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Getting the layout of your plot, each gardener usually takes place for grapes. Many use this culture for landscaping the garden or arches in the yard. It would be useful to choose elite woody vine, which is subsequently able to bestow the owner with a bountiful harvest amazing fruit. This characteristic can safely give the grapes Arcadia. Description of varieties, photos, reviews on culture will be considered in this article.


The Grapes of Arcadia is in the leading position of many farmers and is in great demand in the market. It can rightly be called a very successful achievement in the practice of experienced breeders. The culture was obtained at the Institute of viticulture and winemaking named after V. E. Tairov in Odessa. It is noteworthy that the varieties used in the crossing, unlike the new variety, had the dark color of the berries. Derived from the berries of the vine is clear and bright. Judging by the description of the variety, photos and reviews, Arcadia, the grapes absorbed the best qualities of the cultures from which they were derived. From Moldova, he inherited the endurance to various weather conditions, and from the Cardinal – the positive properties of berries.

The grape has another name – Anastasia, but call it extremely rare. In addition to the originally developed variety, has been obtained two varieties – Arcadia early and pink, which have their differences and peculiarities. Next is provided a detailed description of the grapes of Arcadia, a description of the grades and photos of culture.

the grapes of Arcadia a description of the variety photo reviews

Brief description

The Bush is growing rapidly, with a large number of shoots, looks very luxurious. The leaves are large, below with whitish bloom. A large part of the shoots throws of the hand (60-70%). One Bush is capable of a greater yield. During the season it is possible to remove about 30 kg of grape bunches.


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Table variety is among the sharpest of the crop. This can be judged not only by the description of the variety. Reviews and photos of grapes Arkady confirms this feature of the culture. Huge brushes conical shape look pretty impressive. One such Hron can reach a weight of 600 g, and the individual berry – 13-14 g. Ripe fruits are yellowish amber color and structure. Round berries covered with a waxy, slightly white coating. Peel them thin, but quite dense.

Arcadia grape description

Detailed description

To fully appreciate the culture allows for a more detailed description of the grapes of Arcadia and photo. Reviews will help people to see the pros and cons of this plant. First, pay attention to the following features:

  • Early maturing variety (depending on the region from the appearance of the first buds to full maturity takes about 4 months).
  • Good adaptation to climate change.
  • Self-pollinating variety that is able to pollinate other varieties of grapes.
  • Excellent taste qualities of berries to satisfy every taste, as they are not cloying, with moderate acidity and sweetness. The acidity is about 6 g/l, and the sugar content – 16%. By themselves, the fruit is fleshy, juicy and have a pleasant Muscat flavor.
  • Suitable for cultivation in the middle zone of the country, as able to endure extreme cold (-22OC).
  • Fruits grapes transportable and have a beautiful presentation.
  • Variety intended for eating the berries fresh and for making juice and dessert wine.

the grapes of Arcadia reviews photos

The benefits of a class

For many years the cultivation of grapes Arcadia in reviews of Amateur gardeners always occupies a prominent place. After planting young seedlings of culture are not forced to wait long for yield. Already in the third year can be removed with clusters of amber berries. After grafting on a new trunk, the fruit is harvested in the second year. The variety is resistant to mildew and different enormous yields. In very suitable conditions, it is able to give all the potential inherent in a. There were cases when culture is pleased the growers a much larger crop than was indicated in the description of the grapes of Arcadia. The professionals were able to grow the gronow weighing up to 1.5 kg.


Like most garden plants, the negative side has Arcadia. The grapes are in the description and reviews acts as a culture, sensitive to high humidity. Also it is prone to Botrytis and oidium. In the rainy season or with excessive watering sometimes the cracking of the berries. The shading of plants has a negative impact on its development and ripening.

Under the weight of huge brushes vines Laden close to the ground, which in turn can lead to mechanical damage of shoots and rotting of berries.

Varieties of Arcadia

Rose early and Arcadia, mentioned above, differ slightly from the standard form. It is noticeable how the quality of fruits and their taste.

Arcadia early ripening sooner has firm flesh of the berries, resistant to oidium, frost. But the brush with berries it is much less than the main class.

Pink has a more concentrated fruit flavor, firm flesh and rich color. Pink berries are quite tight, and due to this they are not subject to cracking.

Varieties varieties also possess valuablequality of fruit, which is often experienced growers mention in their reviews about the grapes of Arcadia. A picture of wonderful berries are posted below.

the grapes of Arcadia description grade photo


There are two ways of planting vineyards: grafting and planting cuttings.

The preparation of the seedlings:

  • The Stalk is cut so that after the lower buds were 1 cm of free space, and the top – 2 cm
  • For two days the seedlings are dipped in a growth stimulator.
  • After that, the cuttings are placed in sawdust for 14 days. This procedure contributes to the swelling buds.
  • The Last step – hardening of seedlings. They are left outdoors, first in the shade for 10 days and then in the light – at the same time.

