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Cross-docking is a unique system of delivery in which receiving and shipping are performed directly through the warehouse. This is a fairly easy procedure in which there is no need to use additional warehouses. This procedure is quite advantageous because it may allow you to save on the rental premises under long-term storage of goods. This is a new logistics system that helps small businesses do not spend extra money, always get very fresh produce, especially if it concerns food. When direct translated to English this phrase means "direct delivery". Cross-docking is an additional service from the company, which is engaged in manufacturing a specific product, or a separate direction of work of a company that deals exclusively with the provision of such services. The result of these procedures is to ensure that points of sale of the products in the shortest possible time.

cross docking is a

System of service

The Implementation of cross-docking takes place in two stages. The first step is the selection of all necessary materials or goods, the second is the holding of the shipment. When forming delivery logistics account for all customers that they must deliver the goods and form the desired route. After the formation of the route sheet forwarders choose the shortest way to deliver cargo. The system cross-docking, thus, has two methods of control. It also provides an opportunity due to the large volume to reduce delivery cost and the cost of goods to the end user.


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the cross docking

News system

The cross-docking can work on several varieties. For this procedure has been thought of three options. The first option is called dual stream. Under such a scheme of works will be selected by all clients that needs to be delivered the goods in one day, and selected the most suitable routes. Thus, the delivery path may be a large number of points of shipment. When creating this scheme, the service logistics is to carry out daily delivery and more cheaper to do it several times a week. In addition, it is advantageous to negotiate with customers about delivery days. In this case, they will know in advance when you can obtain the product and order it directly, adjusting delivery. Thus, optimizing all these processes, the logistics company can transport large volumes of product in a short time and at a cheaper price.

The Second scheme, which may be such shipment – is a set amount. In this scheme, the transport will not move without a full load. It is more profitable for big companies who need to transport large volumes of goods. In this case, the delivery date will be conducted in the case where the requisite number.

And the third option is the original creation of routes, which are informed buyers. Then you will be able to run on the route, providing the item in certain days. Thus, the cross-docking - it's quite interesting and increasingly popular services.

The Client can seek help to a specialized company engaged in cross-docking. Or when concluding agreements with the supplier can draw up a contract cross-docking services with the same provider, if he provides such an opportunity. The conclusion has a number of positive aspects. Thus, you will always get fresh and all the necessary products in time and at a better price.

Create company

services cross docking

If you plan to organize your company, which will provide services cross-docking, it may be a good investment. But don't forget that you can carry out transportation as the major parties, it will be necessary to deliver small consignments. Thus, you will need a fleet with the size and category cars. The more vehicles will consist of your company, the more likely the signing of contracts with different companies.

The Signing of contracts for the provision of such services may be necessary as the company-manufacturer of the product and the company that needs to purchase products.

contract cross docking

Method revolving shipment

This service, like any other, can have numerous positive and negative aspects. In the provision of services possible, like a revolving shipment. To that sought in the occurrence of unforeseeable circumstances when it would be more advantageous to hold the shipment, rather than to violate the terms of the contract. Such situations may arise by reason of the supplier's company.

When providing or using the service be sure to register all the points in the contract, it will save you from unforeseen circumstances and save your relationship with your partners.

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