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Many Internet users nowadays are looking for online earning in rubles. Such a scheme of income interest to many. This is not surprising because, it would seem, what could be better when there is no need in personal presence? When it depends solely on yourself? And, in the end, when the job doesn't need to get up early in the morning, go in public transport, to run headlong?

Because that kind of income to many seems perfect, the demand for such work is growing. In addition to ordinary citizens, who are trying themselves in e-Commerce, trying to “escape” from the usual routine, my strength, in the same field try and students with the students - young, purposeful people, who by their status are unable to work, or are forced to combine work with training. Some of them do manage to find a profitable business that allows you to consistently earn a living. Others can either stumble upon scammers who will not pay anything; or those who lure money from the gullible.

Work in the Internet: types

ekobank smart investments reviewsThere are many ways to earn money online. Someone for this typesets the sites, someone writes the lyrics, something that buys and sells. Ways to earn income from the web, in fact, a huge amount. All of them are risky or reliable, stable and transient, in need of investments and the income from which can be obtained without attachments. 

In fact, everyone is looking for a suitable method to using the available access means to obtain money. Accordingly, areas in which you can earn with a computer with network access, million. One of them is the earnings on the investments.

Earnings on investments “new”

ekobank reviewsIn the minds of most of us the investor is presented as a player with considerable capital, which he is willing to take risks. The man is experienced, who had “hit the jackpot”, that is, one that is clearly not like normal, ordinary citizens, which is what most. However, the network in recent years, the concept of “investor” somewhat transformed. The amount that can work these people have lost any boundaries, in fact investing now can anyone, even a private $ 100 (in the electronic currency, of course). The earnings in the Internet on the day of such "bundling of micro investors” this can be fabulous, it would seem that 20 percent of a day.

How is this possible? Very simple - that embody such system as “EcoBank - smart investment”. The reviews about this company and its work attest to the solvency of the system until the very last moment of its existence. As of today, however, the company has collapsed. Bankruptcy has become “EcoBank”. Positive reviews at the time of its activity remained, and the system no longer exists, as, for example, and their main website.

What is “EcoBank”?

EcoBank investment reviews“EcoBank” at the period of its activity was a large financial pyramid which was designed for small investors. The essence of it was the same as in all the other pyramid schemes of different scales and times. So, everyone could do in a “EcoBank” entry by paying a certain amount of money. After that, people were interested in how to lead others, such as investors, which would make the contribution on their part. The total amount of funds in the company, therefore, would be increased. Given the large number of depositors, “EcoBank” could allow each of them to make generous payments, for example, 20 percent per day of the amount invested. Agree that doubling the contribution for 5 days (working up to 100 percent of the profits), today, can not afford any Bank. But could “EcoBank - investment”. Reviews probably first depositors are proof of that. People really got their payments.

What happened next with investors “EcoBank”?

work onlineAbout what happened to the depositors of the system “EcoBank’ and of what happened to their contributions in the future, it is easy to guess. Since the real income system are not generated, obviously, the money that the organizers were paid out to the depositors, to take was nowhere. Its obligations to pay the same 20 per cent on the day they are repaid at the expense of new deposits. Thus, the pyramid acted in a circle, absorbing the money of the newdepositors by paying them earlier. Of course, this order did not last long. Office “EcoBank - smart investments" received not the most flattering, when it stopped payment. People have scored a panic.

The Outcome of “EcoBank - smart investment”. Reviews “latest”

Ultimately, the outcome of “EcoBank” was the same as many other natural pyramid schemes, which have lured gullible investors for such a long period of time. In fact, the system collapsed, and with it, the site “EcoBank”. Reviews now people simply have nowhere to put it.

earn money online in a day

Despite this, many of the affined groups in social networks, pages on the services of blogs and other resources where previously written about the “EcoBank - smart investment” feedback in a positive context, began to appear panicky and angry comments about where is gone the money of depositors. Some even tried to contact the site, considering it an error; others planned to find the villains and punish them. Someone just resigned to his fate, and only confirmed the fact of suspension of payments. The important thing is that now no one about “EcoBank - smart investment” the reviews are good did not leave. People realized what had really happened.

Should I trust reviews?

It is Noteworthy that trying their hand at a variety of similar investment projects, many people are aware of the possibility of a “fraud” on the part of project administrators and do not trust their money the first time. However, the desire to make money at the same time, making a small investment and received the next day 20 percent of the profits, overcomes man. Naive “investors” trying to find any information about the project, seeking first the reviews. No one thinks that the first pyramids are regularly making payments, allowing those who managed first to make a contribution, to leave flattering information about the system. For example, about “EcoBank - smart investment” the reviews were flattering, though, but it guarantees long and stable operation of the it gave him. In fact, the situation is the same with all other pyramids. Positive feedback first investors give way to angry comments last.

Is it Worth it to work with the financial pyramid?

earnings in the Internet in rublesThe question about whether to deal with the financial pyramid, a simple answer is impossible. Of course, every sane person understands that it's a huge risk, since one of the latest investors can be anyone. And, of course, no guarantees the organizers of the pyramid do not give. However, who is not interested in the process of getting money without any effort? Who wouldn't want without working to receive the income for 20 percent of a day? Of course, all. And, of course, each pyramid has its own “first investors”, which in the end benefit at the expense of naive “newbies”. Each member considers himself quite experienced and tricky to how it feels to be a “positive”. In the end most often is the pyramid stands to benefit, because such a “experienced” investors work with her a lot.

Is it Worth looking for ways to earn on the Internet?

The Probability of losing money in the pyramid, of course, does not make sense trying to find work on the Internet. Them, as already noted, there is a huge number. The main thing that you need to understand to anyone who wants to earn online is that even in the network do not pay money for nothing. Them, as in real life, to get either his own work or cunning. At least, to hope that any company or individual willing to give such a high percentage just silly (recall the ‘EcoBank - investment”, which reviews initially claimed the opposite, but in the end replaced by anger deceived). You need to understand that the money, including the Internet, can not appear out of nowhere, and then pay them you just will not be none.

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