The concept of risk, classification of risks and management


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In today's market there is always a necessity to evaluate the risks to effective management of human, material resources to reduce the losses and compensation of their negative effects.

The concept of risk includes uncertainty, which is based on three important reasons. It – ignorance, randomness and countering. Therefore, uncertainty is a basic, completely natural cause any type of risk.

The Risk – is a certain probability of occurrence of adverse factors, resulting in a possible material losses (loss of money, property, etc.) and physical. This short-term loss of health, physical and mental trauma, etc.

At Risk any human activity. Risk contains some elements that convey its essential nature: the possibility of achieving the goal, the possibility of deviation from it, possibility of receiving various losses as a result of adverse external and internal influences. An example of occurrence of risk can be circumstances of force majeure factors. This unpredictable risks (environmental disasters), and predictable. Risk classification is very important for making management decisions, because the problem of their origin and behavior unexplored. And in our fast-changing world, to anticipate and accurately calculate the impact of risk factors on business processes and possible loss of very difficult.

Risk Classification is divided into separate types according to the nature of the alleged dangers in the various spheres of their manifestation, according to the sources, the size of any damages for the temporary nature of manifestation, the degree of possible insurance and foresight, by frequency, by time of manifestation, etc.


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The nature of the alleged hazard risk classification is divided into separate types. This man-made, natural and mixed risks.

According to the spheres of their manifestation, these risks can be divided into: environmental, political, social, commercial and professional.

On the possible sources of risk, risks are divided into: external (market) and internal (specific) with different frequency of occurrence.

The amount of possible visible damage and financial loss risks are: economic, in which significant loss of capital, risks in the form of lost profits, etc.

While these risks are divided even at the critical level. Risks may be admissible, critical and catastrophic.

On the possibility of forecasting and insurance frequency risk factors are divided into predictable and unpredictable insurable and non insurable, high, medium and small.

At the time of the manifestation risk factors may be permanent or temporary.

But despite all this, some types of risk are amenable to management and it is very important to study, to explore and try to predict, to use all possible methods to exclude the possibility of their harmful effects. Classification of risks allows for their detailed consideration and study to further counteract them. Risk management should be, above all, reasonable and carefully thought through, as the map of life sometimes put the whole social life of man. It Finance, career, and emotional well-being, etc. And their loss can be very adverse impact on the entrepreneur and his close people. After all, almost no society, modern man will not be able to survive as a person. Risk management is reflected in the adoption of certain methods of doing business. The methods of controlling risk, eliminating and prabhadevi various adverse circumstances, the policy of risk acceptance, reduction, insurance, diversification, and limiting the size of the transaction. Therefore, by providing the possible risky situations, entrepreneurs try to avoid any negative consequences for their businesses in the form of bankruptcy and insolvency, which is very important. After all, the main purpose of business is to maximize profits.

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