not grow higher than 60 cm Bush, Stam, silnovetvistye. The sheets have a large size, dark green color.

Tomato Tanya is versatile and suitable for cultivation in all regions of Russia. In southern areas it is perfectly developed under the open sky. In areas with more severe climate requires the cover film.

Variety is considered mid-season for ripening is required 72 days.

Tomato Tanya

Description fruit

Tanya Tomatoes of medium size, weigh 150-170 grams. They're red, round shape, different density and strength. On each brush grows 4-5 pieces.

Under the green technical maturity of the fruit, no green spots in the region of the peduncle. This is one of the variety of features.

Fruits contain various vitamins, including in large quantities, sugar and nutrients.

Tomatoes are used in the preparation of salads, also, are recycled, are suitable in the production of juices and pastes, good at pickling and marinating.Variety of tomatoes Tanya

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the variety include:

  • High level of productivity with the compact bushes – 4,5-5,3 kg with each meter.
  • The Possibility of cultivation in the open ground.
  • Early time of fruit ripening.
  • There is No need to remove side shoots, which significantly simplifies the process of caring for plants.
  • Resistance to diseases: the gray spot, alternariosis cancer, verticillately wilt.
  • Excellent transportability of the tomatoes without losing the presentation.
  • Fruits are well processed and are consumed fresh.
  • Long shelf life of fruits without decay.

The Downside can be considered the need for supports for branches with the fruits to prevent damage. Other disadvantages of the variety has not. At least, gardeners who grow it have not noticed other negative features and mention only the positive aspects.Tomato Tanya description

Optimal conditions

Tomato Tanya, the description of which is presented in the paper, loves plenty of sunlight. Frost is bad for plants, high temperature is also dangerous. If the temperature is above 32 degrees, the plant stops growing, the fruit lose their color.

The Tomato is well developed and crop yields rather moist soils. Also need optimum level of lighting, both for seedlings and the plants in the garden. When a low light plant growth slows or seedlings, in the sky, becomes weak, unsustainable.


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Features growing

Tomatoes are cultivated using seedlings. The seeds are planted in boxes, cassettes filled with a peat mixture. Seeds germinate at a temperature of 22-24 C and atmospheric humidity of 80-85 %.

During watering the seedlings monitored so that a drop of water on it did not fall. A dive is performed through 11-12 days in the presence of true leaf and two cotyledons. Transplant the seedlings in the morning is not recommended because at this time of day it is too vulnerable. When swordplay root pruned. 20 days after the transplanting the seedlings got to get a good lighting.Tomato Tanya reviews

Planting in the ground

In one to two weeks before transplanting to the beds, the temperature was lowered to 23 degrees. Signs that the seedlings are ready to plant are:

  • The presence of 9-10 leaves under the first flower brush;
  • A normal stem thickness;
  • Correct the location of the internodes.

Soil for transplanting should be clean, nutritious. When planting the stem won't fall asleep.Tomato Tanya is a description of the variety

Activities to care

The Tomato is pollinated by yourself. If the cultivation takes place in greenhouses, it is necessary to carry out additional actions for pollination:

  • Attract bumblebees;
  • Use vibration;
  • Apply the hormone treatment.

The vibration Method consists in shaking the plants on the trellis.

To ensure balanced nutrition of the crop produce crop of flowers. After trimming the first and second brushes will remain 4-5 flowers, on the other – 5-6.

When grown in the greenhouse for ventilation open vents on the opposite of the wind direction side. This gives exhaust ventilation, and easy to achieve the desired humidity level and air temperature.

The Regularity of watering is another important condition for the cultivation of tomatoes. Tomatoes watered often, small amounts of water. In the absence of regular irrigation of the fruit may crack.

An Ideal method of watering is drip irrigation. The water temperature should be above 15-16 degrees. The soil should not preobrazhatsya.

The Tomato is in need of mineral dressing, especially early in the growing season. It is important not to overdo the nitrogen, otherwise the Bush will be too leafy. More power is needed during the fruiting. In this period, makingwater-soluble fertilizers.

Used poultry manure and mullein, they dissolve in water. To the solution add funds "Kemira-universal”, “Rastvorima”. Fit and other structures. You can use copper sulfate, potassium permanganate diluted in water.

Vegetable Growers reported a positive effect of the infusion of nettles. Cut greens fill the container, pour water and put in the sun for one to two weeks. Every morning stir. Before feeding infusion strain and dilute with water at the rate of 1:10. In the nettle contains large amounts of nutrients. Infusion is used for root and foliar feeding.

In addition to nettle your folk remedy for fertilizer is considered to be iodine. 1-3 ml of iodine dissolved in a bucket of water. Solution sprayed the plants - it improves the quality of the fruit. Also water the soil under the tomatoes. Such feeding is fine in the morning. After planting, watered with clean water.

If owners notice a lack of inflorescences on the plants, this means that there is an excess of nitrogen fertilization. They urgently removed. Used fertilizing ash, or superphosphate.Tomato Tanya characterization and description of varieties

Opinion of gardeners

Feedback about the tomato Tanya is just amazing. Gardeners, put it, admire the quality of the fruit and make it awesome for winter harvesting.

A Special advantage is the long preservation of fruit without signs of decay. Fruits of tomato Tanya (a description of the variety considered above) solid and dense. This quality is not always possible to consume them as salads. But harvesting of these tomatoes are good!

For growing tomatoes need light moist soil. To achieve the desired conditions allows the addition of humus and peat in the ground.

The article presents information on tomato sauce Tanya: characterization and description of varieties. As you can see, growing plants is a little different from the cultivation of his fellows.

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