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The Oil industry is the main industry the global fuel and energy industry. It not only affects international economic relations, but often cause of military conflicts. This article presents ranking of the largest companies in the world, which occupies a leading position in oil production.

the largest companies in the world

Ranking Criteria

In the preparation of the oil rating experts estimate the world's largest companies on such criteria:

  • The volume of extraction of raw materials;
  • Available reserves;
  • Refining capacity;
  • The results of the financial activities of oil companies;
  • Sales of oil and products of its processing.

It is Important to note that the results of all known ratings can be different. This is due to using different criteria during the evaluation. For example, a rating of Energy Intelligence is based on quantitative indicators of production (level of production, reserves, volumes of processing and sales), and financial characteristics are missed. We will look at the list of top oil companies, which first made Forbes.

Ranking oil majors according to Forbes

Forbes presented its list, which represents the largest oil companies in the world 2014. The list includes 25 companies, which produce the largest volume of oil in the world. Let us consider the most powerful giants that rating.

Saudi Aramco

Saudi Arabia is considered the world leader in the oil industry. Corporation Saudi Aramco is the largest national energy Corporation. It has a network of processing units, controls the transportation of oil. Saudi Aramco is the largest and newest fleet of supertankers, which can't be matched by even the largest companies in the world.


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According to the rating, the Corporation in 2014 oil was produced in the greatest volumes – more than 12 million barrels a day. A large amount of oil the country produces, on the plains of Eastern province. The company also has wells in the territorial waters of the red sea and the Persian Gulf.

the rating of the largest companies in the world

Nowadays the main office of the company controls 99% of all gold reserves of gold Saudi Arabia, which is ¼ a part of the proven oil reserves around the world.

Company «Gazprom Neft”

This company is a powerful oil company in Russia. The company is engaged in the exploration of locations of raw materials, the production and sale of oil and gas, and production of petroleum products. The company's branches operate in all oil and gas regions of the country. The main processing enterprises located in Yaroslavl, Omsk and Moscow regions. In addition, «Gazprom Neft” successfully implements projects of oil production in Venezuela, Iraq and other countries. The world's largest companies offer Russia cooperation contracts in the oil industry.

The Group «Gazprom Neft” consists of 80 structural subdivisions on the territory of Russia and abroad. Thanks to a well-established pattern of sales, the company sells a lot of oil on the domestic market and abroad. At the disposal of «Gazprom oil” there are more than 1,700 filling stations on the territory of Russia, CIS and Europe.

the largest companies in the world

According to estimates by Forbes, the company «Gazprom Neft” ranked second in the rating of “the Largest oil companies in the world 2014” with annual production of 9.7 million barrels a day.

National Iranian Oil Company

Oil Production in Iran began in 1908. After 40 years, the Ministry of Petroleum of Iran was founded by National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), the goals of which was the search for oil and attracting foreign capital. By the time black gold has occupied a key position in the economic development of the country, so the production of black gold has received the status of national patrimony and passed into the full control of the Government.

Now the company is engaged in oil and gas production, their transportation and export. The company primarily supplies production enterprise and refineries in the country, and sells the surplus abroad, in accordance with the quota of "OPEC".

the largest oil companies in the world 2014

NIOC is considered one of the largest oil corporations in the world. It has a 1/10 part of the world's oil reserves. The company owns oil and gas in places on the territory of Iran, Azerbaijan and the North sea. NIOC activities is very extensive: divisions engaged in the exploration, drilling, production, processing and transportation of resources. The structure of the company 21 subsidiaries of the company, two of which are major.

In a rating of “the world's Largest companies in 2014” NIOC is in third place with the rate of oil production of 6.4 million barrels a day. Iran belongs to world oil leaders, but because of the introduction against him of international sanctions, the company was forced to cut production of black gold.


ExxonMobil started its activities on the basis of the Standard Oil trust, founded by American billionaire John D. Rockefeller in 1882. Known in our days the Corporation was created in the late XX century in the merger of the two brands, Exxon and Mobil, which are now manufactured motor oils and lubricantsmaterials.

the world's largest companies 2014

American oil Corporation is engaged in the development of new deposits of oil, its extraction, transportation and sales. ExxonMobil also produces petrochemicals: olefins, polyethylene, polypropylene and aromatics. The company actively participates in international economic relations and cooperates with 47 countries.

Oil company ExxonMobil is the largest international energy Corporation. She is considered a leader in the rating of the most successful and expensive businesses that includes the largest companies in the world. The market value of ExxonMobil is more than 400 billion U.S. dollars. In terms of quantity of oil production (about 5 million barrels per day), the Corporation ranks fourth in the international ranking.


The Company PetroChina is China's largest oil Corporation. Cost shares with her compete with the largest companies in the world. Securities PetroChina traded on the new York and Hong Kong stock exchange. Following the share issue in Shanghai the market value of oil companies has tripled, reaching a capitalization of more than a trillion dollars.

In addition to the extraction and processing of oil PetroChina is engaged in research fields of resources, cleaning chemicals, manufacturing, pipeline and marketing. According to Forbes, the company took the fifth position in the ranking of global oil companies with a production of 4.4 million barrels per day.

Forecasts of oil production

the largest oil companies in the world

World oil giants plan reduction of mining operations of black gold due to the rapid fall in oil prices in the summer of 2014. Because of this market situation, the profitability of the companies significantly decreased. Although ExxonMobil, Saudi Aramco, PetroChina and other large oil companies of the world big profits, some of them decided to stop the extension activities and close the least profitable directions. According to the Wall Street Journal this is due to the growing value of oil and gas production. For example, the profitability of ExxonMobil for 2014 was 26%, which is 9% less than it was a decade ago.

Significant changes in the oil market made the accident in the Gulf of Mexico, which spilled a record number of black gold. The British company British Petroleum, which owned production, was forced to sell most of its assets.

Such a reduction of operations is observed not only for large oil companies. The change in oil prices has affected the entire world industry.

Despite this trend, the largest companies in the world expect in the future positive changes in the petroleum industry and growth of production of natural raw materials.

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