Vaccination is as follows:

  • A New cutting pre-soaked in the stimulant for rooting plants.
  • Old trunk for grafting is cut, leaving a small stump, and cut a hole in it.
  • Put the young stalk so that the wood of plants is tightly in contact with each other.
  • The site of inoculation and Then wrapped wrap and tied with duct tape and top coated with clay.

To Cultivate the plant only for the trunks located in the open light place. In the description of the grapes of Arcadia stated that he does not tolerate shade. Therefore, the choice of the light phase – an important factor in planting crops. This also applies to the landing of the cuttings. More will be discussed about how to properly prepare the place for growing grapes and carry out the planting of seedlings.

the grapes of Arcadia photo

A Suitable soil

To get a good harvest (for example, such as in the photo) grapes of Arcadia, should be taken seated properly. For good development of the root system of necessary permeable soil. The soil should be rocky and fertile. Need to monitor the quality of the soil and further growth of grapes. Stagnant water, excessive accumulation of salts and lime can lead to death or disease of the vine.

Planting pits are easier to dig a square (80 x 80 cm). On the bottom of the scatter 250g of potassium and 400 g of superphosphate. Next create a three-layer soil, the lower part of which is sand, the middle of the earth, and the top of the humus. The pit is half filled.

The Cuttings placed in a prepared recess, straighten the roots and sprinkle fertile soil. Next immediately set the footing and tamped soil. The ground around the seedling abundantly watered. When it dries out a bit, it should be loosened and after the implementation of the following two irrigations with an interval of a week to mulch.

Arcadia grape Seedlings are planted in April or may (depending on weather). The cuttings are already blooming with green leaves can be planted in early summer. Autumn planting starts in October.

the grapes of Arcadia description grade


In the description of the grapes Arcadia emphasis on the fact that he is very sensitive to improper care and conditions in which it grows. For this reason, the cultivation of elite culture should be approached intelligently. Care is the proper irrigation, fertilizer and the formation of the Bush.

Irrigation. the Young bushes should be watered regularly to prevent drying out of the soil. Large plants are best watered using subsurface pipes around the roots of grapes. A homemade irrigation system allows you to maintain a constant humidity needed for woody vines. Not to forget that the plant does not tolerate waterlogging. Excess moisture adversely affects the quality of berries.

Fertilizer. Mandatory are the three basic fertilizing: during the growing season, flowering and fruit formation. The roots got a full feeding, to make fertilizer recommended in liquid form. Most grapes are responsive to the organic. You can also optionally use the nitrogen and mineral complexes.

Trimming. in the formation of the inner Bush released the vines from excess shoots for better penetration of sunlight to it and oxygen. Thinning plantings carried out in any period except winter. While retreating from the fertile shoots in observance of a right angle. The first pruning is carried out when the seedlings reached in the growth of 15-16 see Form a Bush in the autumn (at the end of the process of circulation juice): the length of the shoot pruned to 10 buds. In the spring remove weak, damaged and dry vines.

The flowering vines, you should remove all unnecessary brush, leaving one on each shoot.

Before the frost vines Harbor.

The implementation of all necessary procedures of your vineyard will be the same as used as illustrations in the article photo. The grapes of Arcadia, judging by the reviews - a real decoration of the site. And besides, it gives a wonderful taste of the berries, which are always appropriate on the table.

Diseases and pests

To combat oidium use sulfur and manganese solutions. This procedure should be necessary, since the grapes of this variety are not immune to this kind of fungus. Many growers recommend a tool called "Ridomil gold”.

Preventive measures always serve a guarantee that the plant will be healthy and fruitful. It would be goodto treat the vine with an iron sulphate or Bordeaux mixture. Spraying is carried out 2 times a year. You can apply a three percent solution nitrafena.

To insects that damage grapes include: wasps, leafrollers, mites, phylloxera, weevils and fleas. To protect the culture from pests, apply boric acid and insecticides.

To protect against OS use special nets, put on the brush with berries. Also hang on the bushes a variety of lures that distract insects from the main berries. If the time to remove the fruits, wasps will be less to attack the grapes.

In Late autumn the vine can poison the rodents. To scare away these pests, gardeners laid out between the bushes Smoking pieces of rubber or wool.

Tips for tenants

And now let's summarize information about the grapes of Arcadia. Reviews of people engaged in the cultivation of the vine, indicate that with the right approach variety can be cultivated in all regions of the country. There, harsh winters, experienced growers suggest all to hide the Bush, despite the fact that this hardy plant. Due to the fact that the variety is early in areas with short summer period berries time to reach full maturity. Beginners are recommended to take up viticulture with this class because it is easy to take care.the grapes of Arcadia reviews

In conclusion

Features woody vines, discussed in the article, show that the culture really deserves the attention of fans-gardeners. Judging by the description of the grapes of Arcadia, photos and reviews of the farmers, universal berries have excellent quality commodities. They have not subjected to decay, are transported well and look very appetizing. Because of these characteristics the grapes are suitable for growing for sale. With diligence and applying sound approach, everyone will be able to indulge in delicious berries.

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