The norm of manageability is a key indicator of a successful organization


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The Norm of manageability – it is a definition that characterizes a number of employees who report directly to the head. However, this notion is established by the delegation of linear powers.


the norm of manageabilityTechnically, the norm of controllability is expressed in the decision of the Supreme leader on the adoption of reports each employee is to structure your teams. A striking example is the organization of a football team in high school where the coach calls the players off the bench. As a result, it senior management is responsible for the successful execution of the tasks, and the number of supervisors does not matter in the presence of a strong stimulus to maintain the greatest possible control. Often in practice, everything looks different – rate control at a low level, is held is quite difficult, which makes the coordination of all work of the organization is almost impossible.

The History of this concept

Understanding a large number of leaders of the fact that a relatively high rate of handling can cause a number of problems emerged in the process of trial and error.

the norm of manageability isThe Historical roots of the emergence of this concept are in Egypt and Israel. So, according to the narrative of the book “Exodus" Moses at the withdrawal from Egypt of the Israelites in the beginning I tried to manage on their own. And this in a certain period of time he was able. However, if you increase the number of people crossing the desert, it's safe to say that he formed an organization with occasional disputes between its members. Since only Moses had the authority to make decisions on various issues, he became “to take in routine”, and that often means working day length of a day. And then Moses ' father in law, Jethro, gave the definition of such complexities – high rate of handling. As a solution, he proposed creating additional layers of management. And then Moses has created a “state of the chiefs" of capable people, able to judge people and to report its decisions to Moses.

Optimal norm of manageability

It is a necessary indicator of successful functioning of the enterprise. The most attention this term has been paid in the literature is “administrative” school of management. the norm of manageability in the organizationWas Offered a fairly wide range in the number of subordinates. However, the best rate of handling in organizations – about 10 people. While modern research has proved that the value of this indicator may vary within a wide range.

Determine the number of subordinates

To determine the optimal number of workers, effectively and directly controlled by the supervisor, play an important role such factors: the nature of the tasks, level of management, characteristics of subordinates and the ability of the head of the organization. Span of control organizations must be held low. Otherwise the user will not be able to coordinate and control the activities of, increase motivation and qualification of employees.

Delegate – a powerful force in ensuring harmony in the organization

Created by the delegation of obligations and expectations become a powerful factor for unity of purpose and harmony. In this case, if the leadership will not be made a concerted effort to assess personal qualities and needs of subordinates, problems may arise and in front of the head. The delegation is due to efficient communications. Managers have the responsibilities for the implementation of which satisfy the subordinates. However, for qualitative assignments of the head of a subordinate must understand clearly what he wants. The delegation also associated with leadership, influence and motivation.

the norm of controllability of the organisationThe resolution of the problematic issues related to control, directly depends on the effectiveness of feedback. Attention here should be given the free exchange of information between employees, as well as high authority and managerial skill of the supervisor.

Therefore, the delegation of authority can be effective under the following conditions:

the slave knows and understands what the duties given to him;

- the slave does not specify a different leader without the knowledge of his immediate superior;

- sets clear objectives withthe deadlines for their achievement;

- part of the immediate supervisor in choosing the direction of the solution of tasks should be minimal.

The following delegation timidly used by individuals who have recently received a promotion. Indeed, a leader who sorts the mail by himself and the Secretary if it misses, the others may only cause regret.

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